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Dutch real weddings

Real weddings are inspiring and every wedding season brings great joy, love and happiness. My life as a wedding celebrant began in the summer of 2014. I received a request from Annika and Marcus. And I bet you’re wondering where did they find me?

The excited couple found me via the world wide web. And feeling excited the happy couple wanted to plan a surprise celebration of love on the car-free Dutch island of Texel. However, there was a problem.

Basically, I’d never conducted a wedding before in my entire life. I told them, I was a singer – entertainer and had no training in being a celebrant at a real wedding. But, Annika and Marcus already had their paperwork sorted. And they just needed someone to carry out their classic wedding ceremony with a traditional modern twist.

Annika and Marcus’s request read:

“We would like to celebrate our wedding on the island of Texel. Could you marry us and entertain our guests?”

Unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstances my wedding services were no longer required. But, the good news was, it set me on a new journey in my career as a singer and entertainer. I enrolled immediately in a celebrant course at and thereafter the singing wedding celebrant was born. And “Et voila” I now lead weddings and commitment ceremonies from a real life celebrant’s perspective! Read all my about my ceremonies below.

Wedding celebrant certification document

Clover Jean – wedding celebrant:: trained and certified by Flexible

Dutch real weddings

Since October 2014 I’ve performed lots of Dutch real weddings, English wedding gigs and commitment ceremonies. Even overseas couples contact me to help them elope to Amsterdam. I love my job.

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