The 7 Best Wedding Celebrants In The Netherlands

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Looking for one of the best wedding celebrants in the Netherlands to perform your multicultural or international wedding ceremony? Well, it’s like searching for a four-leaf Clover. Coupled with that, finding the right one, whatever your origin of language will be difficult.

However, you might want to hire a wedding interpreter, translator or linguistic expert. Luckily, there are plenty of multilingual celebrants in Holland. Celebrants have a wealth of knowledge about multi language ceremony content, legalities, and wedding venues. All in all, the price for a celebrant’s services range between 275 and 4.000 euros. Source: www.

So, whether it’s important for you to marry at a beautiful castle, a seaside side resort, your home or a lavish hotel you are spoilt for choice. But don’t feel overwhelmed. Just pick one of these best wedding celebrants. Transform the happiest day of your life into a rich bed of tulips. And get the right person to lead a wedding that’s exclusively yours…

The Best Wedding Celebrants in the Netherlands

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A wedding celebrant | marriage officiant is equivalent to a Dutch “Trouwambtenaar BABS” [Buitengewoon Ambtenaar van de Burgelijkstand]. This person can perform a legal or non-binding marriage ceremony and is independent or a government official [civil servant].


1. Clover Jean: founded 2013 – Native English [fluent Dutch]

Firstly, with a background in travel and hospitality – international and multicultural couples are my passion. As a British comedian, singer and master of ceremonies my purpose is to create non-boring and engaging ceremonies. Heartfelt, lively, and memorable weddings are my forte. And you can read more about Clover – celebrant at

2. Pauline Suidgeest: founded 2005 – Native Dutch [fluent English]

This gem of a Dutch Wedding Celebrant is perfect for your international wedding ceremony. write that Pauline Suidgeest lovingly creates the most wonderful personal marriage service in Holland and Europe, in both fluent English and Dutch. So, find out more about Pauline -celebrant at

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Clover Jean’s multicultural wedding ceremonies – De Hoftuin Amsterdam

3. Mildred Nijhoven: founded 2018 – Native Dutch [speaks English with an accent]

Alternatively, “love is life, life is love” in Dutch “Liefde is Leven, Leven is Liefde” this is Mildred Nijhove’s motto. She originates from Suriname and is perfect for your Dutch wedding. In fact, she’ll set you on the right path by adding a special touch to the most happiest day of your life. Why wait, get your skates on now and enquire about Mildred – celebrant at

4. Michaela Halewijn: founded 2020 – Native Dutch [fluent English, Spanish & Portuguese]

Thirdly, Michaela Halewijn is a young celebrant and civil registrar. In fact, she’s amazing and runs a professional marriage service. And if you are ready to say, YES, she’s at your beckon call to discuss your wedding plans. A wedding that represents you and  honors your love for each other is Michaela’s goal. Basically, find out about Michaela – celebrant at

5. Julien Bruins: founded 2018 – Native Dutch [speaks English with an accent]

And here is the hippest and youngest master of ceremonies. Julien Bruins. “De Hippe Trouwambtenaar” is a wedding planner and officiant. Otherwise known as Juuls, he designs elite ceremonies with you in mind. In fact, wedding guest’s won’t feel drained or bored to tears but energised. So, party with

the best wedding celebrants thank you clover jean about me amsterdamwoman wearing deep pink dress with purple sash and smiling

image credit Anouschka-Rokebrand

6. Saskia Dian Denneboom: founded 2016 – Native Dutch [fluent English, German]

And there’s more…for something extra special, the singing celebrant Saskia Dian from Suriname’s roots can help you. Alongside her many years of experience as a professional singer.  This independent celebrant adds a memorable touch to the proceedings with meaningful songs. So, find out Saskia – celebrant availability

7. Jacomien Valk-Zevenbergen: founded 2012 – Native Dutch [fluent English, German and Spanish]

Lastly, Jacomien’s motto is: “Every love story is beautiful but yours is my favorite”. Luckily, this mature celebrant performs international couples bilingual wedding. Not to mention adds that something special to wow your guests. In truth, there are no language barriers at your ceremony, she’s got you covered. So, get to know Jacomien – celebrant at



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