Dutch Marriage Laws in Amsterdam Districts & Neighbourhoods

marriage laws couple sitting at the altar

Marriage laws in Holland are less restricted than marriage laws in the UK. Although arranging your wedding ceremony is exciting, it’s stressful. But, how do you plan a celebration in any district or neighbourhood of Amsterdam city?

Well, you could borrow something from the popular celebrant-led ceremonies in Holland. Providing you with more flexibility and choice it’s easier to plan your wedding before or after the regular set ceremony hours of 8am until 6pm.

And there’s more good news…these types of trendy weddings along with outdoor ceremonies allow you to marry where and when you like. Moreover, you create a fresh new start, modern ceremony and cement your unique bond.

So, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your big day to the max and take a leaf out of the Dutch marriage law book? Think about it, you can have a night time soiree, marry outside of the traditional hours and be on trend. Read on…

New marriage laws

new marriage laws groom embracing bride under a night skymain image | Igor Link

Hip & personal wedding service | Red light district

Firstly, with a new outlook on marriage come new planning ideas for holding a romantic wedding under the twinkling stars. Imagine you can say, “YES” beneath a beautiful summer evening sunset aboard a fashionable boat under the magere brug [skinny bridge]. It is possible in the Netherlands.

Marriage allows you to tie the knot | Museum district

Another thing; Dutch rules do not stop couples from tying the knot or registering a civil partnership outside daytime hours. In fact, in some districts [municipalities] the ancient marriage licensing laws [UK] and restrictions are not in force. Actually some neighbourhoods allow you to marry for FREE. Find out more at www.amsterdam.nl

Freedom to marry at night | Leidseplein

Secondly, this is excellent news! Government Ministers in Holland have relaxed the rules on holding a wedding ceremony at night. So, get married before the hours of 8am and after 6pm! Ultimately, this significant step gives you total freedom to plan your dream wedding. Furthermore, you don’t have to rush to complete the paperwork or ceremony anymore.

Expat wedding services

Smabs Sputzer (1956-2017)

Alternative wedding dates and hours | Grachtengordel

Alternatively, with Dutch marriage licensing laws you can plan it the way you like. If you don’t fancy a party that lasts all day, you can incorporate the ceremony into your evening celebrations. So, plan a Dutch-style wedding in the setting sun of the grachtengordel – canalbelt. What about, an open-air marriage ceremony on a boat.

Relaxation about your wedding | Westerpark

Additionally, you could be turned off by day time wedding and prefer to host an event at 1am in the morning. Evening time marriage celebrations planned by wedding planners are on the increase. Moreover, there are lots of beautiful chapels in Holland for you to create the ceremony you long for.

Rules abolished for late-night weddings | Amsterdam North

Lastly, don’t be crushed by marriage bureaucracy. Rules have been abolished in the hip districts and neighbourhoods of Holland that prevented evening and late-night celebrations. So, remember there are no restrictions on when you want to get hitched. Trending Holland is paving the way for alternative and modern marriage ceremonies.

marriage laws couple sitting at the altar

Stefan & Robin’s Renewal of Vows Ceremony – Grand Hotel | Stained glass windows in the Marriage Chamber


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