Trouwen tijdens COVID-19: hoe de toekomst eruitziet?

Coronavirus weddings groom with his head down and bride with her eyes closed storming off after the ceremony

Het coronavirus is écht en totdat er een vaccin is, moeten we hier mee leven! Coronavirus weddings are engaged couples’ worst nightmare. How on earth do you navigate things in this new climate and reality? And let’s be real what will future weddings be like in this dark and gloomy time?

Albeit that getting married is a joyous, happy and exciting time, the impact of COVID-19 makes us feel anxious and we have angst. Frustrated with having to abandon, cancel, postpone or reschedule the marriage ceremony without a vaccine we now coexist with it!

And there’s more devastating news. Destination weddings are off-limits.  On top of that, we are all suffering under the uncertainty, lots of us have lost a loved one and our jobs. It’s frightening, isn’t?

Perhaps these are questions that you’re probably thinking about or asking… How can the wedding industry help you? What do you need to do? What does the new world hold in store for us?

Quite frankly, I don’t have the answers. But, I’ve gathered together a route map outlining how lockdown restrictions will ease over time. And what it means for your wedding, travel plans and the steps you can take to keep safe. Here it is…


Coronavirus weddings

protocol & voorzorgsmaatregelen

greenhouse wedding with plants and lacquered table with certificate folder and pen

“Two halves become one and feel like the only two people in the world of love” –

image JoThornhillPhotography

Raak niet in paniek – Coronavirus weddings

Firstly, what is coronavirus (COVID-19)? According to it’s a large family of viruses. The illnesses range from the common cold to more severe diseases such as (MERS-CoV) and (SARS-CoV). But, hope is insight to combat it, many countries around the world are working on a vaccine, cure and remedy.

Rebook wedding venue 2021 / 2022

So, it’s highly unlikely that 2020 summer weddings abroad will go ahead because of the pandemic and restricted travel. Therefore this impacts your big plans overseas. Together with that we are self-isolating, and in solitary confinement so as to contain the spread of infection.

Uitgestelde trouwfeest – volg de live blog

Wil je je trouwdag verplaatsen? With the above in mind the majority of the world is self-isolating, alone and in solitary confinement. This is to contain the spread of infection. So, would you consider a winter wedding: October, November or December? Volg de live blog over weddings in Nederland tijdens de coronavirus.

Blijf goed voor jezelf zorgen – coronavirus weddings top tip!

In addition with travel restricted and a limitation on social interaction. Self-isolating to contain the spread of infection maybe affecting your mental and physical health. So, don’t let it beat you down. Self-care is an essential part of your life. And even more so take the  opportunity to get out of the rat race for a while and rest.

woman wearing deep pink dress with purple sash and smiling

Bruiloft moeten annuleren vanwege het coronanvirus? Daarom kun je volgend jaar [2021/2022/2023] groots uitpakken!

image credit #markstarink #hellomeyvette

Flexible zijn met Tom’s wedding planning spreadsheet

Do you feel bored, lonely and uncertain about your future? Well, this digital age allows you to get together [on or offline] with your partner and readdress your budget? If you’ve had to postpone or reschedule maybe it’s time to look at the checklist for your upcoming celebrations. Keep yourself entertained with Tom’s wedding planning template.

Vraag hulp i.v.m coronaproof trouwen

Many celebrants are worried about your wedding ceremony celebrations. So, seek guidance about amended the date. Actually, world wide celebrants are no longer physically seeing clients face-to-face. However, we have embraced online wedding blessings and other forms of video-chat.

Neem contact op met weddingplanner! –

Coronavirus is widespread and many have died. In fact lots of people around the world are in quarantine and self-isolation. So, whatever your race, colour or cultural background is it can affect you. From China, Italy, Spain to the United States, we’re all at risk. So, protect yourself and follow your countries safety measures

Informeer over bruiloftverzekering –  wedding insurance

Coronavirus is a dangerous contagious viral disease, that originated in Wuhan, China. Recent news stories have spoken of a wedding ban. Everyone is aware of the outbreak. Furthermore, the upsetting effects of the virus can affect the deposit paid for your marriage celebrations. Have you got wedding insurance? Check coverage now!

Wees alstublieft geduldig

In truth the worldwide spread of coronavirus has left many engaged couples like you worried about their wedding plans. But, is it worth worrying about the travel risks? Some wedding dress designers are afraid your wedding gown might be delayed. Have you ordered your bridal gown from abroad?

Blijf kalm – 14 day wedding travel quarantine

Furthermore, COVID-19 has hit honeymoon, wedding travel season and other anniversary celebration arrangements in Holland. And the Dutch Health Authorities  implemented a 14-day travel quarantine rule. What does this mean? If you are travelling to Holland, with your wedding guests everyone must self-isolate in one place for 14 days, upon arrival. 

coronavirus weddings make-up artist putting lipstick on a brideimage Lisanne kooij

Ramped up highest alert – coronavirus  | BREAKING NEWS!

“UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ramping up the seriousness of the coronavirus. “It’s the government’s “top priority”. Actually, with the number of cases set to rise, NHS England says it is scaling up its capacity for testing people for the infection”. This is to curb the spread.

Afstand houden tot 2 meter – social distancing

Most governments have implemented a safety measure to reduce the spread and transmission of COVID-19. In truth social distancing is now part of every day life. Socialising in public places has been temporarily banned. Along with travelling on public transport and remotely working from home it has become the norm. Plus standing or sitting 1.5 – 2 meters apart is common place.

Blijf optimitisch – online weddings

Do you still want to go ahead with your plans? Well, be aware that group forming of up to 100 people is not allowed. However, you could opt to still get married legally. What about a virtual wedding ceremonies, heard of that? It’s a celebration for two, with witnesses and the officiant. Meet the couples who are having zoom weddings. 

Plan een bruiloft minimony

Bruiloft minimony bij de gemeente: geen gasten: In verband met het coronavirus, mogen op dit moment alleen uw getuigen bij de ceremonies op een locatie van de gemeente aanwezig zijn. U kunt geen andere gasten meenemen. En ook geen fotograaf.

Maak het niet zo moeilijk

Wil je een ceremonie op andere locatie in de stad met maximaal 30 gasten, dat kan: voor ceremonies op een andere locatie in de stad geldt dat er maximaal 30 gasten aanwezig mogen zijn, zolang zij een afstand van 1,5 meter bewaren. Lees meer

coronavirus wedding gold plate and glasses

image flickr

Wees lief voor elkaar – coronavirus weddings ban

Although it was unveiled that 37 wedding guests were infected with the coronavirus, many couples are opting for a micro wedding. In fact, a smaller wedding ceremony is possible to arrange: 10 to 30 guests can attend. But, do you protect your life or take a risk? Is it wise to plan it now?

Bruiloft uistellen – coronavirus ceremony rules & regulations

Many celebrants are worried about your wedding ceremony celebrations. So, seek guidance about amended the date. In fact, world wide celebrants are no longer physically seeing clients face-to-face. However, we have embraced online wedding blessings and other forms of video-chat.

Hou je gasten op de hoogte – advise, “If you are considering cancelling your trip due to the Coronavirus, please keep your wedding guests in the loop. Better still read your travel insurance policy thoroughly. So, contact them today about your destination wedding celebrations.

Coronavirus weddings groom with his head down and bride with her eyes closed storming off after the ceremony


Update website about coronavirus weddings

Have you created a website to announce your wedding? With all the free time on your hands, make sure you keep it updated. The wedding website, “can be mass-shared live with family and friends. In fact, use it to give advice or guidance about travel, health and other safety measures”

Stap uit je comfort zone – elopement weddings

And there’s more..”Coronavirus and weddings: can you tie the knot safely? Well, you might like an impromptu ceremony like an elopement wedding. What is that? “Een elopement is meer ceremonieel en niet officieel’. So, celebrate your love first and plan a bigger celebration later with family and friends. Source:

Coronavirus weddings: verplaatsen of annuleren?

The coronavirus has created hundreds of wedding cancellations and with that comes stress. In fact it has shaped our modern life and become a major part of future wedding plans. Read this article to learn how to protect your mental health while planning your future nuptials. And get more advice here



Aangescherpte veiligheidsmaatregelen om het coronavirus onder controle te krijgen

  • “Het kabinet heeft besloten de meeste maatregelen te versoepelen; in de weken vóór de onderstaande data beoordeelt het kabinet wat er voor de komende periode nodig is.”


  • “Alle grote evenementen, bijeenkomsten worden verboden tot 1 september, ook met minder dan 100 mensen.


  • Voor begrafenissen, kerkelijke huwelijken en bruiloften geldt een uitzondering.  Vanaf 1 juli 2020 mogen ceremonies tot maximaal 100 gasten plaats laten vinden, zolang zij een afstand van 1,5 meter bewaren.


  • Alles onder voorbehoud!


But was this useful? Are you still feeling anxious? Or do you have big concerns about the pandemic? Perhaps you live and work in Holland? Well, get actuele informatie over het nieuwe coronavirus van Otherwise, pop back for an even bigger picture of this rapidly spreading virus. And remember greet with ease and wash your hands. Above all stay home, stay safe, save lives and stay strong!



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Hoe voel jij je? Wat is jouw mening over coronavirus weddings! Laat hieronder je gevoelens en gedachten achter of stel een vraag.

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