Book Your Humanist Wedding Early To Avoid Disappointment

humanist wedding

When it comes to putting together your humanist wedding, time is of the essence. Planning a wedding is stressful and takes up lots of your time, so you can forget things. So, how far in advance should you book your humanist wedding to avoid disappointment?

To kick start your wedding celebrations, a humanist wedding [non-religious] ceremony is perfect. Unfortunately, during the organisation of the big day this important part of the marriage  gets overlooked.

Preferably you should confirm a meeting with a celebrant one, two or even five months in advance of your planned nuptials. This gives you and the celebrant enough time to lay the foundations for a one-of-a-kind wedding. Even more exciting you have the power to create and celebrate your union, the way you want it. Keep reading and discover more about humanist weddings.

Humanist wedding

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1. Humanist wedding is not legally binding

To start with, your non-religious ceremony is not legally binding. Combined with non-Christian wordings, live music and your personal vows, you create something completely different for your big moment. Moreover, you can invite day and evening guests to your humanist wedding celebration at an unlicensed venue.

2. When to contact the celebrant 

Although looking for a celebrant is usually the last thing to do on a couples wedding checklist. My expert advice would be to contact them immediately after you’ve saved the date. This can be between 2 – 3 months or even a year before you want to celebrate your long-term relationship. Moreover, this gives the celebrant ample time to get to know you and compose a script to suit your wedding ceremony.

3. You and your partner wish to make your relationship official

In truth marriage means new beginnings, so start now with planning the wedding. And you and your partner can make your relationship official but without the legal stuff. Furthermore, incorporate a moment of reflection or a symbolic ritual (or two) into your ceremony to personalize the event. This will create an unifying effect with both families.

4• Witnesses pledge: inform them well in advance

Basically, to have the feel of a real celebrant led humanist wedding, you’ll need witnesses. Make sure to inform them well in advance. Your witnesses testify to the authenticity of your relationship. So, ask 2 – 6 persons who have a special meaning in your life to place their signatures on the symbolic love contract. This paper acts as a moral marriage document.

5• Celebrant wedding: signing of the love contract 

Before you sign your love contract, set your own ceremony love theme.  Anywhere, any place and anytime you can hold a celebration at a unique venue. Not to mention you can invite everyone (within reason) to take part in the celebration. This ensures loved ones share in your joy. So, book straight away a location and time for your humanist wedding.

6•  Get to work on your wedding vows

Break away from the traditional wedding norm and rewrite the history of long-term companionship. Make a bold personal statement. Don’t waste time and get to work on your vows. Bespoke wedding wordings signify your distinctive character, your values and define who you are. For 100 inspirational ideas, visit Buzz – unique wedding vows.

7• Advanced planning means big savings

How do you catapult your wedding into a different league? Well, don’t feel nervous about your personalised wedding ceremony to symbolise your love. Create a versatile venue and a space that will not cost you much money. Use a wedding ceremony  calculator  and start planning, today. Splash out the extra cash you’ve saved to throw a big party.

8• Make headway and create the perfect day

All things considered, be mindful of the fact, that your marriage license is always obtainable. You can apply for it anytime. By registering your partnership it will give your relationship legal recognition. Another option is to officially tie the knot first and arrange a humanist wedding at a later date. No one is the wiser!

9• Non-religious ceremony meaningful moment with loved ones 

Additionally, your humanist wedding is similar to a civil ceremony which far outstrips church weddings. Choosing such an arrangement with your free-spirited partner means you desire to share your love with your favorite people during a joyous [non-religious] ceremonial celebration. So, invite whoever you want, select songs and readings that resonate your love. Lastly, make sure to have fun!


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