Micro Wedding | 10 Tips For A Small & Intimate Celebration

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With limited space at your small venue a micro wedding is perfect. Even better you entertain the ones who are nearest and dearest to you. Albeit an exciting time, planning your intimate celebrations is still stressful. So, how many selective guests have you invited?

Actually, your wedding celebration is about creating something fresh, new and exciting. What’s more,  you make it uniquely yours.

And whether you are conservative, socially conscious, fashion-forward, or have a more liberal approach to weddings you can invite less than 50 guests to your private bash. Basically, whatever you’re personal taste, you can design a special, elegant and blissful day.

So, do you want to explore and implement some micro wedding friendly ideas? Go ahead, don’t brush off your big day dreams, set your priorities and celebrate your togetherness in style. Create your shining moment in an intimate setting at your gem of a venue.

Micro wedding

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Tip 1• Modern socially conscious bride

To start with if you’re feeling a little impatient about the upcoming nuptials, know this. Impatience can cause you stress. And you can distress by looking for the best stuff for your wedding. Setting money aside for the high end and trendy items is a wise and clever thing to do. So, get on-line, discover the bargains and buy what you want.

Tip 2•  Put big ticket items on your credit card

Secondly, stagger unnecessary outgoings for your fancy wedding venue, florist and catering. Moreover, with your cash flow you want to conjure up a dazzling event. But, planning such an occasion costs money. So, don’t let your stressful plans overwhelm you. Map out the finer details and put the big ticket items on your credit card.

Tip 3• Fun wedding ideas for the extravagant bride

With the right credit card you get a thrill out of your cash. Make sure to maximize on your extravagant wedding theme. In other words don’t hold back on your party plans. On the contrary a credit card helps you take control of your outgoings. It’s a secure way of keeping on top of things. By the same token you’ll transform your day into a personalized wedding.

Tip 4• Sidestep extra marriage certificate fees and charges 

How do you break with regular customs, parents’ expectations and old-fashioned wedding traditions? Arrange your legal paperwork and statutory wedding licence first (possible in NL, UK & USA). Armed with 2 witnesses arrange a 5 – 10 minute ceremony at the municipality where you reside. Then upgrade your intimate wedding related items and allocate more funds.

micro wedding best man speech

Andy’s Best Man Speech
Andy’s best man’s speech had us laughing out of our chairs. He killed.

Tip 5• Look for a charismatic, classy and fun celebrant

Additionally, check out wedding Apps,  tools and resources to help with your micro wedding planning. Next, look for a celebrant to carry out your ceremony. Then, invite everybody – within reason and have the event you want. It’s the single important part of the day, so wow your afternoon and evening guests and ensure wedding day bliss.

Tip 6• Crazy things happen with a smart and contemporary idea 

Although not compulsory, how do you create a higher perceived value of your exclusive wedding, without accelerating the costs? Simple, you mix luxury and inexpensive items with the hottest wedding brands. Basically, don’t let your lavish ceremony, reception or classy party be boring and plain because of a fixed idea. Be smart and go all out!

Tip 7• Plenty of ways to build a luxury micro wedding

Design an intimate and alternative wedding celebration charged purely by your love. But don’t allow things to get out of hand or spin around in your head. Face it full on. I guarantee that it will make your special day a wedding to remember. Do whatever works and suits your personality best.

Tip 8• Refine the timeless feel to your wedding 

Let’s be honest, you need to cover all the bases from the ceremony, venue to your post-wedding honeymoon. It’s about designing a meaningful day that feels real to you. So, don’t let the financial side of things leave you feeling vulnerable. Decide if you want to fork out an insane amount of money, go on a spending spree or just say YES to everything.

micro wedding amsterdam museum herengracht

Museum Herengracht Amsterdam

Tip 9•  Proportional wedding 

Determine your wedding needs and structure it, so that you get the most out of it. A loan can work, too. You’ll be able to prioritise what you truly want for your big day. The cost of arranging an exquisite special party can skyrocket. Be savvy,  take your time and plan carefully. You could take precautionary measures and invest in wedding insurance.

Tip 10•  Fashion forward honeymoon

Finally, your hard earned cash can go a long way. However, if you want a more flamboyant day and honeymoon think about asking the bank of mum and dad. There’s nothing wrong in lending some cash. So, good luck with whatever you decide for your glamorous micro wedding!

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