21 Important Questions To Ask Your Marriage Celebrant

marriage celebrant questions

Are you thinking about a marriage celebrant led ceremony? Well, marriage celebrant questions tend to pop up when you’re busy with the last-minute stuff. Basically, you need someone who is a strong advocate of marriage and assists with all the elements of creating a personalised ceremony.

Tell me are you excited about your upcoming event? Being the unique couple that you are you’ll probably want to arrange a one-of-a-kind wedding celebration. And we both know it’s an exciting time. What’s more, you’re bursting to put a stamp on your love and commitment to your partner.

So, in preparation of your meeting with your chosen advocate or champion of your ceremony, here is a questionnaire to give you a head’s up. Furthermore, this useful checklist will guide you through the wedding consultation. And it will help you make an important decision about what marriage celebrant questions to ask. Keep reading…

Marriage celebrant questions 

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With these marriage celebrant questions, you’ll build a trusted relationship with your officiant. Most importantly, decide on what personal stuff to share. Representing you both, celebrants will articulate how you feel, their tone of voice expresses your love. In addition the person who is officiating your wedding celebrations finds creative ways to tell your story. And this leaves an everlasting impression on the most momentous day of your lives.

So, sit back and relax. And get ready to answer any awkward or sensitive topics, which might come up during the discussion. Moreover, let the celebrant vouch for you and help you structure the perfect picture for your wedding day.

21 Marriage celebrant questions

  1. How much are your fees and what can you do for me?
  2. Do you need a wedding celebrant to deliver your personal vows?
  3. Will they be available on our chosen wedding date?
  4. Do you know how long they have been a celebrant?
  5. What is the charge or standard fee? Is that all-inclusive, travel costs, paperwork, P.A. system and rehearsal)?
  6. How many weddings have they performed?
  7. Where can we find references about the ceremonies you’ve conducted?
  8. What kind of ceremony can you perform for us (any ideas/suggestions)?
  9. We have personal wishes, expectations, requirements, needs and ideas. Can you work with us to make it happen?
  10. How do you envision your wedding day to be?
  11. Will they be able to help you with your wedding vows?
  12. Do you want to include a thank you to family and friends?
  13. Can you give thanks to loved ones who cannot attend the ceremony due to unforeseen circumstances, or have passed away?
  14. Do you have any extra ideas about how you want to create a more personal ceremony?
  15. What extra information do you need from a celebrant?
  16. Would you like to include funny or interesting stories from close family and friends?
  17. Is there an example of the wording/vows/ceremonies/readings to show you?
  18. How many hours do you want to dedicate to writing your vows?
  19. Before you begin writing your wedding vows, do you need someone to proofread it?
  20. Do you want to accompany your personal vows with music or readings (religious or non-religious)?
  21. Would you like to add more details to your vows or keep things private?


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