How To Figure Out A Downsized Wedding Guest List?

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Figuring out a downsized wedding guest list can cause mental fatigue, physical exhaustion, and unbearable tiredness. How do you avoid insomnia and ease the tension? Imagine getting out of bed and realising that you haven’t had enough sleep.

Perhaps wedding planning anxiety creeped in between the sheets last night, snuggled up beside you and held you tight? Worrying about coexisting with Covid-19 requires a new mindset about the number of guests attending your wedding.

But, who does or doesn’t get an invite? Well, let’s shake matters up a bit!

It’s customary to plan a triple-figure wedding that consists of between 100 to 300 very important party people. However, larger weddings are banned. But, thank goodness for the downsized wedding guest list.

Therefore before you put your head on your pillow, to start counting sheep and fall deeply asleep. Address the issue of inviting a selective group of guests to your private wedding. How? Well, I’ve rounded up some tips for you to help with a good nights rest. Read on

Downsized Wedding Guest List

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Downsized weddings up to 30 guests can go ahead, provided all guests sit at least 1.5 meters apart. Dignita Hoftuin  Amsterdamimage credit

The ideal headcount

Firstly, it’s mind boggling and a heartbreaking time. Creating a smaller wedding during this pandemic has become a numbers game. And fewer guests wishing to observe the ceremony at a distance should be in compliance with World Health Organisation guidelines.

5 to 30 wedding party people

Secondly, with only 5 – 30 people, including the priest or celebrant, bride, groom and witnesses a 1.5-meter social distancing guideline must be adhered. But the positive side is, you protect guests health. Most importantly, everyone feels safe and has enough space to celebrate the special day with you.

Downsized wedding guest list

Look at it this way, coronavirus is real and we have to coexist with it until there is a remedy, cure or vaccine. So, feeling anxious about the wedding is inevitable. How can you make sure catering, is available with limited guests? Well, it is a common problem many couples face. But you can adjust guest numbers and still have a momentous day.

Downsized wedding venue

Admittedly, social distancing measures require that everyone stands 1.5 meters apart from one another. So, calculate the maximum capacity of people the venue can host while keeping everyone safe. Thereafter, implement a  realistic budget plan and start planning for a smaller group of wedding guests. Make it fun, exciting and enjoyable.


covid-19 wedding guest list black african man holding a white woman's ringed hand

image wendel moretti

Destination wedding off-limits

In reality we would all love to plan wedding guest list of 100 people and invite them to celebrate with us abroad, right? However, with the coronavirus 14-day travel quarantine rules, you have been advised to celebrate your love at a venue nearer to home. So, have a coronaproof smaller wedding now and book a destination wedding, with more guests in 2021, 2022 or 2023.

Downsized wedding guest list decisions

And here’s a strong possibility…part and parcel of wedding planning is decision making. But, with the coronavirus hanging over our heads it’s made things even more difficult, right? So, how do you relax and let it all flow with ease? Simple. By putting timelines in place, you’ll break the mammoth tasks into bitesize chunks.

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TIP: Keep a notepad and pen handy at all times. Jot down names as they come to mind. And get those invitations out as soon as possible.

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Limit number of wedding guests

But, can I ask you something have you decided who will and shall not get an invitation? Is it aunt Betty or uncle Pete? What about your dad’s new girlfriend? Actually, there is no need to worry yourself about it, make life sweet by writing out your guest list. Invite your nearest and dearest to be a part of your exclusive wedding.

What will future weddings look like?

Lastly, don’t let this coronavirus pandemic burst your couple bubble to get wed. Make it extra special with luxury wedding invitations.  More importantly, whatever you decide just remember family, in-laws, cousins, children and your best friends are just as important as you. But, the final decision is yours and your partners, it’s your big day. Good luck with all the preparations!



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