Wedding Dress Code Every Style-Savvy Couple Should Know

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What’s the wedding dress code for a style-savvy couples guest list? Weddings are usually classic and formal, so your best outfit is a must! And if you’re like me, you love a party, and look forward to wearing something suitable. However, does the invitation state what you must adorn for the special event?

Maybe you’ve sent luxury wedding invitations, you must be excited. Having a dress code for you and your wedding guests makes life easier  It helps you decide on the type of clothes and outfits (also to match the overarching colour theme) for the occasion.

In addition, it’s a great excuse to hit the shops for some retail therapy. You can even search online for an appropriate wedding dress code outfit. To guide you along, here is a useful list of unique wedding attires for him and her. Choose the proper outfit, step out in style and be ready to impress as a couple. Keep reading…

Wedding Dress Code‏

  • Sparkling wedding dress: The wedding dress, bridal gown or dressy outfit comes in many styles, shapes and sizes. Whether you choose a celebrant-led, traditional or blessing ceremony, it’s custom to wear a white dress. However, you can pick a colour that best suits your personality.
  • Wedding suit: A tuxedo (or wedding suit) is a tailored outfit that consists of trousers, waist coat and jacket. The main colour is black. Nevertheless, darker colours such as grey, navy blue and burgundy are also popular.
  • White Tie: The most common and well-known wedding dress code are formal white outfits. This attire is suited for red carpet events, special gatherings or other glamorous wedding ceremonies. For more details about clothing and wedding shoes for him and her go to the

Wedding Dress Code‏ – II

wedding dress code woman wearing glittery champagne dress and man adorning a sky blue shirt with chequered waistcoat and pants

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  • Black Tie: when writing out your guest list remember to mention that it’s formal wedding dress and attire. Formal attire means the wedding celebration will be held in the evening. Get more advice on what to wear, the outfits and the appropriate footwear at
  • Formal Dress: At a formal event with fine dining and five-star catering. a black tie is not required. However, for the men a smart suit (with or without a tie) and for ladies an elegant dress (long or knee high) would be perfect. Go to for more details.
  • Beach and Outdoor Formal Wear: If the weather permits, then you can wear a summer dress and for him a linen or cotton suit. Match the outfit with beach shoes. For more wedding attire ideas, check out Pinterest.
  • Dressy Casual vs Semi-formal: Depending on the time or season of your wedding event, your guests can wear what they wish. It can be formal with or without a hat.  For more tips, check out
  • Casual: Most wedding guests love to dress casually because they like to feel comfortable on the wedding day. However, if there is no dress wedding code for  specified on the invitation. Designer jeans (even if they are Gucci, Armani or G-star), cropped tops, scanty shorts and damaged outfits are not appropriate. Check out well-known brands for more of what not to wear at a wedding.

• Children’s Attire:

Maybe due to the nature of the wedding venue, it would be useful to dress your children accordingly. Alternatively, party wear is also favourable for a dress code for 100 wedding guests and kids. Make sure they feel relaxed in their outfits.

Wedding Dress Code – III

wedding dress code three women smartly dressed in blue and white satijn dresses holding orange bridal bouquets

By putting timelines in place you can design a unique dress code for 100 wedding guests, it’s the perfect start point for an overarching wedding theme.


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