New Year’s Eve at Home? 60 Ways to Celebrate During Lockdown!

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Say goodbye to 2020, and get excited about bubbling this New Year’s Eve 2021. Celebrate the end of the year in the comfort of your home. But which Covid-19 tier are you in? Well, ’tis going to be notoriously different to any other year we’ve experienced.

And with a relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions “for a small number of days” over Christmas there’s a limited level of mixing between households. So, find a happy medium and a support bubble. Celebrate the end of 2020 in fabulous style. Here are 60 creative ideas to ring in a prosperous 2021.

1. Each country around the world has been affected by the deadly virus but is hopeful to celebrate the yearly tradition.

2. New Year’s Eve in style. In some places it is also known as Old Year’s Day or Saint Sylvester’s Day.

3. So, why should we let Covd-19 impact on our fun?

4. There’s something bewitching about the end of the year celebrations.

5. It draws us all together to rekindle old ties, eat fine food and revel in watching spectacular firework displays to welcome in 2021.

6. Namely, experience an unforgettable New Year’s Eve, and enjoy the festive celebrations with these Covid-19 free tips.

Happy New Year’s Eve At Home

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming….are you ready to party because I sure am!



8. Get the New Year’s Eve party started. But, protect your guests from being exposed to the coronavirus.

9. Implement the 1.5 meter social distance rule to keep everyone safe.

10. And don’t forget the hand-gel, sanitizer and sink, so that people can clean their hands regularly.

11. Oh yes, find a new way to greet without the handshake and adorn a face-mask if it makes you feel comfortable.


13. For some people mistletoe is outdated. And due to Covid-19 it’s not compatible with Xmas festive celebrations.

14. But, you could bring the mistletoe into the new century. Hang it on your front door as a sign of love, peace, friendship and prosperity.

15. You don’t have to smooch everyone that comes through the door; give them a hug, a warm hand shake. Or capture the moment with a photo prop and party hat.


17. Create your own New Year’s Eve rave. Get party poppers to make your event more special.

18. You can highlight the years happy moments, add your love ones names or just welcome your party guests.

19. With a personalized popper you will make everyone feel appreciated and at home.

20. Go on, just greet them with a big smile and a polite bang!

oud en nieuwfeest hand holding a sparkler


Generally speaking sweets are our sugar crush.

22. But, with New Year’s around the corner why not give your candy an extra buzz. “Spike it!”

23. From jello shots to pudding pops, this New Year 2021 is definitely all about spiking our sweets.

24. Here’s a complete list of 25 of favorite recipes that’ll hit your sweet tooth, get you tipsy, and happen to look pretty darn cute too.


When I say go wild, I mean let your hair down at 12.00 midnight.

26. Start a masqueraded themed party. Enjoy this special time.

27. Together with your family and friends you can create a new tradition.

28. Although Covid-19 has put a spanner in the works. Don’t let it stop you enjoy quality time with your closet family and friends. Do you agree?


Do you wish you could be together at the park to celebrate New Year’s with your loved ones and friends?

30. Well, don’t worry watch virtual fireworks and display a show at home.

31. Plan it at the end of  2020, to begin 2021 with a massive bang.

32. “Set chairs up, or get comfy on the couch, load up the fireworks show on Youtube and enjoy the spectacular lights!

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You could simply upgrade your evening and add the finishing touch to your festive celebration, with a super DJ.

34. Let the kids stay up a little later, for New Year’s Eve and get them involved too. Play some of their tunes, and have the everyone dancing.

35. Dance out 2020 and boogie on down to the sweet sounds of 2021.


“Traditions are one of the things I love most about the Holidays.

37. Many, many years ago, we started a great tradition…New Year’s Eve Countdown Goodie Bags.

38. Put together these fun bags to open throughout the evening, they are great for kids and adults!” Inspired by the source:


Why not have a big bang, pull out all the stops and have a crazy themed New Year’s Eve fancy dress party.

40. This is a novel way to usher in the year. Go on admit it, who doesn’t love to dress up, and this is the perfect opportunity to let your hair down!

41. For more information check out your local party suppliers, decorations, fancy dress, costumes and accessories shop.

New Year's eve fancy dress

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Who doesn’t love to play fun loving, relaxing, competitive and easy games?

43. Bingo is the most interactive, simple and rewarding game on the earth.

44. You can involve as many players as you wish and give out various prizes to keep the player inspired.

45. Each player is given a card that has numbers, pictures or objects on it.


Second to last, New Year’s Eve wouldn’t be complete without a good old sing-a-long.

47. Find great memorable songs, favorite music and more tunes at UK Karaoke website.

48. As the dealer, MC or game host calls out the items, in an entertaining way, the players gradually tick them off.

49. The first person with a completed card is the winner. Easy-peasy, affordable and a great start tor end the party!


So, if you are planning on hosting a feast at your place.

51. Invite your close relatives and cherished friends to celebrate with you.

52. Play familiar Christmas hits that gratify the guests and make them want to take part with musical chairs.

53. Midway through the party event, keep things warmed up with this game.

54. Enjoy the festivities and have a blast. Last but not least, we can beat this coronavirus together. So, have a Happy New Year 2021!

Over to you…

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