How to Plan a Modern Day Wedding in Holland You Will Love

modern day wedding

Being a modern day couple can have its advantages, disadvantages and there may be consequences when it comes to planning your wedding in Holland. From a celebrant-led, commitment ceremony or church marriage service you’re spoilt for choice. How do you get into the wedding mode?

Well, however trivial or hard your wedding plans are, you can take the complexity out of planning. Another thing, there are several reasons for tying the knot in the low lands. Firstly, you could like the idea of having a ceremony aboard a boat. Or you may have relatives living in Holland, strong family ties or childhood memories of the city that you wish to recapture.

But, what do you envision for your modern day wedding in the Netherlands? Well, if you don’t know, no worries. Let a celebrant with years of experience of handling destination weddings tick all the boxes for you. Thereafter arrange your trip of a lifetime with the below tips. Keep reading.

Modern day wedding

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Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amsterdam

1. Twenty-first century nuptials

It’s a fact that a modern day wedding abroad takes your twenty-first century nuptials to the next level. On top of that, you can still add your style and theme to the celebratory setting. And together with your chosen location in Holland, the on-site planners will concentrate on designing your dream wedding. Then, you can focus on the other bits.

2. Modern day wedding in Holland

Secondly Dutch local authorities only marry Dutch citizens. Or they issue a marriage certificate, if their partner is a legal resident of the Netherlands. And if you desire to marry in Holland, the Dutch Immigration Service does not grant resident status solely for the purpose of marriage. — US Embassy and Consulate in the Netherlands,

3. The yummy brigadeiro wedding dessert

Thirdly, this will get you into the Dutch wedding mode. It’s the coolest new dessert trend, “brigadeiro”. Similar to a truffel or bonbon, this modern day alternative to the towering cake is delicious. In recent years, couples are getting more creative with the tasty sweets they offer to their guests. So, pop along to Sweet Bobs shop on “Brouwersgracht”. Start price €1, it might sound pricey, but it’s delicious and worth every penny.

4. The Dutch church wedding venue

In addition, capture a lifetime of memories. You could have a blessing at the church to make your wedding more authentic, special and unique. So, find a hotel with a venue and chapel within walking distance. The rates for renting the space can cost on average between €500 and €6750 inclusive food, music, entertainment and accommodation.

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5. Wedding attire

Although your wedding outfits and accessories can be a little less reserved. They don’t have to be extortionate. However, if you want cutting edge design in men’s groom suits and bridal dresses then you could pay between €295 to €2.000 for the right attire. Plus, fork out quite a bit for exclusive shoes, underwear and corresponding multipurpose embellishments.

5. Special wedding hotels 

Last but not least, you can find lots of ideas online for your wedding abroad. Your chosen country, whether it be Holland or not represents your personalities and relationship. And the best news is…family and friends can join you and celebrate one of the biggest days of your life.

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