10 Summer Garden Wedding Tips For A Memorable Ceremony

summer garden wedding

The summer garden wedding fever is sweeping the country. What’s more, it’s a lovely idea to plan your event outdoors. However, it is not that simple because of all the legal pitfalls. But, saying that it should not put you off. 

With lots of creative thought you can design a sophisticated and unique spot for your special day. Let’s face it, your home offers you plenty of scope to set-up a versatile summer garden wedding venue. It will be costly, time consuming and tiring organizing the celebrations. Nevertheless, you will create wonderful memories for you and your guests.

And guess what? Rather than doing all the hard work on your own. I’ve put together some ideas for you. So, bring your lawn to life. Take a look below at your garden wedding ten easy step-by-step plan.

Summer Garden Wedding Step-By-Step Plan

summer garden wedding in a field with white chairs and a floral gazebo

Photo credit: Brando Bean

Main photo courtesy of: Eileen Rivard

1. Licence to marry

First, you will need a licence to marry at home in your garden. The space for your matrimony becomes legally recognised. Furthermore, holding a civil ceremony requires a permit too. And there’s more….you can serve alcoholic drinks on your premises. Obtain permission from your local town hall.

2• Party Tent

Make a to-do-list for your bold design. And hold your official ceremony anywhere in the garden (weather permitting). Otherwise, pick a section for your gazebo, wedding canopy, or hi-spec marquee or arch. Or insist on another remote outdoor landscaped wedding venue nearer to home. But, you can also hire a field for your party tent.

3• Glorious sunny weather predicted

Maybe you could ask a big-hearted family member with a summer house. There are lot’s of wedding location alternatives for you to greet and welcome your guests. With glorious weather predicted (we hope and pray) you can say YES in your garden. Worried the rain will spoil your big day? Move indoors for the evening celebration.

4. Summer garden wedding home furniture

What about furniture for your summer garden wedding? In a sense, you can avoid using your own. Hire chairs and tables for your occasion. With the help of an events company they’ll simplify things for you. These specialised party companies allow you to adapt your garden into something unique for your wedding day. Otherwise, look for inspiration on social media about outdoor furniture setups.

5. Prepare home catering and recruit artistic friends 

How do you get your invitees to RSVP to your summer wedding invitation? And how do you evoke great surprise and excitement? Home catering adds a personal touch to the big event. What’s more, it’s the defining attribute which influences your family and friends experience. So, cook yourselves or hire in a caterer.

wedding couple dancing in their garden surrounded by family and friends

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6. Home weddings are intimate and memorable

“At-home weddings are intimate, and memorable, but they come with their fair share of challenges. Opening up your home (or the home of a generous friend or family member) means dealing with logistical considerations you wouldn’t encounter at a traditional wedding venue (bathrooms, anyone?).” – https://www.bridalguide.com/blogs/bridal-buzz/backyard-wedding

7. Live music and summer entertainment

With an explosion of colour in your garden and groundbreaking décor, complete your setting with live music and entertainment.  And be your own host and DJ (use Spotify). This is a fab incentive for family & friends and it simplifies the wedding planning costs. Alternatively you can arrange a master of ceremonies or wedding planner to assist you on your wedding day.

8. Tidying up

Another thing, once the celebrations are over there is the issue of tidying up and getting things in order, again. Rather than doing all the chores yourself book a cleaning firm. Hire professional trusted cleaners they will do a great job to take care of the chaos.

9. Getting things in order

In addition, let a cleaning company do the hard work; they can help, and advice you on how to get your house and garden clutter free. And the overriding factor is, your home and garden will be back in tip top gleaming shape again!

10. Notify the neighbours with a courtesy letter

Finally, the major factor that can affect the success of your summer garden wedding is your neighbours. Inform them about your plans. They will appreciate it. Let them know you’re having guests over to celebrate your event. There could be a lot of people turning up. The music, chatting and laughter could get loud, and quite parking-intensive. Tip: Send them a courtesy letter about your party in the garden

wedding table set with wedding candles

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