Mr and Mrs Unique Celebrate Romantic Wedding in Amsterdam

mr and mrs unique

Mr and Mrs Unique are ultra-rich, really good looking and the envy of many brides and grooms. The elite couple prefers an engagement moon prior to their wedding. And immediately following their engagement, they escape on holiday to have a stress-free time.

But, would your announcement of marriage be planned the same way? And would you travel abroad to celebrate your upcoming wedding? Well, many loving and affluent couples like the sound of an engagement moon. And the partners are heading for Amsterdam. The heart of the city offers you the opportunity to combine your engagement with a wedding.

Surpassing all expectations of a luxurious big day event, the colourful and bubbly city has unmissable attractions for Mr and Mrs Unique. They can create a beautiful and exclusive setting tucked away from the hustle and bustle.

So, are you the next Mr and Mrs Unique? And do you want to indulge and treat yourself to something special? Plan your fancy wedding celebration in Holland’s capital and marry in style. Here are my favorite and most exclusive places to visit in Amsterdam city.

Mr and Mrs Unique – Amsterdam wedding & honeymoon ideas

February weddings

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1. Famous Dutch artists

Firstly and surprisingly enough, Amsterdam is a charming spot. It is the ideal location to spend some quality time together without family and friends. So, after you’ve booked the venue and your celebrant, take a trip to the well-known Dutch museums. Artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Piet Mondrian and Van Gogh give you both, Mr and Mrs unique a great insight into Dutch culture.

2. Authentic Dutch delicacies

Secondly, Amsterdam is the haven for lovers of life, fun and art. Buzzing Amsterdam is an exciting and trendsetting metropolitan for you to jump the broom in an informal or formal marriage service. So, enjoy a rich assortment of Dutch food delicacies during your reception party. Tasty haring, patat frites met mayo (chips with mayonnaise) and apple tart with whipped cream awaits your palette.

3. Discover more hidden treasures

With the above in mind, you can even indulge in a Pimms or a gin and tonic at an authentic Dutch pub. Make sure to try a pancake and some erwten soep (pea soup). But don’t stay at the bar all day. Discover more hidden treasures of this metropolitan together. Take a leisurely stroll through the quaint streets and dainty courtyards (hofjes). And walk over the quirky bridges of this historic place. For fun, try out a pair of wooden clogs at the Klompenboer (near the flea market).

3. The Dam

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The Royal Palace used for official state functions is located on the Dam. Dotted around the prestigious location are many hotels, restaurants and fashionable shops. Go to the VVV Amsterdam to obtain your list of venues. Remember to pick up your “City Travel Card”, too. It’s a valid ticket for all metro, tram, bus lines and night buses.

4. The National monument

Reflect and sit on the steps of the famous landmark the National monument erected to commemorate the casualties of World War II. Better still; book a horse and carriage ride for two. Enjoy the sights of the UNESCO World Heritage (grachtengordel). And let the beauty of the 17th century canals of Amsterdam astound you.

5. Red Light District

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Within a stone’s throw away from the Dam is the Red Light District. Vibrant Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and called the grown up’s playground. It’s ideal, if you love canal houseboats and dream of a February wedding set among a fun setting encircled by fetching water.

6. Dutch souvenirs – sex, drugs and rock and roll

This wedding destination steeped in history. It is where anything goes, because it’s Europe’s most liberal city. The notorious Red Light District, not only houses the ladies of the night but you’ll also pick up a few notorious Dutch souvenirs. On top of that, there is no lack of alternative art galleries and fine dining establishments, too.

7. Amsterdam Nightlife: Leidseplein

Now get your travel ticket out and head to the Leidseplein . During your February wedding getaway you can enjoy more than sex, coffee shops and rock and roll. Many celebrities such as Beyoncé, Adele, Justin Timberlake and Nile Rogers have enjoyed staying in Amsterdam, too.

8. Last minute music concert & theater tickets

By the same token, they’ve held a concert at music venues such as the Melkweg, Paradiso and the Sugar Factory nightclub. These arenas are located at the Leidseplein and offer you the chance to dance the night away, as newlyweds. For alternative entertainment buy a last minute ticket for a show at the Stadsschouwburg, De La Mar or Comedy Cafe.

9. The Jordaan

A must-see attraction is the grachtengordel (canal belt area) for a stroll. Acquaint yourselves with Westerkerk (church). It is worth a trip for a climbing tour to the tower. Nearby is Anne Frank’s House. You’ll find it in the heart of the Jordaan on the Prinsengracht, which is packed with houseboats.

10. February weddings abroad = beautiful Dutch waterways

Furthermore, February weddings give you both, Mr and Mrs Unique the chance to mingle and jingle with the locals in this affluent and wealthy part of the city center. Alternatively, you can cycle carefully along the picturesque canals arrayed with blooming flowers. Imagine cruising beside the beautiful Dutch waterways. Or hire a pedal boat to admire the striking architecture.


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