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Happy New Year Album – here’s a new year treat for you!

Happy New Year Album for you! Wishing you and your family a wonderful festive season full of joy and a prosperous 2021. Here’s a gift for you, FREE! Download your gift! Enjoy an exciting new jazz-soul sound! Freshen up your Spotify playlist.

Don’t miss out! Get a taster, listen to a tune and let your music juices flow. Get the FULL ALBUM – THIS IS ME. Hurry, grab it while stocks last!

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Music is sometimes created from the most bizarre or surreal experiences… One day, I suddenly found myself underneath an invalid car with its engine roaring fiercely. The driver sped away, not even aware they knocked me down. Then proceeded to drag me along with their car.

After that traumatic incident, I did some deep self-reflection, developed a gratitude mindset, and wrote the lyrics for ‘This is Me’. Listen now as I reveal the song that reflected my highest high, lowest low and other observations of the world around me.


Buy This is Me for ONLY € 9,99


The lyrics of ‘This is Me’ is birthed from deep inside of me. And the music composition is by talented Axel van Duin. If you love smooth, bluesy vocals, this autobiographical album is definitely for you. Conveniently buy ‘This is Me’ online. Take a pick from CDbaby.com., iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Facebook.

To put the debut album together, it took a wonderful team to make this music project a reality. Recording Studio Peggy51.nl finalized the end production – mix and mastering. And a massive thanks to Tinman.nl Graphic Designer, who built this website and produced the amazing CD’s artwork.


debut album woman leaning on her hands abovea wall

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IntroducingThis is Me’ – an Exclusive Album by Clover Jean

Wait, there’s more… Finally, a heartfelt thanks to the following professional musicians and individuals for their creative collaboration on my debut album This is Me.

  • Clover Jean zangeres | vocals & Lyrics
  • Axel van Duin – Music & Bass
  • Remy Vogel – Guitar
  • Betrand Robinne – Drums
  • Thomas van Dijk – Keyboard
  • Michel Vermeulen – Recording Studio Peggy51
  • Tinman: Michel Oudendijk – CD Artwork


Be one of the first to LISTEN NOW to the full album. Then BUY your very own digital copy of ‘This is Me’ now! And, do me a favour, please…Leave your comments, questions or suggestions below. I would love to hear your feedback.

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