5 Keys to Mastering Your Craft as a Master of Ceremonies


How do you master your craft as a professional master of ceremonies? Well, let me share a little secret with you MC’s, celebrants and officiants are now mastering the craft of celebrancy. But, I bet your wondering what does celebrancy mean?

According to en.wikipedia.org, “Celebrancy is a movement to provide celebrants to officiate at weddings and other celebration of life ceremonies. With the officiating trend on the rise, novice officiants | celebrants get their resources from more experienced master of ceremonies.

Another thing, many celebrants are accessing Jennifer Claire’s Coaching – Celebrant  Success Accelerator course, to achieve their business goals. This empowers them to perform funerals, baby naming ceremonies and weddings for people who do not want a traditional religious ceremony.

So, you too can crank up your skills with these insider trade secrets about being a master of ceremonies, officiant or celebrant. Here are my 5 simple tips and tricks on how to capture the guests’ attention at party or wedding breakfast reception.

Master of Ceremonies  – Handy Tips & Tricks

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Wedding couple’s master of ceremonies

Foremost, being the celebrant at a wedding ceremony or the MC at a party event demands you to speak clearly and with confidence to the recipients. This is especially important while announcing the arrival of the newly married couple. On top of that, your introduction during the reception may include sharing their exceptional love story and anecdotes.

Master of ceremonies = Host with the Most

With the above in mind, get together with the wedding couple to discuss their planned event. Ask them what they need (ideas for the wedding reception) in order for you to give them your best. This will help you both create an amazing itinerary of events for the announcements. For more in-depth information about what to ask or your task, contact me. I’ll teach you how to be the best master of ceremonies ever.

Take charge of the wedding situation

Another thing, feeling uncomfortable with your task will not help you. Stay focused! Have a good visible presence at the wedding venue while speaking and addressing the guests. Let your self-confidence shine. Be aware of your posture and state of mind. Trust you’re doing the right thing and believe in yourself. Otherwise, the couple’s family, friends  and acquaintances will sense your uncertainty. Be yourself, smile and have fun.

Your image is important to your success

First impressions really do count. Think about how you wish to portray yourself as a master of ceremonies at the wedding. Did you know that your appearance (75%) will be the primary thing the couple and the invitees will notice? And this is before they listen to your voice (25%) during the wedding announcements. As the newlyweds master of ceremonies  it’s your responsibility to look and act the part.

The right clothes maketh the master of ceremonies

In addition, get an appropriate wedding outfit or wear something that brings out your personality. Nevertheless, clothes that fit properly and feels comfortable is necessary. A well-dressed and well-spoken master of ceremonies is the key to a faultless event. So, whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, as the wedding couple’s master of ceremonies you need to take charge. Moreover, lead a flawless ceremony and give an awesome performance.

Bonus tip | Be confident, charismatic and dignified

Finally, compose yourself during the wedding and reception. Your overall approach will echo the wedding couple’s big day. And remember, your vibe, charm and attitude will be representing the couple. so, here are more powerful body language tips for being the best master of ceremonies you can be. Good luck for the big day!


” It is true that love is blind but marriage is definitely an eye-opener?”



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