Real Wedding: Terry And Suus – Nieuwe Erven, Amersfoort

Snow van Putten

Be inspired by Terry and Suus. Now known as Mr & Mrs Snow van Putten or you can call them van Putten Snow. I recently had the honour of conducting and singing at their tropical wedding. It took place in the heart of Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

The union of this very special couple, will prove to you that it is never too late to fall head over heels in love. Keep reading Mr & Mrs Snow van Putten and van Putten Snow’s real life wedding story.

Happy couple: Terry and Suus

Venue: Cultuurboerderij Nieuwe Erven – Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Date: 25th July 2018

Terry and Suus are a mature and exotic couple. They were tying the knot for the second time. He is from New Zealand and she is Dutch. And Amsterdam is their hometown. This active team loves nature and spending quality time together. Their small intimate tropical wedding day was a fun fusion of New Zealand and Dutch traditions.

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The Proposal

Four years after they met in 2014 at Amsterdam’s annual spectacular New Year’s Day concert in the Concertgebouw, Terry invited Suus for a special meal. It was Valentine’s Day 2018. Suus thought something was in the air when she received a lovely floral corsage and the night began with champagne.

Terry surprised Suus with a card which said, “On Your Wedding Day.” But inside was the question, “Will you marry me?” Terry did not go down on his knee, but a fully formed bride and groom sprang up in the middle of the card.  With tears of love at this totally unforeseen offer, Suus said, “Yes.”

wedding badges for guests

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The Venue

It was an extremely hot day at the Cultuurboerderij Nieuwe Erven, city farm. In the heart of  Amersfoort, Holland the little piece of countryside was a welcomed change to a busy bustling urban life. Set amongst a residential area it oozed tranquility and peace. The happy couple made a conscious decision to choose this outdoor facility. Suus’s sister and David her partner are the proud managers of the rustic bohemian-style wedding venue. It was an idyllic backdrop for their first pictures. Moreover, Terry and Suus’s tropical wedding theme inspired by Dutch and Kiwi customs.

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The Wedding Consultation

Attached to the e-mail I received from Terry and Suus was a photo of them both. And the message read: “My name is Terry. My fiancé Suus and I are getting married this July. Could you marry us and sing for us? It would be great to meet and have you as our singing wedding celebrant.”

So, we met in my local bar De Tuin (the garden). It was convenient for all of us and we discussed their plans and wishes. We got on like a house on fire.

The Planning

Writing the marriage service script was pure pleasure. We revised more than 10 drafts to get it right. Terry and Suus let me in on secrets and took me down their romantic memory lane. But they kept some things private. Nevertheless, they had an incredible story to share. They have so much in common. She enjoys reading and he loves cooking. And both of them love cycling through the Dutch countryside and travelling together. With the input they gave, we created a warm, inspiring and personal speech full of spicy stuff, sheer sentiment and joy. We added a surprise music element as well.

wedding celebrant dressed in purple gown drapped in silver satch singing at a ceremony

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The Ceremony

Under the sweltering sun of the Dutch sky, they thanked family and friends for making the effort to come to the wedding. We also took a moment to remember absentees and loved ones. And this caused a few tears and sighs of sorrow.

It was sizzling hot. Wedding fans kept the guests from overheating. Most importantly, they remained cool and comfortable. Afterwards, Suus and Terry uttered their vows and said, “I do”. Next, a registrar from the town hall of Amersfoort ensured registration and the signing of the official marriage certificate.

exchanging of purple, cream and foliage wedding leis

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The Symbolism

Terry and Suus chose to seal their vows by exchanging leis instead of rings. The beautiful purple, green and white orchids for Suus and green foliage and orchids for Terry represented Terry’s link with the Pacific and his strong family connection with the island of Tonga. They are a traditional symbol of love, friendship and celebration, which Terry was adamant about sharing with Suus to unite their lives together.

The Vows

Terry and Suus, decided not to have personal vows but opted for the English vows instead. Translated into Dutch, it read: To have and to hold from this day forward, etc. Then, the ultimate moment of the ceremony arrived, and I said, “You may now kiss each other.” Family and friends began to cheer and clap, as Terry and Suus embraced in a loving kiss. It was a happy end to their tropical wedding on one of the hottest days of the year.

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The Wedding Songs

Processional:  George Frideric Handel – The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

Pre-wedding vows: The Look of Love – Diana Krall

Marriage certificate signing song: Summertime – Ella Fitzgerald

Recessional: Say a Little Prayer – Aretha Franklin

The Wedding Outfits

Bride’s attire:  Embroidered burgundy red dress by Hunza (London); Shoes by Chie Mihara

Groom’s attire: Traditional Tongan dress, lavalava skirt and ta’ovala fine mat.

The Wedding Suppliers & Vendors


Caterers –

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The Feedback

Dear Clover,

Thank you for conducting a wonderful ceremony for our wedding. It was such a happy day with everyone there to witness and celebrate the occasion. Suus and I are still buzzing from the whole event. So glad you stayed on to have the good food and experience the friendly conversation, happy guests and lovely atmosphere.

Suus and I are still talking about what a wonderful wedding we had and how happy we were with everything.

Once again, you were marvelous as a wedding celebrant and singer. Thank you so much.


Husband and wife Terry Snow van Putten and Suus Van Putten Snow


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