Super Easy Ways To Host Your Wedding At Home

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A home wedding in your love nest could be the answer to the relaxation on the current coronavirus lockdown. With the restrictions lifted you could say, “yes, I Do” al fresco. Albeit, garden ceremony sounds delightful. Where do you start?

While the weather forecast for your wedding day may seem gloomy. It is important to make wise moves to ensure you are carried safely over the threshold.

Do you want to dig deep and create something truly authentic? Well, getting married outside under a clear afternoon or evening sky is romantic.

But, laying the groundwork for your dream wedding has it’s downside . So, lighten the load and set guidelines, goals and define borders for your wedding reception venue. And leave no stones unturned with these practical outdoor tips. Keep reading…

Home wedding – Thuis trouwen

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1. Tighten your belt for your wedding

Do you have limited funds for your marriage ceremony? Perhaps bank of mum and dad can help you finance an amazing wedding day. Otherwise use these wedding planning hacks to reinforce your outdoor home comforts. And there’s more room for improvement, by seamlessly combining your ceremony & reception party, you’ll save more money.

2. Wedding preparation homework

Look at it this way, do you want to encompass all your wedding ideas? So just, imagine you can create a dream wedding ceremony in the garden. Surrounded by love ones and friends it’s going to ooze love. But, where do you start? Well,  before the enormous undertaking, design a wedding to-do-list. It will keep you sane during the planning.

3• Get spliced before you get your house in order

Let’s start with a few home truths; you want to get spliced [old fashioned term for getting married], right? But do you have a generously sized home? Does your house qualify as an approved wedding venue? Is your home fire safety up to scratch? Whatever the case you’ll have to obtain a special licence (grant of approval).

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4. Booze, food, canapes, cocktails and champagne

Another thing do you have an official certificate to hold your wedding at home? Arrange this immediately at the town hall.  Moreover, hire a mobile bar and serve booze, food, cocktails, canapes and champagne on the premises. And don’t forget the cake and sweets. But how much do you ration per guest? Use a wedding calculator.

5• Finance the financial side

Secondly, your homegrown garden wedding needs to look aesthetically pleasing, breathtaking and appealing. How do you find out about an approved venue license? Easy peasy go to your nearest local authority. Acquire about the legal documents, steps and precautions needed for a wedding at your home.

6• Combat the unpredictable weather

How do you collect your budding ideas together to weather the storm? Just align your ethical values with the climate change. Coupled with that consider the financial side of things. So, whether you are budget-conscious or busy estimating the funds; you’ll need plenty of cash. Speculate the costs and make sure to tie the knot without tipping over your wedding budget. 

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7• Recovery wedding planning

Additionally, how do you let your dreams come to fruition? Well, avoid any wedding planning stress, take a second look at your home and garden furniture (chairs, tables, sideboards etc).  Do an inventory of what you already have. Don’t feel perplexed and make sure you have enough sitting, tables and cutlery available.

8• Create a cosy lounge area

Here’s something else to get your teeth into. How can your guests fall in love at first sight with your wedding location. Simple, create cosy lounge areas [within reason]. It’s comfortable, intimate and inviting. Don’t squish and squash all the furniture together. Wedding lounges should be personal, hip and ooze a relaxed feel at your event.

9• Use makeshift party furniture

In addition, rummage around your house and find appropriate seating. But, do you need more stuff? Just ask your neighbours, family or friends if you can use their household items as makeshift party furniture. Or contact a quality events equipment hire company.

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10• Set the garden scene

Although you may not have the picturesque views of the Kensington Palace. Your garden does have breathtaking scenery and a stunning landscape, right? So, finish it off with the finishing touches. Create a homegrown wedding with an extra sparkle and shine in the garden.

11• Garden wedding floor plan

How do you give the illusion that your garden is bigger? By using mirror decor, you’ll add a bounce of light around your outdoor venue. So, create a realistic floor plan and layout. Thereafter, preposition your furniture and mirrors to enhance your big day theme.

12• Work out the logistics and have a contingency plan

Lastly, are you having a spring, summer or autumn wedding? Figure out the logistics for a  floor, garden and contingency plan. And deploy a location for every aspect of your marriage ceremony. Keep the theme of your event consistent throughout the house. More importantly, bring your garden to the foreground with a stunning altar to add impact.

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