How To Cope With Your Triple-Figure Wedding Guest List

triple-figure wedding guest list

Struggling with a triple-figure wedding guest list is a tricky thing and a common dilemma that many couples face. Even celebrity couples, millionaires and billionaires who are rich beyond their wildest dreams have difficult with selecting the right guests.

But, who do you invite without hurting other loved one’s feelings? Let’s face it, coping with family and friends plus the wedding guest list politics can be nerve racking. What’s more, the idea of planning the event can be exhausting, too. So, a thought-out plan and structured checklist should help you cope with your invitees. Moreover, it’s important for you to create a memorable ceremony.

Basically, you envision an entirely different swanky wedding. You long to share it with your nearest and dearest.

And the good news is, as with anything marriage related, preparation is the key. Therefore, rather than freaking out about your triple-figure guest list, dive into your planning head on. Here are more than three ways to tackle the issue of your wedding itinerary.

Triple-Figure Wedding Guest List – Handy Guide


Triple figure wedding guest list: A wedding consisting of between 100 and 999 guests.

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Consider  your headcount

Firstly, be selective and invite the guests you want. Have you thought about eloping and arranging a romantic secluded retreat or destination wedding? Celebrating with your extended family could be more up your street. In all honesty, you need to consider numbers when booking your wedding venue and catering.

Get productive and set a timeline for your wedding

Secondly, stay true to yourself and get productive during the wedding planning. How do you do that? A schedule of events. Timelines are lifesavers and will make your wedding project more enjoyable. And you’ll have an awesome triple-figure guest list and final head count. By putting timelines in place, you can break the seemingly mammoth tasks into bitesize chunks.

Wedding checklist

Additionally, the above will stop you from having a meltdown. Moreover, a daily record of things to do helps with the smooth running of your big day. This makes stuff easier to organise, manage and less stressful. What’s more, it takes the pressure off you and your partner.

Get your wedding planning right

Another thing, how do you cope with a triple-figure guest list? Well, with the right help from suppliers and vendors it will not get out of control. Hosting a small event makes sending out wedding invitations more relaxed. However, a large guest list can give you a headache.

Luxury wedding invitations

So, let Pure Invitation do the hard work. They offer luxury wedding invitations which are ready-made for you. Even if you’re reluctant to spend, it’s worth having a look to get a good deal. A bulk order makes your money go further. Most importantly, the cost is worthwhile for pure peace of mind.

Write your wedding wishes down

Actually, get excited about your wedding. Record everything by writing it down. A small guest list is easy to remember more than a triple-figure one. The process of writing out your guest list helps to keep track of the essential wedding items. So, don’t forget to add partners and children, as well. Writing down your cousin’s name could be just the thing to remind you about her kids.

Detailed summary of wedding essientals

Lastly, a triple-figure wedding guest list is a head count and detailed summary of attendees. With a summary of their addresses, it makes everything easier for you to send out your wedding invitations. Tip: Keep a notepad and pen handy at all times. Jot down names as they come to mind.


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