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Meaningful wedding ceremony rituals such as handfasting, jumping the broom, drinking wine and sealing love letters in a box symbolise prosperity and eternal unity. Although, you might like the idea of getting finger or body tattoos as an alternative, exchanging traditional wedding rings is still a popular hand gesture.

And with the rise of paganism many soulmates are opting for less conventional tokens of love, during a spiritual wedding ceremony. But, what is paganism? Well, it has been defined as anyone involved in any religious act, practice, or ceremony which is not Christian.

If you and your partner feel closer to nature, a pagan blessing may appeal to you. And you’re deepest-held beliefs can be reflected during your non-Christian wedding. Another thing, it gives you the freedom of choice to plan a matrimony service, how, when and where you want it.

So, are you a spiritual person? Which form of commitment expresses who you are? Is there a wedding ceremony ritual best suited to your beliefs? What’s more, how do you involve family and friends? As a celebrant| interfaith minister, I’ll share with you some insiders secret. Here we go…


Wedding ceremony rituals

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Rosanne & Ricardo Elopement Wedding @ Dignita Hoftuin | Handfasting Ritual

Tip 1• Creative wedding ceremony ritual ideas represent unity

To start with, let’s get real. Your ideas could drive your religious parents’, family members and friends crazy. With old age marriage traditions stirring up the modern generations emotions, maybe everyone thinks you are cuckoo. Whether you choose for a pagan ritual or spiritual wedding, it’s your choice. So, keep hatching your plan for a non-religious ceremony. Continue reading…

Tip 2• Sacred ceremony for couples who believe in them

First things first, the sole mechanism of a symbolic ritual gives you absolute flexibility to add an extra dose of magic to your wedding. However, you value, love and trust your family and friends’ opinion. And you don’t want to disrespect somebodies need for the presence of God at your celebrations. So, why not bend the rules a little and allow someone’ to utter the Lord’s Prayer during the service.

Tip 3• Pagan ritual for those who are non-religious

Secondly, you are excited to hatch out an amazing plan for your spiritual ceremony. And as a loving couple, you’ve chosen for a symbolic event based on your idea of a dream wedding. So, showing your parents respect and gratitude is important to having a smooth running non-religious ceremony. But, remember strict adherence to tradition is a thing of the past.

The burning of sage during a naming ceremony. Native american indian ritual cleansing.

Smudging ritual

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Tip 4• Handfasting – get mum & dad onboard

So, the third step is to get everyone on-board and obtain your legal paperwork before going ahead with your pagan handfasting or spiritual ritual. Take them along with some witnesses to the town hall. This makes them feel special. And the best part is your guests are at the start of your joyous celebrations. Above all, you create everlasting memories for you and them.

Tip 5• Sand rituals – endorse your vows with a blessing

Appease your family and friends’ and allow them to endorse your wedding vows with an intricate sand ritual blessing. It is a beautiful way to demonstrate your respect for them. Likewise, one of them can bless your wedding because they are non-religious official, registrar or celebrant. Afterwards, allow your chosen wedding professional to continue the proceedings with spiritual marriage readings.

Tip 6• Jumping the broom – announce your secular wedding

In addition, before you jump the broom find on-line wedding card services and add your secular wedding day wishes. You can include that your family and friends will read a passage from the bible. This ensures they feel acknowledged and everyone is up-to-date with the schedule of events. And there will be no surprises for non-religious guests.

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Sand ceremony symbolises togetherness, love and unity

image Mad Ball

Tip 7• Smudging – start planning your unity of love ceremony

Hence, you need to pick the right wedding date, appropriate time, location and a month that suits everyone’s needs (within reason). In evidently this will work in yours and everyone’s favour. As it gives you both time to come to terms with everyone’s wishes and desire of a smudging ceremony. Additionally get out your calculator and make a list of key wedding items. And be realistic about the accumulated funds you have to invest.

Tip 8• Secular weddings are the number 1 topic

The number 1 non-religious wedding ceremony question is “How to have a secular wedding without mocking your family’s religious wishes?” Well, you need to be realistic about the consequences of planning a non-religious ceremony. There could be some inevitable backlashes, for example some family members could cut all ties with you. Read more about it at

image Marco Vercolicense

Tip 9• Oathing stone ritual – quality time with mum and dad

Another thing, if you don’t want the unity candle spilling over then an oathing stone is perfect. Although you may worship your parents this might not hurt their feelings. So, get mum and dads input ahead of arranging your alternative ritual. They will appreciate your openness and thoughtfulness. State your wishes and let them do the same. At the end of the day, you will know what they think. Ultimately, it’s your wedding so you decide.

Tip 10• No setbacks or disappointments but real wedding plans

Finally, using symbolic hand gestures during your wedding celebrations finalise the marriage act. The power of choice to plan a non-religious sermon is totally personal to you. So, you can start now with all the preparations. Don’t be shy, nervous or anxious about your parents wishes. Go on give mum and dad a call! And if you need any help, you know where to find me. Good luck with all your symbolic tying the knot, pagan handfasting, sand rituals and jumping the broom big day plans.

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Rosanne & Ricardo @ Dignita Hoftuin | Smudging Ritual

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