Real Weddings: Couples Shared Experience Of Getting Married

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Celebrant real weddings are a great source of inspiration. Get an insight on how exciting it is to separate the legal aspect of marriage from the celebrations. Albeit that jumping the broom is a once in a lifetime experience, it’s also the best journey of your life. But, do you plan to enjoy and get it right first time round?

Well you and I know wedding planning is like searching for a flight to London, Paris or New York. We need a lot of patience to find the right price, work out and fill-in the online booking form.

So, just image when it comes to getting the right celebrant for your big day. Let me tell you, booking a celebrant “on the fly” will come with a heavy duty premium. Why? It’s usually a last minute joint decision that couples make.

In fact, creating your dream day takes time, costs energy and requires lots of preparation. Perhaps you forget to arrange it? So, here is a little tip from me to you.

Once you’ve fitted the beautiful gown, found the tailored suit and spotted the stunning venue it’s time to do this.

Give your chosen celebrant at least 6 weeks notice earlier than your  marriage ceremony service. This ensures that you kick-start your special day with a wow-factor. Moreover, the evening celebration and party goes off without a hitch. How does that sound?

But, before you get excited to plan your blissful wedding with lots of bells and whistles….let me share something else with you.

Celebrant real weddings

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Clover Jean certified Dutch wedding celebrant for a day – Her background is in hospitality and music entertainment. She is a singer, entertainer, presenter and comedienne.

Annika and Marcus’s wedding request

In the beautiful summer of 2014, it was the fourth year of running Clover Jean Entertainment I was caught of guard. An engaged couple who wished to get hitched at short notice, asked me to impersonate a wedding celebrant.

However, there was a problem… I wasn’t certified or capable to conduct it!

Here is a snippet from the e-mail:

“We would like to celebrate our wedding on the island of Texel. And could you marry us and entertain our guests?”

So, you ask yourself what is my background? What baggage do I carry? How does my past affect my future? Well, I’ve worked in the leisure and hospitality sector. My jobs were a city guide, chambermaid and hotel reservations supervisor.

And now I’ve transformed into a performer, presenter and singer. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to perform the ceremony.

Although their official civil marriage paperwork had been sorted. I didn’t have the training to carry out a non-binding wedding ceremony. And it seemed like the Gods knew it too.

But, how did this make me feel? Why did they choose me? What did I have that the couples wanted?

Well, after much toing and froing, there was a hallelujah moment.

Arise celebrant-led real weddings

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Due to unforeseen circumstances my services were no longer required. But, I’m so grateful to the couple, Annika and Marcus. It sparked my imagination to turn my passion into my business. Celebrant-led real weddings were born.

So, what is the moral of the story? When time is of essence and you want to plan a surprise ceremony or renew your marriage vows make sure to book in advance to get the best service ever.

Are you excited to be inspired by these real weddings? So, let me share the below couples stories with you. Draw on their experience to plan a dream day and get it right first time!

Celebrant real weddings by Clover Jean


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Stay tuned there’s more to come.

LUXlife Magazine, the digital lifestyle publication, has selected Clover Jean wedding celebrant, as one to watch. And the award program has been designed to recognise  companies that go out of their way to make every wedding day perfect. Actually, those who set the highest standards by pushing creative boundaries within the wedding industry.

Over to you…

Be savvy and create your own wedding celebration trend! Leave your ideas, questions or comments below.

About Clover Jean: I'm a Londoner based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Being a specialist celebrant | marriage officiant | wedding ceremonies MC with a gospel & soul choir is rewarding work. So, my guilty pleasures are fine dining, travel hotspots and on-line retail therapy. What's yours? Get in touch, via Instagram #cloverjeanamsterdam or Facebook. LIKE, SHARE, SPREAD THE LOVE & see you soon!

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