Master of ceremony Amsterdam

Master of ceremony Amsterdam – Native English speaking celebrant who speaks Dutch.

Are you planning to get married and looking for the right wedding entertainment to turn your big day into a Sing-Along.

Why not orchestrate and organize a wedding day sing-a-long party with a master of ceremony?

Create a tremendously fun and wonderful time for all. Your unique moment can also become a special occasion with a master of ceremony sing-a-long  party. For instance it is a subtle way to get everyone singing at your reception, united  and onto the venue dance floor.

There is no need for your wedding guests to be excellent singers, feel inhibited or out of place at the wedding. Because the focus is on having fun; no-one can resist the power of singing. In the event that, you think you and your guests can’t sing, I’ve compiled some tips for you. Go on open your lungs, and sing out loud and get your sing-a-long wedding party started.

Let’s look at some ideas…

Master of Ceremony – Comedienne

1. Song Choice: What music should you choose for your Sing-a-Long party? Decide what type of party or wedding ceremony you are organizing. Then you should choose songs that reflect the mood of the event. You can sing or play pop, rock, blues or soul music. Whatever takes your fancy?

2. Songs Suitable for All: If you want to get everyone involved, then you need to pick songs that cater to all cultures, ages and sexes.  Grandma and pa may prefer songs from the 60’s, your mother the 80’s and yourself a more contemporary sound.  You could play safe, with a popular song like The Winner Takes it All by Abba.

3. Football Anthems: Everybody loves football, knows of someone loves football or hears about on the daily news. So, of course you become aware of the football anthems and songs that are played. These are brilliant melodies to entice the men, to sing along too! Do you Know “He’ll Never Walk Alone”?

Master of Ceremony Amsterdam – Entertainer

wedding entertainment Amsterdam at orangerie in Holland

Clover Jean – entertainer & celebrant NL/UK. image credit: www.burgundyproductions.com

4. Shout it Out: Don’t be shy. So what if you sing off key, you will not be the only one. When the drinks start flowing at the party, everyone gets carried away and no one is bothered. Everyone turns into award winning Grammy singers.  Play the song Shout by Otis Reading and you will know exactly what I mean.

5. Vary The Numbers: Maybe you are having a wedding ceremony, reception and then moving onto a dynamic party. You don’t have to sing all day. Decide for how long and if you want slow, medium or up-tempo songs. A sing-a-long will influence the atmosphere of the event.

6. Some Guests May not Want to Sing: There maybe a few people who shy away, sit in the back or steadily walk towards the door. No problem, if they don’t want to sing they don’t have to.  Let them enjoy the ambiance.

7. Give the Best Singer the Spotlight: If someone knows the entire song; let them go for it. Put them in the spotlight; give them a microphone and after they’ve the song, a great big round of applause!

Master of Ceremony – Singer

8. Encouragement: Motivate and encourage each other to sing out loud!

9. Everyone Can Sing: Another thing, everyone can sing. We all do it in the shower, in the kitchen or while walking down the road. A sing-a-long should be fun, easy and unite your guests. It is not a singing competition, talent contest or MTV!

10. Keep the Songs Simple: The best repertoire to have should be simple, recognizable pop, Eurovision festival hits or musical songs; such as Sister Act, Sound of Music or The Blues Brothers. The songs need to be catchy, understandable with a repeated chorus such as Shout by Otis Day & the Knights, Ding a dong by Teach in or Waterloo by Abba.

Do you need help, ideas or tips with getting the party started? Contact me now for more information or bookings.

image credit: burgundy productions