12 Creative Ideas for Celebrating New Year’s Eve At Home

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New Year’s Eve 2019 is nearly upon us. And planning the beginning of 2020 in the comfort of your own home is a meaningful and memorable celebration. It’s a festive time with the ones you love and a great way to get your guests involved.

With your preparation plans in full swing, the biggest night of the year is going to be mind-boggling. And the 31st December, the start of the firework season is sure to go off with a bang.

But, before all of that, here’s a little background information. Each country around the world celebrates the yearly tradition (Old Year’s Day or Saint Sylvester’s Day), the last day of the year in style. There’s something magical about the end of the year celebrations. It draws us all together to rekindle old ties, eat fine food and revel in watching firework displays.

So, don’t get stuck this New Year’s Eve without things to do with your love ones. Let’s start to countdown the clock to another Happy New Year! Check out these party entertainment tips for an eventful occasion at home.

12 Creative Ideas for Celebrating New Year’s Eve At Home

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The warmest New Year’s Eve wishes to you, your close-knit group of family and friends.

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1. Party entertainment and hats for an eventful night

First, let’s begin with greeting your guests. You don’t have to smooch everyone that comes through the door. Just give them a hug, a warm hand shake or just greet them with a big smile!  And don’t forget the party hats. Better still, get a gospel & soul choir to welcome your family and friends. This puts everyone at ease and they are ready to party.

2. Old Year’s Day cocooned in timeless love

In fact, it is a great social gathering. Lots of Christmas markets and outdoor festivals organize all night live music. We watch light shows and listen to Christmas carols. On top of that, we enjoy traditional hymns song sung by choirs. In a word, we do this in order to mark the coming of the New Year’s festivities.

3. Saint Sylvester’s Day celebrate with champagne

The celebrations go on until past midnight, January 1st, New Year’s Day. What’s more exciting, a few seconds after midnight we toast with champagne and entertain our guest. Furthermore, we wish each other a Happy New Year, sometimes with a kiss. So, get a buzz and start your New Year’s Eve Party with creative ideas to transform your festive event at home.

4. Stoke up the New Year’s Eve Party with food, sweets and drinks

And there’s more your party entertainment should activate the right atmosphere. So, serve your guests food, sweets and drinks. By serving your family and friends, champagne and other delicious treats, it will keep them happy, cheerful and occupied. Make it super-easy for yourself and arrange a buffet. This way, everyone eats when they are ready.

5. Start the New Year’s Eve Party with a raffle & party games

Secondly,  involving your guests during the evening propels your party to the next level. Initiate an interactive event. In other words, create a suitable setting and feel. Surprisingly enough, this is accomplished by arranging unique party games and a raffle. Alternatively, play bingo. See Tip.9.

6. Sparklers – Handheld Mini Fireworks

Another thing you can provide sparklers; hand-held fireworks. They burn slowly and emit bright flames. So, invest in a blinding firework show. The display thrills and entertains your guests. It’s a ritzy idea and superb attraction for seeing in the New Year festivities. On top of that, you’ll welcome in the New Year with a bang. Extra tip: Treat everyone to a family-friendly bonfire and fireworks displays in your local area.

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7. Personalized holiday banners & streamers

And guess what? You can create a New Year’s Eve banner or streamer. Creating a customized banner makes your party extra special. Make sure to highlight the years happy moments, add your love ones names to it. Alternatively, you can give your party guests a rapturous welcome, personalized banner to make everyone feel appreciated and at home.

8. Seasonal Snowflake Confetti

In addition, used at weddings, baptism, naming ceremonies, snowflakes and confetti create a special atmosphere. And they are a great idea during New Year’s Eve Parties. Give your party guests a handful of Seasonal Snowflake Confetti.  Allow your family, kids and friends to throw it up into the air. It’s a sure-fire way of transforming the mood. Then, as the clock strikes 12:00 midnight and cries of Happy New Year ring out.

9. Mistletoe

Apparently, mistletoe is an iconic symbol for peace and joy. It dates back to the 18th century. Although, Christmas is over, you should leave it hanging at the front door. A small branch of mistletoe represents a sign of love, togetherness and friendship. And what’s more, the custom is to kiss under the mistletoe.

A soldier of the Machine Gun Corps in a sheepskin coat kissing a French farm-girl under a sprig of mistletoe, near Hesdin, 20 December 1917.Photo credit:Jared Enos

10. Seasonal decorations, party balloons, fake snow and kids

In addition to the above, add the finishing touch to your festive celebration, with seasonal decorations. Even better still, incorporate party balloons, fake snow or home-made streamers. Allow the kids  to stay up a little later for New Year’s Eve and get them involved, too. Go to Pinterest for more ideas.

11. Fancy Dress Dance

During your New Year’s Eve Party, pull out all the stops. And have a crazy themed fancy dress party. This is a novel way to usher in the year. We all love to dress up and let our hair down, right? So, organise a fun fancy dress competition where everyone has the opportunity to take part. Check out your local party supplies, decorations, costumes and accessories shop.

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12. New Year’s Eve Party Bingo and gospel4fun workshop

Here is another great tip. Bingo and a gospel4fun workshop are the most interactive, simple and rewarding games on the earth. So, involve as many players as you wish. As a matter of fact, it’s an entertaining way to spice up the holiday season.

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