40 Personal Wedding Vows Mark Many Years of Wedded Bliss

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With personal wedding vows you can celebrate many years of wedded bliss at a special anniversary party to mark the unique milestone. In fact, a unique gift of love will reignite the spark in your marriage. But, where do you start with planning your jubilee year?

Well, the forthcoming ceremony can be officiated by an officiant or conducted by a celebrant. The substance of a great marriage is asking each other some heartfelt questions about your future together. Shaping your love into a unique renewal of vows celebration enhances the occasion.

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So, if you’ve matured, evolved and made it to any of the above years, a significant event creates a momentous moment to be cherished forever. In fact, renewing your personal wedding vows symbolises your innate desire and commitment to one another.

 Personal Wedding Vows | Questions for Your Anniversary Ceremony

personal wedding vows bi-racial wedding couple staring into each other's eyes.

Here we go…discover the hallmark of your love and reaffirm your deepest feelings by renewing your vows. In the presence of loved ones, you have the power to transform your marriage.

Basically, bestow your relationship with affection and pry your true feelings out of your heart. Perhaps, set your emotions onto paper – filling in the blanks. Therefore, here are poems of love for you personal wedding vows. And below forty heartfelt questions to re-connect. More importantly, handcraft and design the perfect anniversary ceremony.

Part I

  1. Does his/her love still make you feel beautiful?
  2. How can you continue to be the best wife/husband ever?
  3. Will you always pinky promise them?
  4. Will you continue to support him/her when he/she is down?
  5. How will you lift him/her up when he/she feels low?
  6. Does he/she still make you laugh out loud?
  7. How did he/she make you feel the first time you met?
  8. Can you remember if he/she got down on one knee to propose?
  9. Do you truly complement each other?
  10. Could you live without him/her?

Part II

  1. What attracted you to your wife/husband?
  2. Is your love for him/her bigger than life itself?
  3. What has he/she taught you over the years?
  4. Do you promise to encourage him/her to fulfil their dreams?
  5. Why are you the perfect match?
  6. Does he/she make you feel good?
  7. Do you inspire him/her to be themselves?
  8. Does he/she tick off 95% of your perfect husband/wife wish list?
  9. What does love mean to you?
  10. How does your husband/wife make you tick?

Part III

  1. Why is your husband/wife the love of your life?
  2. What can you promise them?
  3. How do you complement each other?
  4. Why can’t you live without him or her?
  5. Why did you choose him or her?
  6. Are you still passionate about him/her?
  7. Have you encouraged him or her during your married life?
  8. During the next years of marriage will you continue to inspire him or her?
  9. What are the 3 favourite things the two of you have done together?
  10. How has he or she changed you for the better?

Part IV

  1. What do you miss about him or her when they aren’t around?
  2. What are your shared values and beliefs?
  3. Do you enjoy quality family time?
  4. Will your children play a big part during the renewal ceremony?
  5. What obstacles have you overcome together?
  6. Is he/she still a good kisser & lover?
  7. Does he or she still understand your needs?
  8. What do you see for your continued future as a married couple?
  9. Does he or she pay attention and listen to you?
  10. What would you sacrifice for him/her?


 The history of personal wedding vows

Lastly, to renew your wedding vows with a celebrant or officiant allows you to reaffirm your life-long marital bond to each other. What’s more, it’s a promise, a commitment between husband and wife to stay together throughout their lives. Most importantly, wedding vows unite you both into a legally or morally binding commitment.

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