Micro Wedding: A Minimony To Save Your Wedding Plans

micro wedding celebration couple holding hands embraced standing at the bottom of stairs

A micro wedding celebration is a minimony known as a mini ceremony. It is perfect for engaged couples wanting an intimate, and small family coronavirus-proof celebration. For less than 50 guests you can turn skewed wedding plans around.

So, the coronavirus has frustrated many of us and made planning our nuptials extremely difficult, right? In fact, you need to get selective and cater for a selective group of guests.

Albeit, entertaining the ones nearest and dearest to you should be a blissfully happy occasion. One thing is certain it’s still a stressful time. How do you create an exciting wedding day with the social-distancing restrictions?

Well, whether you are conservative, socially conscious, fashion-forward, or have a more liberal approach to weddings you can design something uniquely yours. Read on…

Micro wedding celebration

A miniceremony made in heaven

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Tip 1• Fifty micro wedding guests

And how do you do that? Simple, explore and implement a few micro wedding celebration friendly ideas. Go ahead, don’t brush off your big daydreams. Just set your priorities, lessen the risk factor of infection by sticking to a smaller guest list. Get ready to celebrate in a style you are accustomed to. See below more inspiration for you to feel comfortable.

Tip 2• Fifty micro wedding guests

To start with are you truly in love and ready to plan something special? if you’re feeling a little impatient about the upcoming nuptials, know this. You can invite less than 50 guests to your private bash. Basically, whatever you’re personal taste, you can design a blissful and coronavirus-proof micro wedding.

Tip 3• Modern bride’s tale

Did you know that impatience can cause you stress? So, why not distress by looking for the best stuff for your micro wedding. Setting money aside for the high end and trendy items is a wise and clever thing to do. So, get on-line, discover the bargains and buy what you want.


micro wedding celebration couple holding hands embraced standing at the bottom of stairs

Tip 4•  Big ticket items

Secondly, stagger unnecessary outgoings for your fancy venue, florist and catering. How? Be realistic about your cash flow. And how you want to conjure up a dazzling wedding. But, planning such an occasion costs money. So, don’t go crazy and feel overwhelmed. Map out the finer details. What about putting the big ticket items on your credit card? You won’t have to refinance your mortgage

Tip 5• Fun micro wedding

Planning a wedding can be fun, right? With a credit card you get a thrill out of your cash. Make sure to maximize on your extravagant wedding theme. In other words don’t hold back on your party plans. Coupled with that a credit card helps you take control of your outgoings. How does that sound? It’s a secure way of keeping on top of things. By the same token you’ll transform your day into a personalized wedding.

Tip 6• Wedding minimony

How do you break with regular customs, parents’ expectations and old-fashioned marriage traditions? Arrange your legal paperwork and statutory license first (possible in NL, UK & USA). Armed with 2 witnesses arrange a 5 – 10 minute minimony at the municipality where you reside. Then allocate the funds saved and splurge out on party drinks & food.

Tip 7• Micro wedding app

Additionally, are you at home with the digital world? Well, check out wedding apps,  tech-savvy tools and social media resources for your micro wedding planning. Next, look for a celebrant to carry out your ceremony. Then, invite everybody – within reason and have the event you want. It’s the single important part of the day, so wow your afternoon and evening guests and ensure wedding day bliss.


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