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In the UK wedding license laws to marry outdoors are complicated. However, in the Netherlands the Dutch municipalities are quite lenient when it comes to you taking your vows al fresco [thuis trouwen]. As a b2b with a bee in your bonnet, how do you plan a homegrown wedding?

Well, you can cultivate all your wedding celebrations and ensure your ideas come to fruition. Actually, home weddings are the perfect alternative for cementing your love outside during the popular sunny months. In truth, there is nothing is as beautiful as spring and as stunning as summer.

Therefore, if you want to feel at home in your comfort zone, your wedding concept in Holland needs a lot of preparation. What’s more, positive thinking and a completely different creative design is needed to combat the unpredictable weather.

And not to mention that laying the groundwork shall eat up a huge chunk of your energy and time. Without question, these special big day ideas for your outdoor garden wedding will be a hit. So, don’t leave any stones unturned and use these practical tips to lighten your load. Keep reading…

Wedding license laws planning tips – NL

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1. Tighten your belt to find extra cash for your wedding

Whether you have the compulsion to tighten your belt to find extra cash or your respective parents will foot the bill. Create wonder and amazement at your wedding. It’s possible to reinforce your ideas and hold a plush and unique event at your place. By seamlessly combining your ceremony & reception party, you won’t spoil the day. Most importantly, you’ll save some money.

2. Wedding preparation homework

Look at it this way, you want to encompass all your event ideas. And an incomparable wedding combined with fantasy and style is your dream. So just, imagine you can create this at home in your front room or garden, surrounded by love ones and friends. Even more exciting you’ll be in your element. But, before you start the enormous undertaking, you’ll need to do wedding preparation homework and finalise a to-do-list.

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Planning a Wedding: Home Truths The good, the bad and the ugly truth about planning a wedding, with fun, excitement and a once-in-a-lifetime experience thrown in too. Source:

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3• Get spliced before you get your house in order

Let’s start with a few home truths; you want to get spliced [old fashioned term for getting married] but do you have a generously sized home? Does your house qualify as an approved wedding venue? Is your home fire safety up to scratch? Yes or No, then whatever the case you’ll have to obtain a special licence (grant of approval). Afterwards, head over to this creative wedding site for more information about homegrown weddings.

4. Booze, food and a certified celebrant on your premises

Another thing once you’ve got an official certificate to hold your wedding at home. Then, you can arrange a fun interactive ceremony with a certified celebrant. Moreover, you can a hire a mobile bar. And serve booze and food during the wedding breakfast on your premises. But how much do you ration per guest? For ideas go to

5• Finance the financial side of  your home wedding

Secondly, your homegrown garden wedding needs to look aesthetically pleasing, breathtaking and appealing. So, find out more details about an approved venue license at your nearest local authority. Acquire about the legal documents, steps and precautions needed for a wedding at your home. Lovingly crafted by you a homegrown wedding is more sympathetic to your big day celebrations.

6• Weather the storm and speculate the costs

Another budding idea to weather the storm and align your ethical values with the climate change is to consider the financial side of things. Planning indoor & outdoor location needs money. So, whether you are budget-conscious or busy estimating the funds needed for an approved venue; you’ll need cash. Just speculate the costs and make sure to tie the knot without tipping over your wedding budget. 

7• Avoid wedding planning stress

Thirdly, to avoid any wedding planning stress, take a second look at your home and garden furniture (chairs, tables, sideboards etc).  Do an inventory of what you already have. How many guests are you planning to invite to your soiree? Don’t feel perplexed and make sure you have enough sitting, tables and cutlery available.

8• Create a cosy lounge area and use makeshift party furniture

Let your guests fall in love at first sight with your wedding by creating a cosy lounge area. It’s comfortable, intimate and inviting. So, don’t squish and squash all the furniture together. Wedding lounge areas should be personal, hip and ooze a relaxed feel at your event. Rummage around your house and find appropriate seating. But, if you need more stuff. Just ask your neighbours, family or friends if you can use their household items as makeshift party furniture. Or contact a quality events equipment hire company.

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9• Preposition your furniture, mirrors and work out a floor plan

Although you may not have undulating views, breathtaking scenery and a stunning landscape. There is nothing like putting the finishing touches on your homegrown wedding with a little sparkle and shine in the garden. By using mirror decor, you’ll add a bounce of light around your outdoor venue. So, create a realistic floor plan and layout. Thereafter, preposition your furniture and mirrors to enhance your big day theme.

10• Work out the logistics and have a contingency plan

Work out the logistics for a  floor, garden and contingency plan. And deploy a location for every aspect of your special wedding event. Keep the theme of your wedding consistent throughout the house. For instance, remember to bring your garden to the foreground with a stunning altar to add impact. Or else you can use an annex or backyard shed.


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