New Year’s Eve Wedding Etiquette – The Ultimate Guide For You

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What is the proper New Years Eve Wedding etiquette for you and your guests? If you are anything like me then you love a good wedding. And especially look forward to singing in the New Year.  However, how do you plan a special event?

Weddings are usually hosted during the spring and summer months, however you might be excited about hosting a winter wedding. And that’s why a New Year’s Eve wedding etiquette can make things so much easier for your invitees. It gives your guests a major heads up on what to expect on your big days.

So, I’ve put together for you the ultimate New Year’s Eve etiquette planning guide. Plus great wedding sites and resources which will help you transform your nuptials into a memorable celebration. Create something uniquely yours. Here’s to a happily ever after.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Etiquette

Start your planning early

Wedding Etiquette

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are coming….are you ready to party because I sure am!


1. Firstly, NYE is known to be one of the most busiest and most hectic times of the year. So, get planning now and don’t forget these tips for a successful winter wedding.

2. Get the wedding dress. Explore these great collection of bridal dresses from Millybridal. .org. Every modern bride’s dream is to look stunning and sophisticated on their winter wedding day.

3. Find out now about hosting your marriage celebrations on this coveted date 31st December. With a few extra quick steps from’ll have a memorable time.

4. Alright, perhaps some friends and family think you are crazy to plan a wedding on New Year’s Eve. But, don’t let that stop. “For these fun and adventurous couples, the perks of tying the knot on the last night of the year are proving too spectacular to resist.”

Key wedding music moments bride in sparkling off-white gown, holding hands with groom in a dark grey suit

Winter wedding…you want to feel like a princess and ooze confidence.

5. There’s something bewitching about the end of the year celebrations. But is getting married on New Year’s Eve a genius idea? Do you fancy celebrating as the clock strikes midnight? Read about the pros and cons at

6. Imagine drawing loved ones together to rekindle old ties, eat fine food and revel in watching spectacular firework displays to welcome in the new year. So, explore some “New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas on Pinterest”.

7. Host a special countdown to midnight. What not officiate your wedding at that time? How exciting would it be to get married right before the ball drops? Namely, experience an unforgettable New Year’s Eve wedding. Basically, enjoy a festive marriage celebration.


New Year’s Eve Wedding Etiquette II

Speak to the A-list and B-list guests

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8. In addition, make sure your friends and family are available to celebrate with you on 31st December. It’s a fact, that not many of us want to leave the warmth of our humble abode on a cold winters night.

9. Create your own New Year’s Eve wedding rave venue ambience and underpin the success of your big day celebrations. How? Get party poppers to make your sendoff extra special.

New Year's Eve Wedding Etiquette newlyweds kissing under a sparkler sendoff


10. Look don’t go it alone. Hire a wedding planner to highlight your love and the years happy moments. They can unburden you and give you tips like: adding your guests names to the wedding ceremony seating plan.

11. What about some signage that mirrors joy, happiness in your hearts! Otherwise, add an extra sparkle to your event with sparklers. The ultimate wedding sparkler guide helps you shine your love on your momentous day.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Etiquette III – WEDDING PLANS

Wedding Etiquette oud en nieuwfeest hand holding a sparkler

12. Explore these great collection of bridal dresses from Millybridal. .org. Every modern bride’s dream is to look stunning and sophisticated on their winter wedding day. On top of that you want to feel like a princess and ooze confidence.

13. From jello [jelly] shots to pudding pops, this New Year 2021 is definitely all about spiking our sweets.

14. Here’s a complete list of 25 of favorite recipes that’ll hit your sweet tooth, get you tipsy, and happen to look pretty darn cute too.

15. When I say go wild, I mean let your hair down at 12.00 midnight. Start a masqueraded themed wedding party. Enjoy this special time.

16. Together with your family and friends you can create a new tradition. What about  Chocolate Fondue at the wedding reception? Chocolate fondue is a fun interactive dessert for family and friends to enjoy this New Year’s eve. Try it!

17. Although a wedding is an expensive extravaganza, don’t be overwhelmed by the commercial trappings. Create a budget and stick to it!

18. Well, don’t worry watch virtual fireworks and display a show at home. Plan your winter wedding at the end of  the year, to begin the new year with a massive bang.


New Year’s Eve Wedding Etiquette IV – VIRTUAL FIREWORK SHOW

oud en nieuw feest party girls dressed up and holding champange glassmain image bruce mars

19. You could simply upgrade your evening and add the finishing touch to your festive celebration, with a super DJ.

20. Play some Christmas carols, Xmas tunes and hymns, and get everyone dancing. Dance out 2020 and boogie on down to the sweet sounds of 2021. Let the kids stay up a little later.

21. “Weddings are extravagant and tradition says, that you can bestow the kids and adults with goodie bags. Why not, New Year’s Eve Wedding Countdown Goodie Bags. So, put together these fun bags to open throughout the event:

23. Why not have a big bang, pull out all the stops and have a crazy themed New Year’s Eve Wedding fancy dress party.  This is a novel way to usher in the year. Go on admit it, who doesn’t love to dress up, and this is the perfect opportunity to let your hair down!

24. And don’t forget to get more information about your local wedding party suppliers, decorations, fancy dress, costumes and wedding accessories shop.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Etiquette V – PARTY GAMES



25. Who doesn’t love to play fun loving, relaxing, competitive and easy games?  Keep young and old guests entertained with an interactive, simple and rewarding game. What about awesome winter wedding games for you and your guests. Play them during the reception party.

26. Second to last, New Year’s Eve wedding etiquette wouldn’t be complete without a good old sing-a-long. Find great memorable songs, favorite music and more tunes at UK Karaoke website.


New Year’s Eve Wedding Etiquette

New Year's Eve Wedding Etiquette

Enjoy the festivities and have a blast. And remember are going to beat this coronavirus together. So, have a safe and Happy New Year 2021!

Over to you…

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