Are You Engaged? Fall in Love with Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day celebrations are in the air and your fiancé (e), fling or crush who you fancy the pants off maybe awaiting a special gift from you. Well, this year love can conquer all. Why not celebrate the 14th February in a romantic fashion?

On the other hand, you could be longing for a lover to heat up your love life on Valentines. And recognized as a significant event, how do you cope with the rush to get a sexy last minute present?

Look at it this way, if you desire the proposal of a lifetime this engagement season, it could be on the cards. And when it comes around you want to survive it. Face it, you’re an incurable romantic. So, why not muster up the courage to thrill your partner and inject some real passion into your relationship this Valentine’s Day.

Therefore without further a do, here are 14 exciting ideas to help you. Moreover, don’t spoil the fun and plan a romantic starry-eyed time. Go on celebrate it and enjoy the love, love, love! Read on…

Valentine’s Day  Celebrations


Valentine's day a heart formed red tree1. Be romantic and give a rose in traditional style 

Conquer your lovers heart with a special rose and a dose of extra romance. Say it with beautiful blossoms. The ultimate gift of admiration and desire is a bouquet of flowers or fiery red roses. Most roses symbolize love, friendship and respect. But the main one associated with Valentine’s Day is red. So, to make a statement for Valentines, give a rose to your loved one.

2. Two red roses mean “marry me” & none means you want a fling

According to the – femail stated that; “Valentine’s day or during a romantic break is the best time to pop the question. Expected on one of these special days, the b2b patiently waits for her wedding proposal. On average it occurs three years into a relationship. And the engagement ring is worth over £1,000”.

3. Sauna & sensual massage create the right lovey-dovey mood

If  you long for a luxurious day out for two, then why not try a private wellness farm, intimate or rural retreat. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together and a fantastic way to prove your love. More importantly, it’s also an ideal opportunity to share some special exclusive time together, without any disturbances. Enjoy a joint massage, share and experience the love, peace and tranquility!

4. Laugh and love on Valentine’s Day 

Equally important is to spend the day laughing together. And enjoy quality time loving up one another. So, snuggle up against one another on the sofa and watch a comedy. Alternatively, you can book a special show, theater event or musical show. Afterwards, have a good chat about it, reminisce with a laugh. Valentine’s day is one of the best days for him to get down on one knee and propose with a ring.

5. Pop the Question – Will You Marry Me

Come on… the proposal season is in full swing. So, don’t prolong the engagement and think up a cunning ploy. Pop the question in style. Proposing to the love of your life can take courage and sometimes a bit of creative ingenuity. So, why not make a Monopoly proposal: chance it, and do not pass go. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for him to ask for your hand in marriage. How much more romantic can you get?

6. Flash Mob – dance & sing your way to their heart

The love of your life has been waiting patiently for this very day. So, go somewhere nice and quiet to get their undivided attention, and tell them your heart’s desire. Be really creative. Get a flash mob or choir to help you with your Valentine’s day request. How cool is that? For sensational ideas about Valentine’s Day watch

7. Drop the hint on Valentine’s day 

Need I say more! You’re probably quite independent; however independence and romantic tendencies do go hand in hand. And Valentine’s Day is the ultimate romance day. It’s a new cycle in your life. And it’s the perfect time to begin complimenting your partner. Honor and confirm your love for one another with a message in a chocolate bonbon.

8. Plan a surprise Valentine’s day ceremony

The celebration of romance day promises scenes of undying love. By planning an engagement party it’s the cutest way to show your devotion. And to complete the surprise you can hire a celebrant to lead a ceremonial service. A Valentine’s day ceremony let’s your partner know how much you appreciate them. Above all, it is a great excuse to invite friends and family to share in your joy and happiness.

9. Stay home and cook a wholesome Jamie Oliver dish 

Why look for your nearest eartery to entertain your love. Valentine’s day is a truly special day. So, celebrate it your way and stay at home. Set the mood by lighting some scented candles and a floral arrangement. Additionally, lay the dining room table with a Valentine’s Day menu card. Get out some love recipes and cook a delicious meal.

10. The all-important engagement ring

Furthermore, don’t forget the all-important engagement ring; it will cheer up the occasion, nicely. Afterwards, go out and enjoy a meal and bottle of wine together. Return home and cuddle up on the couch. And watch a romantic movie. Finally, end the evening by getting lovey dovey.

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11. Clean the house together

This Valentine’s Day is the time to really impress your partner. You’ll score big points and receive a loving pat on the back. Instead of them telling you to put the toilet seat down or up, clear up the mess  in the kitchen or put your clothes in the washing machine, just do it!

12. Present them with a celebration of love certificate 

This might take some planning, but it will be worth it. Pretend that you forgot Valentine’s Day celebrations. Then arrange a really special celebration on a boat, with your closes family members and mutual friends. Thereafter, get the help of a celebrant to design a unique Valentine’s Day love ceremony for two. With their help you can have a journey of a lifetime. And don’t forget to present your partner with a love certificate!

13. Buy your lover a new outfit for Valentine’s Day 

The way to his or her heart isn’t just through good loving and food.  It’s the urban satchel Louis Vuitton bag, Gucci perfume and aftershave or the latest Tiffany & co necklace. You want them looking glamorous, smart and sexy when you go on your romantic Valentine’s Day Date.

14. Tango, strictly come dancing  & dirty dancing

Finally, arrange a raunchy proposal and plan a strictly come dancing or dirty dancing moment. Get up close and really personal with the one you love this Valentine’s Day. Let your hair down. Take a tango lesson together; it is the dance of love and passion.  Or you can do salsa or ballroom dancing.

Over to you….

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