New Year’s Day Party Games for You and Your Guests

new years day party friendly games

What is the purpose of New Years’ Day Party games? Well, friendly games during the festivities have a positive and powerful impact on the celebrations. And with ability to provoke conversation, playful competition and social interaction, fun activities make the special reunion more enjoyable, exciting and eventful.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to reconcile and a good reason to come together. Let’s face it party games keep everyone inspired. They are easy-peasy and a great start or end to your New Year’s Eve Party! You welcome in the beginning of the New Year with lots of laughter.

Moreover, as party-goers we get the chance to dance, sing and catch up with loved ones. What’s more, an interesting game helps structure the evening. Therefore, introducing a little light-hearted entertainment adds to the buzz of the celebrations. So, here are my 4 New Year’s Day party games to celebrate with your family and friends in a fun friendly way.

New Years Day Party Games

New Years day party The London Eye yellow, green and red fireworks show on New year's day

London Eye –

Main photo credit:  Jeff Krause

1. New Year’s Eve Scavenger – Treasure hunt

Firstly, spend some real-time together and kick off your festivities with a shower of love and happiness. A scavenger hunt is the best way to keep the kids and adults entertained. Keep everyone occupied with this fun game. Create a lasting memory and new family & friend’s tradition!

2. Auld Lang Syne Karaoke Sing-Song

Another thing you should do to complete your New Year’s Eve party is to have a good old sing-a-long.  The best song to start with is Auld Lang Syne = ‘For old time’s sake’. Sung all over the world it evokes a sense of belonging. Use your favorite music and other memorable songs to highlight the event. Go to  Karaoke website  for more inspirational tunes for your party.

girl and boy singing karaoke

The Legendary Kid Karaoke Duet

Photo credit: Rob Briscoe

3. New Year’s Day Party Friendly Games – Lucky Dip Dance

Wow your guests and play the Lucky Dip Dance at your New Year’s Eve event. There is no scoring involved. And guess what? The game brings all your guests, young and old together. Before the clock strikes 12, during and after midnight, this is the perfect entertainment. Prepare your guests. Get them in the mood for the New Year’s Eve dance party and sing the song, Auld Lang Syne. Then, follow the below steps.

I:  Firstly, write each party guests’ names down on a separate piece of paper.

II:  Put all the names into a bag, box or another container.

III:  Then, shake the bag.

IV:  Afterwards, ask each party guest individually to randomly pick out a name.

V:  Eventually, remove all names out of the bag.

VI:  Finally, the name everyone has picked is the person they ask to dance. It’s that simple!

4. Christmas Conga dance

Reindeer Conga Line @Disneyland

Reindeer Conga Line @Disneyland “A Christmas Fantasy” parade tonight. They were all in sync…#disneyland #disneyholidays

Photo credit: AngryJulieMonday

Additionally, take your party up a level and incorporate the Christmas conga dance  in your party entertainment. All the guests will love it. Warm them up with the lucky dip dance.  And play familiar hits; that gratify your family and friends. Most importantly, songs that make them want to dance and stay at your New Year’s Eve party.


Happy New Year to You!

Tonight’s December thirty-first,
Something is about to burst.
The clock is crouching, dark and small,
Like a time bomb in the hall.
Hark, it’s midnight, children dear.
Duck! Here comes another year!”
― Ogden Nash

new years day party friendly games

The Muirfield Village New Years Eve party.

image Bill Wilson

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