Online Wedding Blessings: How To Host A Virtual Ceremony

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Wedding blessings online are a live broadcast streaming of your ceremonial wedding, official marriage, or commitment ceremony. Many couples are opting for a virtually officiated ceremony because of Covid-19 marriage restrictions.

A unique and personal unifying act via facetime is a great alternative to a physical wedding. It’s a futuristic ceremony. Albeit reality weddings are a godsend, you must arrange your marriage legalities.

It can be sorted out at the town hall ahead of the digital service. Even more exciting, some digitalised wedding ceremonies perform officially marriages online. Yes, it’s true and you receive a licence .

So, don’t let the cruel coronavirus lockdown love. Be part of the new generation. Experience the newest wedding craze. Here are some meaningful wedding blessings services that might tickle your fancy to broadcast a virtual ceremony. Read on…

Wedding Blessings Services

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A computer-based event on Television

Firstly, a”blessing type vow marriage celebration online” can truly mark the start of married life. In fact, an automated wedding is intimate and special.  It’s an unexpected feel, a whole new angle on a beautiful legal or non-binding matrimony. It’s the future of weddings!

Wedding blessings live streaming

Secondly, how do you say, “YES, I Do despite the corona regulations, tier system and lockdown rules? Well, a wedding live streaming company can make your dreams come true. You can broadcast your official marriage ceremony or ceremonial wedding event to the world. Find out more at or go to

Wedding blessings timeline

Thirdly, how long should the online wedding blessing ceremony last?  Well, it’s up to you as “couple bubble” to decide. But, as you know with guests watching via Zoom/ video chat app it’s known to time-out, pause, or the connection fails. So, aim for 10 – 15 minutes. And use a schedule to keep everything on track for the virtual celebration party.

Virtual wedding ceremony ritual

So, what about cementing your relationship with a secular [virtual] wedding ceremony ritual online? And do you know what is it? From blessings, poetic digital marriage service readings, personal vows, and exchanging of heartfelt letters to one another these rituals symbolise enduring love.

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Midweek & intimate wedding ceremonies

Look don’t feel threatened by the global pandemic. Just get tech savvy! How? Many of us are working from home and conducting meetings over video conference. So, it’s paved the way for midweek and intimate wedding ceremonies online. And the best thing is, most of your favorite people can celebrate with you, too.

Online wedding blessing test run

So, as I previously mentioned, Zoom can suddenly stall on you. But, you don’t need that, so before you get hitched online – do a test run. Everyone should be set-up and ready to attend the virtual wedding of your dreams. TIP: Figure out Zooms configurations before scheduling your wedding ceremony.

Dutch wedding in Amsterdam

Forgive my bad manners, I forgot to say congratulations! Did you plan to tie the knot on an Amsterdam canal boot, in the Netherlands? But how do you transform your home into a nautical paradise. Well, with an agreement as a “couple bubble” to have an online wedding blessing, decorate your altar with a nautical themed backdrop.

Coronavirus wedding

But, do you want an online wedding bless? Do you feel it takes away from a full-blown real life wedding? In light of the Covid-19, perhaps pushing back your marriage to a later date is a better option? Look, don’t worry. You’ve said, YES and are wearing the ring to prove it, right?  So, you could wait until the restrictions to be lifted.

virtual wedding blessings bride holding yellow flowers and man kissing her on the cheek

Pre-martial surprise First look

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Online wedding celebrant – officiant

Additionally, the celebrant to perform your ceremony. can be your mum, dad or best friend. Live streamed online wedding blessings are a thing of the future. It gives both you the opportunity to express your deepest feelings, love and affection in front of everyone you care for.

Free of wedding planning admin

Last but not least. Online wedding blessings are free of wedding planning admin and the added logistical stress. It is a ceremony for two with the latest digital communication technology. And the best news is, everyone you love can join the marriage service.  How does that sound?


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