How Do You Avoid A Middle-Of-The-Road Wedding in Amsterdam?

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How do you avoid a middle-of-the-road wedding? We both know that weddings can bring promises of love celebrations and commitment ceremonies. And planning your special day can leave you in a haze of confusion and stress. But, is it possible to create an awesome wedding?

Boring, dull and outdated weddings are out! Exciting, modern and original weddings are in! Let me put it this way, there are many things to ponder about organising the start to your happy and blissful married life.

And creating a hive of activity, excitement and romantic setting should be at the top of your wedding list. So, here are twelve jaw-dropping easy ways to spruce up a boring wedding. Go on, crank it up a notch and make the occasion memorable, unique and phenomenal.

Avoid a boring wedding

Father giving a speech and the bride and groom looking bored.1.  Create a fun wedding that is non-cheesy 

Face it, you want a fun wedding that is non-cheesy. So, flout traditional wedding traditions and customs to make the event look less generic. Basically, a late summer or mid-autumn wedding should not lack personality. Are you desperately seeking for ideas? With these planning tips you can transform your home  into a wedding venue.

2.  Family shots make your boring wedding a mind-blowing event 

Don’t make a mess and muddle of your wedding. An emotionally charged (lots of tears) love celebration brings jubilant cheers and cherished moments. Plus, you’ll receive lots of applause, heckles and happiness. There might be plenty of laughter, too. So, create something unique and mind-blowing.

3. Create the right ambience this September

How will you create the right ambience with an overarching wedding concept? Many questions will be flying around your head. On top of that, you also need to think about the overall feel of the day. Let your photographer help you to create the wow-worthy factor.

4. Romantic September weddings with the photos

Another key thing is, you need to wander around the grounds of your venue. Capture the various angles of light. And ensemble your family, friends for group shots, this adds to the excitement of the day. Afterwards, the photographer creates a romantic montage with the images.

5. Wickedly whimsical September wedding day

I know what you’re thinking, you want a wickedly whimsical wedding day this autumn. Therefore, don’t obey traditional wedding etiquette or clichés. But how do you do that? The simple solution to the problem is to create a “wow factor” with unique wedding decorations.

6.  Guest shots make your boring wedding a mind-blowing event 

So, factor in a guest attrition rate; how many can you afford to invite? Strictly speaking, a tedious wedding ceremony and disheartened family and friends is not what you want. Therefore, prevent a miserable day with the right guests.

7. Set your commitment speech or personal wedding vows to music

Think outside the box! Create an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary wedding ideas. Additionally, with the help of a celebrant you can make your commitment speech original and spice up your wedding vows. Serenade your spouse with a personalized song.

8. Soothing and heartfelt wedding tunes

With the above in mind, put some time in creating a soundtrack of soothing and heartfelt tunes. Everyone will enjoy the wonderful surprise. Use pop music anecdotes and write a unique commitment speech with these wedding vow tips.

9. Get your party in full swing with a fun specialty act

Additionally, avoid a boring and tacky wedding and set your vows to music for a magical impact. Otherwise, find a special signature song. Blown away with your heartrending, musical wedding vows everyone will burst into tears of joy.

10. Distinguish your union and incorporate fun entertainment

Who doesn’t like to laugh and have a good time? Distinguish your union and incorporate fun entertainment. Share a cute photo moment with your loved ones in sunglasses that match your wedding day. Even jubilant music or a specialty act can be the climax of your official joining together.

11. A singing telegram will leave them crying with laughter

Fun entertainment and food are important elements of your wedding day. And a customized singing telegram is a fantastic way to seal your unconditional bond. Imagine how your partner’s heart will skip a beat at this unexpected sign of affection.

12.  September weddings are not boring 

To sum up, your special day will be envy of your loving family and friends as they witness your true commitment to each other. More significantly, it won’t be a boring wedding this September. Extra tip: get a top notch gospel choir sing a rendition of your favorite songs.

Over to you…

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