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Thank you for finding Clover Jean weddings, if you are struggling to find accessible wedding venues in Holland for wheelchair, blind or visually impaired guests, maybe I can help! I’m based in Amsterdam and welcome all couples, including couples with a disability. As a wedding couple you may not be able to change your disability, however you can make a big impact on your special day.

So, tell me, are you engaged and feeling buzzed up? You’re loved up and looking forward to a long-awaited wedding. Perhaps you’re in a couple bubble for years and want to celebrate with a vow renewal, domestic partner ceremony or anniversary party? However, you need to find an accessible wedding venue for your family and friends.

Myself and my fiancé had been living in Amsterdam for around 4 years and we knew we wanted to get married here, as Holland is now our home. We also knew we wanted a relaxed, yet ceremonial wedding which was a little hard to find. We are both traditional in the sense of our morals. But relaxed in regard to how this wedding ceremony should be delivered.

Accessible Wedding Venues for Couples with a Disability

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Castle – Kasteel Helmond – – Jorick de Kruit

Testimonial – Accessible Wedding Venues I

To ensure our 2 families enjoyed our wedding we choose for Clover Jean Weddings. In fact, we wanted everyone to understand the proceedings, as Nayan is from a Hindu family, and myself from Manchester (not so exotic!). I searched for a while for celebrants, when I came across Clover Jean via the web, her genuine warmth and compassion appealed to us. But, we all know, the internet can be misleading so we arranged a meeting asap, at one of Holland’s accessible wedding venues in Amsterdam. 

Accessible Wedding Venues for Couples with a Disability


Testimonial – Accessible Wedding Venues

As soon as we met Clover Jean, we had no hesitation my partner and I kicked each other under the table and smiled. The immediate warmth, compassion, empathy and understanding we felt from Clover Jean was incredible. We explained briefly what our expectation was for the ceremony and she understood us immediately. We met for about 45minutes and discussed the wedding day, ceremony expectations and next steps.  Aside from the above mentioned, Clover’s experience and knowledge of her profession sealed the deal. In choosing her the wedding, we knew she could guide us through the process.

Accessible Wedding Venues NL that are wheelchair accessible!


Testimonial – Accessible Wedding Venues III

After this we conversed via mail and filled in the brilliant questionnaires, independently, which would build the service, and our vows for the day. After a few tweaks, we were there!  It was such an enjoyable experience to take part in. And Clover celebrant ceremonial wedding services really gave us confidence, and excitement, for the big day!

We then met a last time, again at the quintessential Dutch wedding venue, with some other members of the wedding party to run through the actual day and final details and requests. Again we didn’t have a worry in the world as we knew that Clover Jean had everything in hand. And she was completely calm and confident (at this point we needed that!) When the day arrived, we couldn’t wait and had been telling everyone about the fabulous celebrant who was marrying us!

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What can I say? But, thank you!

It was just perfect.  Relaxed, funny, compassionate, entertaining yet serious where needed. It was one of the best days of our lives, and Clover Jean was the linchpin.  We laughed and cried. Not that I can remember a-lot about our guests (it really is a haze, so try and remember some bits). But what I can remember from my alternative wedding ceremony is the laughter and smiles. The room really was full of love. I can say, hand on heart, that everybody said to the groom Nayan and I the happy bride, that it was the best wedding service they had ever been too.

I don’t know what else I can say. Apart from the fact we had an amazing day. We would recommend Clover Jean weddings 100%, you would be loco not to have her as your ceremonial celebrant. Much love Caroline and Nayan

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