How To Ensure Your Multicultural Wedding Works

multicultural wedding professionals

Multicultural wedding professionals are now answering to the beckon call of interracial couples who want their marriage to work. Although adding a splash of diversity into the mainstream wedding industry has been quite a challenge, it’s also been truly empowering and enlightening.

For example, since the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle many brides of colour and faith may feel that they are represented by established wedding planners. But, do you believe this is true?

Well, from Afro-Caribbean (I’m one), Afro-American and other ethnic wedding professionals, we offer you a wide range of services. And regardless of your colour, religion, belief or sexual preference we are here to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch.

Basically, multicultural couples should be featured more in the industry. And together with, black bride and groom and we love “Diversity in weddings”. So, find below your wedding planner, supplier or celebrant to complete your dream mixed-race wedding.

Multicultural wedding professionals

prince harry dressed in navy blue military uniform and meghan markle in a white satin dress by Givenchy artistic director Waight Keller

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle @ St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle UK

image RSNY | royal wedding

1•  AWS | Amsterdam Wedding Service

Firstly, AWS is founded by me, Clover Jean. I am of Afro-Caribbean decent. And if you want every element of your mixed cultures woven into your wedding I can help you. As your on-site wedding coordinator I’ll manage everything from officiating the ceremony,  music and right through to the reception announcements.


In addition, Soleil Eijken has a Surinamse background and can plan your multicultural wedding from start to finish.  With her with of wedding industry knowledge she’ll transform your blank canvas into a picture-perfect venue. Furthermore, Inter-connections founder Soleil Eijken has a strong sense of hospitality. What’s more, she helps you manage your budget.

3• Sweet Bob Amsterdam

Additionally, Sweet Bob Amsterdam originally from Brazil can provide you with your wedding sweets. Brigadeiro is the most famous Brazilian delicacy, served during special celebrations such as weddings and anniversaries. Sweet Bob’s brigadeiros are freshly made from the best Dutch condensed milk and high-quality chocolates. Irresistible treats that your guests cannot resist.

multicutural wedding chinese bride and italian groomcouple dancing in a fieldPhoto by Trung Nguyen 


In addition I’d like to introduce you to Ruenna Constancia Merci. She is a certified Dutch wedding planner from Curaçao. Her goal is to make your wedding celebration a sun-filled, successful and sensational happening. Above all, this dynamic coordinator with a quality driven, passionate and creative mindset devises a memorable day for you.

5. Organisatiebureau NJOY & Party

And there’s more, Thessa Dudink-Latupeirissa is the proud owner of Organisatiebureau Njoy & Party is an experienced wedding planner. This exotic consultant provides you with inspiration and workshops to design your multicultural wedding. What’s more, she listens to your every need. And if you’ve got a wedding dilemma, she’s got the best advice on what to do when things don’t go to plan.


Last but not least, Sharon founder of is renowned for her stylish approach toward creating the nuptials of your dreams. And based in Almere a very multicultural city in Holland, she is aware of the special needs of interracial couples. So, if you are a soon to be mixed-race newlyweds this experienced wedding planner will uncomplicated your big day plans. Most importantly, help you create a wedding of a lifetime.


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