Online Wedding Blessings: What You Really Need To Know

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Online wedding blessings are the biggest trend to watch out for in the fall/winter 2020. Engaged couples celebrate the marriage with a virtual ceremony online. Albeit your  legalities still need to be sorted out at the town hall, do you feel this is a creative way to host your marriage celebrations?

And saying that, since the COVID-19 outbreak are you apprehensive about planning your big day? But what is online wedding blessings?

In fact, it’s seeing your ceremony from a different angle. It’s a digital marriage celebration with family and friends watching via Zoom or another video chat app. Even more exciting, you can get officially wed online and receive a certificate of marriage.

So, are you ready to be apart of the newest 21st century wedding craze? Well, whether you want wedded bliss this year, 2021, 2022 or 2023 there’s lots of options online and offline. Here are some wedding blessings services that might tickle your fancy. Read on…


Wedding Blessings Services

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Secular wedding ceremony rituals – offline

So, tell me what colour is your bridal gown? Perhaps your spring or summer wedding has been called-off due to coronavirus, that means your unable to wear it. Well, a secular wedding ceremony could be the service in 2021 to highlight it. From blessings, poetic readings, personal vows, and exchanging of heartfelt letters to one another these rituals symbolise enduring love.

Do you feel threatened by the global pandemic? Are you worried that your dreams will not come to fruition? Please don’t despair, it will blow over and when it does you might fancy this. Midweek weddings. Getting hitched during the week could to take your relationship to the next level. Whatever your concerns are, deciding to settle down with your significant shall change your life forever. How does that make you feel?

Dutch wedding in Amsterdam – offline

Forgive my bad manners, I forgot to say congratulations! When was the proposal and where? So, your now official engaged and ready to get married, right? Have you thought about Amsterdam, the Netherlands being the place to host your nuptials? Well, with an agreement as a “couple bubble” to marry, you put your relationship first. And if it becomes unmanageable to create something in 2020 there is always 2021 and beyond.

Coronavirus wedding – online

Does pushing back your marriage to a later date make you feel anxious? Don’t worry. You’ve said, YES and are wearing the ring to prove it, right?  Nevertheless, it’s nerve-racking waiting for the COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted. Keep up-to-date with all the latest changes surrounded the coronavirus. Check out the above link to ease your thoughts.

virtual wedding blessings bride holding yellow flowers and man kissing her on the cheek

First look

image Brian Geltner 

Dutch wedding planners – online

But what about the venue, catering and entertainment? Maybe a Dutch wedding in the heart of Amsterdam, the Netherlands with all the trimmings of a celebration of love is your thing? Well, with an agreement as a “couple bubble” to marry, you put your relationship first. Whatever, the primary language of you and your guests, Dutch wedding planners are wizards. With their multilingual skills you are guaranteed a magical time.

Elopement wedding – offline

With the above in mind, did you book a honeymoon to a sunny tropical island in the Caribbean? Were you thinking about an all inclusive getaway to the Seychelles? Whatever your hearts desire, the stringent coronavirus measures have probably halted your dream.  Coupled with that, a twosome wedding abroad is virtually a no-go. But, next year you could elope? How does that sound? Or would your prefer a marriage celebration with family and friends?

Online wedding celebrant – officiant

Finally, to get back to my first suggestion – virtual marriage blessings. What are they? Is it something you would like? Well, it gives you the opportunity to express your deepest feelings, love and affection for one another. It’s free of wedding planning admin and the added logistical stress. It is a ceremony for two with the latest technology like zoom.  Performed via Skype the ceremony duration is 10 – 15 minutes.



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