How Do You Cope With Your Post Engagement Blues?

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If you’ve recently become engaged and said, “YES” then you might be suffering from post-engagement blues and scared about the wedding day. With the sudden realization of no-longer being free and a happy singleton, getting married could come as quite a big surprise.

Another thing, once the excitement of the engagement is over you could fall into a deep depression. So, how do you recover and heal from such horrible feelings?

Well, let’s face it nobody wants to be in a loveless relationship. Your big day could be magical and memorable, but you might have cold feet. However, living a solitary life can be far worst than a future married life together.

So, here is some pretty compelling steps to take which could help you along this very difficult road. Let them guide you through the coming days, weeks or months in the run up to your wedding. Keep reading.

Post engagement blues | what to do now

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5. Ask yourself why you feel sad

Most importantly, by jotting down your emotions it will help you deal with your pre-nuptial depression. And you can kick it to the curb. Here are more questions to consider,  about why you are scared of your wedding day. Or go to wedding forums and find out from other couples their thoughts about engagement blues.

6. Post-engagement blues are on the rise

According to, “weddings are a very emotional and costly occasion. Large sums of money are paid out to various vendors in advance deposits. Usually six months prior to the big day, over half the total cost must be paid. Around 270.000 couples each year cancel their wedding”. Read more in their blog.

7. Children feel the blues too

In addition, is this your second or third engagement? Do you have children (step)? They could be feeling a little down as well. This matter may spoil the quality of your future relationship. Don’t bother forcing them to change. Together you need to make a decision to talk with them about it. Read more about parenting.

8. Cope with your high expectations

Lastly, don’t pressure yourself to snap out of your engagement blues. Let it run a natural course. Go on holiday, go to the spa or chat with your family and friends. So, what if you feel tearful, upset or had high ideas about being engaged. Don’t panic or beat yourself up. Just look forward to a brighter horizon and enjoy being true friends (if possible) for life!

Over to you…

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