The Ultimate Grooming Checklist | How to Get Interested in the Wedding

Ultimate Grooming Checklist

The ultimate grooming checklist is your partner’s second best friend to help focus on the upcoming wedding celebrations. And with a million things to do he might forget to take care of himself. Better still, a badge of honour for surviving the planning, warrants your intended a medal.

But why is he not interested in male grooming? Well, he needs to use his razor-sharp mind to prepare.  The Urban Dictionary says “male grooming – It is what a man does before going out or prior to his wedding”. The groom shaves, both face, body, indulges in extreme showering, hair work, and facial care.

And let’s face it you are accustomed to planning and organsising. Therefore avoid adding his worries to your brides’ to-do-list. Between your bridal beauty guide, venue, dress plus shoe shopping and him looking for wedding rings, you already have a lot on your plate.

So, with this new knowledge, you can help him to prepare for the special day without any hassle. Here is the ultimate grooming checklist. Let these eight tips inspire your groom to spoil himself before and on your wedding day.

The Ultimate Grooming Checklist

 afro-american man preparing his face to shave with shaving cream and Harry's razor.

1. Oral hygiene

Firstly, don’t be concerned about the grooms’ teeth looking good on your big day. By upgrading an existing oral hygiene regime as well as brushing 2 – 3 times a day its a start. Floss, use mouthwash and clean the tongue with a tongue scraper. Basically, be ready to dazzle everyone with a brighter smile. Moreover, sticking to a plan ensures breath smells fresh. The motto is; “Be prepared for the big wedding kiss stare.”

2. Clean the Face

Planning a wedding is incredibly stressful. And even a relaxed groom can feel the effects of stress on the skin. Perhaps, prone to breakouts from past hormonal acne, it might flair up again. So, research about male skin types and find gentle face wash that won’t irritate. Cleansing pores soothes the complexion. So, a restorative location works wonders.

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3. Moisturize

Additionally, moisturizing the face should be a daily routine. Similar to face wash, moisturizers can improve the skin considerably. By investing in a simple, non-allergenic formula brand is a good idea. But, remember to test the lotions beforehand. Make sure it’s not greasy or sweaty to the touch.

4. Facial Hair

Another thing to consider is facial hair. Looking neat, tidy and well-groomed should be your fiancé’s ultimate goal. So, with a full-fledged beard, ensure it is trimmed evenly. What’s more, a barbers appointment for a face and stubble check is a good idea too. Otherwise, invest in a high quality razor.  Remember, your wedding photos speak the truth. So avoid painful razor burns or fresh cuts from a dull blade.

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5. Hairstyle and Cut

Here’s something else of paramount importance. Cutting lustrous hair before your wedding day is a no-brainer. Why? The hairstyle must settle into place. In fact, stick to a trusted barber or hairstylist. Discover a haircut that best suits your groom’s face shape. With a new look, he’ll feel amazing.Tip: Provide your hairdresser with pictures of the grooms chosen cut. This makes it easier for them to replicate.

6.  Hair & Scalp Products

Furthermore, fine, thinning or androgenic alopecia hair, might require special products to thicken the locks. Did you know suffering from hair loss due to the stress of planning the wedding can be  prevented? Basically, shop around to get the best results. But, make sure  test run chemical hair or scalp products to avoid an itchy scalp, greasy, oily or flaky hair on your special day.

groom holding diamond wedding ring

Photo courtesy of Stephen Poff

Guess what? Manicures and pedicures aren’t just for you brides-to-be. In the past decade, spas for men have become increasingly popular. It’s a secure haven without feeling self-conscious. Moreover, clean nails and toes are important, too. During your the ceremony, hands are constantly on display. So, when you exchange the wedding rings, the perfect manicure, is important when the photographer zooms in. Most importantly, if you are having a beach wedding pay special attention to the feet.

8. Eyebrows

Next on the ultimate grooming checklist are waxing the eyebrows. This is a touchy subject. However, by making an effort, it makes all the difference. Basically, by getting them groomed it frames the face ready for the wedding photo moments. So, get online for a step by step guide on how to tweezer male eyebrows. Practice makes perfect. And make sure the eyebrows look even when you say “I do”.

man dressed in green bathrobe shaving himself before his wedding

9. Massage

To conclude, the ultimate grooming checklist can make or break your wedding day. And with wedding planning stress, searching for beauty tips for you and your partner can become hectic. So, book a massage at a spa to relieve some of the tension. Even better, it gives you and your fiancé a chance to unwind. And last but not least, good luck with the rest of your wedding preparations.


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