20 Romantic Wedding Films Every Bride Must See Before Marriage

romantic wedding films

These romantic wedding films give you a snippet of what your real life marriage will be like before, during and after wedding celebrations. What’s more, you can replay your vision of your dream day time and time again. But, what idyllic wedding scene appeals most to you?

Being envious about Mr & Mrs Smith’s big day is not worth it! Look at it this way, the streaming media and entertainment channels depicts a picture perfect wedding scene. Despite that, it shouldn’t stop you from taking a peek. In fact, you’ll discover that every wedding couple is universally different and has a unique style. From traditionally small upscale weddings, high-end weddings to traditional marriage customs infused with modern ideas the programs are truly inspiring.

Although the romantic wedding films cannot be compared with bride TV shows en series, they will give you a good sense of how your fairy-tale day could be. Featured are many wedding quintessentials such as the rings,  bridal party and decorating the venue. Above all, you’ll find tips about wearing the right outfits.

Romantic Wedding Films

romantic wedding filmsBasically, if you are a conscientious bride to be, I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching these films with your soon-to-be hubby, tonight. And in the light of all this you only have one shot at designing a once in a lifetime celebration. So sit back and relax together. Watch now some beautiful [melodramatic] motion pictures. Here are 20 romantic wedding films to get your juices flowing!

  1. Muriel’s Wedding
  2. My Best Friend’s Wedding
  3. Love Actually
  4. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  5. The Wedding Planner
  6. The Wedding Date
  7. Father of the Bride
  8. Sex in the City
  9. Bride Wars
  10. The Wedding Singer
  11. The Wedding Banquet
  12. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  13. The Wedding Singer
  14. Honeymoon in Vegas
  15. The Wedding
  16. The In-Laws
  17. Meet the Parents
  18. Made of Honor
  19. The Wedding Date
  20. Steel Magnolias

And there’s more bonus films

  • My Big Gay Italian Wedding – https://www.lux-nijmegen.nl/film/roze-film-my-big-gay-italian-wedding/?dag=20180902
  • The Wedding Party 2 – https://www.pathe.nl/film/23647/the-wedding-party-2
  • Leap Year – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1216492/

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