Real Commitment Ceremony | When Two Souls Become One

Real Commitment Ceremony

Love is the greatest gift of all and a real commitment ceremony for an inseparable team from Sydney, Australia captured the true essence of the meaning, ‘when two souls become one’. Coupled with that, it signified a new chapter in their lives.

Above all, as a celebrations’ celebrant | officiant, it was a secular wedding ceremony close to all our hearts because of the gorgeous location. And I was grateful to fulfill the happy couples dream. Thrilled to bits to be on board, we created a personalised affirmation of their loyalty, shared beliefs and special bond.

Poss and Bill, were committed to the idea of equality. Therefore, there was no mention of marriage in the traditional sense of the word and its patriarchal connotations didn’t feel right to them. That’s why, an eloquent, touching account of their togetherness during a heartfelt commitment ceremony appealed more.

In gospel truth, it echoed the strength of their joy and happiness. And a love that has blossomed over 30 years.

Real commitment ceremony

real commitment ceremony a coupled dressed in a dark blue jumpers laughing and embraching one another

Having planned a relaxed overseas trip, they were keen to put a special stamp on their relationship in the heart of buzzing Amsterdam.

Happy couple: Poss and Bill

Venue: Westerpark – Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Date: 15th September 2018

Bill is British and Poss is Australian and their hometown is in Sydney. With the desire to show their affection to each other during a special celebration of love, they picked Amsterdam. “It is important for us to hold a private event that reflects our desire to be with each other forever.” Basically, they didn’t wish to denigrate marriage but the formality and artifice of it wasn’t appealing.


Handpicked exclusively by me, the secluded, intimate venue was breathtakingly beautiful and romantic. The location was quiet, green and calm. “Is it far away?” asked Bill and Poss.

“No, it’s a short walk,” I replied. Unfortunately, the chosen area was busy with a loud party of people.

So, we went in search of a new spot. Amazingly, we stumbled upon an oasis set in a water garden paradise. It oozed tranquility, uniqueness and peace. “As soon as we saw it we fell in love.”

Celebrant consultation

The email read: “Hi Clover, my partner Bill and I are planning an overseas trip. In mid-September we will visit Amsterdam. We want a short, sweet and simple commitment ceremony for two but we’re not familiar with the city. So we’re entirely in your hands to find an outdoor ceremonial venue and restaurant for our celebratory lunch. We are happy to Skype. Can you help us? Many thanks Poss.”

Planning checklist

Knowing their wishes and preferences made crafting their real commitment ceremony speech effortless. We edited out the word marriage for practical and philosophical reasons. They opted for another type of commitment that reflected the love they shared for each other. Subsequently, the make-up of the ceremony was morally binding, informal and included personal vows.

Secular ceremony

Set in luscious greenery and sheltered by trees, the secular ceremony began. Poss and bill played music. “We downloaded lots of our favorite songs,” they said excitedly. The melodies added an extra special touch.

I welcomed and greeted them with inspirational words about their relationship. With joyful tears they expressed their vows and said, “We do.” It was the perfect picture of happiness.

Symbolism and vows

Next, was the second important moment of the ceremony. Poss and Bill finalized their vows by exchanging gifts. As Bill presented a beautiful red, green and white beaded necklace to Poss tears continued to trickle down her cheeks. “I’m sorry Bill, but I forgot to bring my gift for you”. With promises of an I.O.U, their strong bond of friendship, deep admiration and respect for each other was the best gift I have ever seen.

commitment ceremony two women embraching a man

Pronouncement of commitment

The true soul companions radiated love for one another. And honoured to unite them I said, “You may now kiss each other.” I then handed them a symbolic life-term partnership certificate. Thereafter, Poss and Bill stood embraced in a loving kiss in the late summer sun. It was a momentous ending to a real commitment ceremony for two, under my watchful eyes. And a wonderful start to their first steps of a new journey together. 

The ceremony music

Poss and Bills top ten love songs –

Pale Blue Eyes – Velvet Underground

Turquoise –  Donovan

Sweet Thing – Van Morrison

Come Away with Me – Nora Jones

I and Love and You – The Avett Brothers

You Make Me Real – The Doors

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Roberta Flack

Heros – David Bowie

Ghosts That We Knew – Mumford and Sons

These Arms Of Mine – Otis Redding

Breathless – Nick Cave

Love You ‘Till The End – The Pogues

Walk Through This World With Me – George Jones

Angel – Jack Johnson

The suppliers & vendors

Venue – Westerpark, Amsterdam

Restaurant –Piet de Gruyter |

Ceremony photographer – Clover Jean |

The Feedback

Dear Clover,

Thank you for conducting our commitment ceremony.  It was everything we imagined and truly life changing experience. The sun was shining, the location was perfect and your words made it very special. We will treasure and remember it for the rest of our lives.

Thank you again.

All the best

Poss and Bill

Over to you…

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