Separation Agreement Saves Couple’s Marriage From Divorce

separation agreement

Is your marriage on the brink of a legal separation agreement? Maybe you want to dissolve your civil partnership? Have the minor squabbles turned into major arguments? Well, it sounds like it could be at breaking point and a divorce may be unavoidable.

But, do you want to save your marriage? I’m sorry to hear that your marriage is not turning out the way you thought it would be. Did you know that a fall out that leads to divorce affects everyone around you?

However, a marriage healing party can help you save your struggling relationship. Basically, you and your spouse can build a new connection and move forward. And embrace a bright and happy future together.

For example, you’ll be able to express your wishes, dreams and share your heartfelt feelings. You could work closely with a family celebrant and guide them towards creating a personalized ceremony for you.

A marriage healing party is an event to restore your relationship. It will help you thrive as individuals. And family, children and friends can make use of this precious time to contribute and support you. So, knowing all this, read below what happens during a ceremony.

Separation agreement party

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Powerful symbolism – ritual I

One of the ideal ways to heal is to symbolize your marriage of many years. Above all, it’s a beautiful reminder of your unique love. There are tons of ideas to pay tribute to your relationship during the ceremony. And the best part is, if you’ve got children, you reinforce that they are your most wonderful creations. As well as your love for them by:

  • Replicate your wedding rings and placing them in a special trinket box
  • Make a unique ritual about the circle of friendship being open and never broken
  • Design new rings and place them on a silver or gold chain
  • Present it to your children as a meaningful symbolic gift.

Remembrance of your first loving encounter – ritual II

Figure out what you and your spouse love about your married years and write down the powerful memories. Here’s why… use them as healing words to utter during the ceremony. Ask your celebrant, a friend or your children to read the special vows. Or read them to each other. Each reading is a remembrance of your first loving encounter. It’s an inspiring vision of your future hopes, desires and dreams.

Speak words of compassion – ritual III

Remember to include a celebration of love or commitment of forgiveness passage within the ceremony script. Speak words of compassion, kindness and release any pent-up feelings of resentment, miscommunication or guilt.

Here are a few examples:

  • We have been together for….. years
  • And I bless you and respect you as an individual.
  • I love you but am having difficulty being “in love” with you.
  • Thank you for being in my life and for our children.
  • Please forgive me and any hurts I have caused you.
  • I am happy you are in my life.
  • We promise to stand together as one.
  • We promise to make decisions together as one.
  • I’m sorry we are in this situation.
  • I can’t live without you because.
  • You are in my heart and soul.
  • I’m sorry for misunderstanding you.

Rediscover one another – ritual IV

Additionally, you can embark on an emotional odyssey to rediscover yourself and your spouse. And you can both exchange your wedding rings again at the ceremony as a sign of acknowledging the circle of forgiveness. Or else you can…

  • Find another gift.
  • Sign a certificate of forgiveness.
  • Select another token, such as jewelry, family photo or some other item.
  • Give a butterfly or plant (tree) to symbolize your new life together.

The love of your children – ritual V

Here’s something else introduce your children into your fresh and new lifestyle. So, you and your spouse can say special, encouraging words of love to them. This will assure that despite the challenges you both face, you are still there to support them. And you will continue to cherish them dearly.

The marriage certificate

One last thing, before the legal separation you and your partner had lots in common. But, you no longer feel the same way. The key to a powerful symbolic statement is to reaffirm your commitment. Remember to touch, kiss, hug or dance with one another. Play your signature wedding song. And make your marriage certificate a centerpiece of the party venue.

Over to you….

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