Stunning Spring Wedding Colour of the Year You Can’t Miss

The March equinox marks the official start of spring and the emerging bridal spring wedding colour of the year is coral. Pantone depicts the colour as “an animating and life-affirming hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”. So, how do you combine it with other gorgeous colours?

Spring has sprung and purple is a trending bridal wedding colour, too. It’s part of the treasure trove of radiant  and bountiful colours that represent the perfect combination of masculine and feminine energy.  But, this beautiful shade mixed with coral can be tamed. Together the vivid shades will affect how you feel.

What’s more,  coral transforms this springs wedding season. And the exciting new trend  enhances the atmosphere and has a beauty that surpasses all other colours. Basically, these tints are perfect for your April, May or June nuptials.  Keep reading…

Spring Wedding Colour of the Year

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From the ultraviolet to deep purple spectrum, stimulate your senses with a pop of Pantone’s colour of the year, coral. Vibrant eye-catching ideas ensure your wedding is uniquely yours. So, make your big day stand out from the rest. Here are some handpicked combinations to add to your finishing touches. You’ll find something that matches your bridal spring wedding colour theme.

Lilac and Green – Rustic, Earthy and Inviting

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The subtle shade of purple

First, lilac is an alluring and elegant spring season flower colour. This subtle and stunning shade of purple is a captivating pastel tint. The soft and persuasive mauve is reminiscent of a fairy-tale wedding. It’s a romantic, stunning and invigorating hue of purple. And that makes it the obvious choice for your bouquets. Not only will you love the mood, but the fragrance is amazing too.

Lilac is a gorgeous intensity

What’s more, for the freshly cut perfumed flowers lilac is a gorgeous intensity. Scatter the delicate blossom petals on your wedding aisle runway for the picture-perfect look. Use the colour for décor or save the date invitations. Coupled with this, combine it with a rustic, enchanting muted, opulent or earthy green. Together they have a rich ambience.

Exciting, refreshing and striking

Essentially, this union of colours is exciting, refreshing and striking. But, there are other variations to choose from. Why not add other pastel tones to create a dazzling look. The fact is, any of these crisp and charming fusions of shades will brighten up your spring wedding.


Ultraviolet – Inventive, Imaginative and Intriguing

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Balance purple with red, cream, gold, silver and yellow

Let’s be honest, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 is an extremely bold, sophisticated and royal colour. The ultraviolet shade inspired by the cosmos symbolises, “mystery and magic. So, use it wisely. Highlight the importance of your accessories. Or go extreme with this glow of colour. And add it to everything. But balance it with red, cream, gold, silver or even yellow tones.

Iridescent ultraviolet to livens up the venue

Otherwise, make it a major feature such as the flower girls, bridesmaid dresses, napkins, or table cloths. Accentuate your wedding outfit and floral centerpieces at the reception tables for the finishing touches. Allow iridescent ultraviolet to liven up the space. And create a dynamic atmosphere to the venue of your dreams.


Lavender – Soft, Sweet and Playful

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Another bridal spring wedding colour is the bright and breezy lavender tone. It is similar to soft purple/lilac. Distinctive and sumptuous, this blends well with yellow, pink, orange and or bluish-purple pastels. Lavender has cool undertones. It is soothing with an irresistible presence. And it is fitting for your groom. At Black Tux you’ll find their tuxedo and suit rental collection fits handsomely with your groomsmen, too.

Pantone’s colour of the year 2019

Finally, from wedding invitations, guest favors, to throwing dried lavender buds, ultraviolet is a blissful, brilliant and springtime tone. And the options are unlimited for your wedding colour palette. So, remember Pantone’s colour of the year is for you to create happy, warm and memorable moments to last a life time.


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