Questions to Ask Your Marriage Celebrant Before The Wedding

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Questions to ask your marriage celebrant tend to pop up when you decide to plan your wedding. It’s an exciting time and you’re bursting to put a stamp on your love and commitment to your partner. By choosing the right celebrant you’ll create a special ceremony.

Another thing, you can tie the knot anywhere you want, when you want and how you want. While this may be the case, you have to consider the following factors, before booking your marriage celebrant.

Not only are they your voice on your big day and officiate the service. They find creative ways to deliver a perfect speech, as well as tell a memorable love story. And that means the celebrant must get to know you.

So, in preparation of the pre-wedding interview with the celebrant, you’ll need to know what to ask, too. And be aware of any awkward or sensitive topics. Here is a questionnaire to give you a head’s up. This is a useful tool to guide you through the consultation. You’ll be able to put them in the picture about your wedding day. And most importantly find out if they are empathetic to your partnership, personable, professional and the right fit for your ceremony. Keep reading..

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What to Ask Your Marriage Celebrant – 18 Important Questions 

  1. Are you available on our chosen wedding date?
  2. How long have you been a celebrant?
  3. Do you charge a standard fee? Is that all-inclusive, travel costs, paperwork, P.A. system and rehearsal)?
  4. How many weddings have you performed?
  5. Where can we find references about the ceremonies you’ve conducted?
  6. What kind of ceremony can you perform for us (any ideas/suggestions)?
  7. We have personal wishes, expectations, requirements, needs and ideas. Can you work with us to make it happen?
  8. We envision our wedding day to be………, are you able to help us?
  9. Can we include a thank you to family and friends?
  10. Can we give thanks to loved ones who cannot attend the ceremony due to unforeseen circumstances, or have passed away?
  11. Do you have any extra ideas about how we can create a more personal ceremony?
  12. What extra information do you need from us?
  13. Can we include funny or interesting stories from close family and friends?
  14. Do you have an example of the wording/ceremonies/readings to show us?
  15. How many hours to you dedicate to writing our service?
  16. Before you conduct our wedding ceremony, can we read through a draft of the “order of service script”?
  17. Can we have music and readings (religious or non-religious) included in our ceremony?
  18. Can we add more details to the wedding ceremony. Is there an extra charge?


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