Wedding Terms and Conditions

Clover Jean Weddings: links – wedding terms and conditions for Clover Jean wedding packages- customer service agreement –  cancellation policy. Please read carefully.

Clover Jean Weddings delivers informal wedding services. This customer agreement is between Clover Jean Weddings celebrant, the client, couple or bride & groom.

Hereinafter referred to as the client.

The client agrees to employ the services of CLOVER JEAN WEDDINGS. Or the client wishes to book ABC Gospel Choir according to the following terms and wedding conditions.

Wedding Terms and Conditions


wedding terms and conditions

Wedding Terms and Conditions: “Y​our ​informal wedding servicey is the greatest gathering of the family and friends you hold ​most ​dear to your heart.”   image credit Getuilo Moraes


The Celebrant:

  1. Will provide services at the agreed fee.
  2. The initial meeting and follow ups can be face-to-face. Otherwise, it will be via WhatsApp, Skype or phone. And the second and final followup can take place at the client’s home or another location of choice.
  3. The celebrant officiates the ceremony at the agreed time, date, and place. And arrives at the location at least 60 – 90 minutes before the ceremony start time.
  4. Will work with the client’s photographer/videographer to decide on the best position for the bridal party at the venue. The celebrant oversees the ceremony. And positions herself at the altar in line with the couple’s wishes.
  5. Will provide a P.A. system, pen and a decorative symbolic certificate on the wedding day.
  6. Clover Jean Weddings celebrant is not liable for any injury, loss, claim, or damages of any kind during the use of the supplied equipment.
  7. If unforeseen circumstances arise such as illness, an accident or force majeure, a replacement celebrant will be found. Extra charges maybe incurred, however.

The client:

  1. Agrees that the Bride, Groom and Witnesses will arrive on time to commence the ceremony.  If delayed more than 30 minutes, the celebrant reserves the right to leave, to honour another commitment.
  2. The client may operate Clover Jean Weddings PA system. However, must assign someone to play the songs. Under the instruction of the celebrant this is allowed.
  3. Must provide the final wording of their ceremony to Clover Jean Weddings Celebrant via email. This must occur no later than three (3) weeks before the wedding date.  If by the due date it is not received, the celebrant retains the right to finalise the script.
  4. If planning an outdoor informal wedding service, the client must have an alternative plan, due to weather conditions.
links wedding couple man in grey checkered suit and woman wearing cream chiffon dress

Marriage officiant practices social distancing a ceremonial wedding in De Kas – Dignita Hoftuin, Amsterdam. image Burgundy productions


  • Booking confirmation: Clover Jean Weddings requires 300 euro deposit to reserve a wedding date, 14 days after the initial meeting. A confirmation of the celebrant’s attendance is sent directly to the clients inbox.
  • Payments: All payments are via Clover Jean Weddings bank details. Full and Final Payment is due 14 working days in advance of the couples wedding date.


  • Subject to availability and without any additional charges you can reschedule. As your celebrant I will officiate the ceremonial wedding. However, if unable to the amend your date a similar marriage official will be appointed. Extra costs may be incurred, however.” NOTE: If the rescheduled wedding date is available, the deposit will cover it.
  • So, subject to availability and without any additional charges you can reschedule. Your booked choir/band are your wedding music entertainment. However, unable to the amend your date a similar choir/band will be appointed. Extra costs may be incurred, however.” NOTE: If the rescheduled wedding date is available, the deposit will cover it.
  • Cancellation:
  • 30 days prior to the wedding ceremony date. Client receives a partial refund of the deposit [100 euros].
  • 14 days prior to the wedding ceremony date. Client receives 100% refund minus the deposit [300 euros].
  • 7 days prior to the wedding ceremony date. Client receives 50% refund minus the deposit [300 euros].


  • During the informal wedding service, the celebrant adheres to Covid-19 safety rules.
  • The celebrant will wear a mask and gloves [optional].
  • The celebrant (choir members) will carry out a self-test before the wedding. This is to reassure the client that they are not infected.
  • Disinfect hands with alcohol gel or frequent hand washing.
  • Use a tissue to blow nose and dispose of it appropriately. And cough in the crook of my elbow.
  • And sufficient distance will be kept between the celebrant and your guests [1.5 meters].
  • I’ll keep a distance of 1.5 meters to protect you the couple and your guests.
  • A designated area such as an altar, stage or podium is required.
  • Keep distance at the signing table and stay clear of the photographer. Use a retractable pen to assist you and witnesses with the signing of the symbolic marriage certificate.
  • Congratulate you with a hand on my heart or with the Namasté gesture.
  • Put the wedding rings on the table. And invite you the couple to come up to take them. Thereafter, you place the rings on each other’s finger.
  • You may kiss (with or without a mask).
  • Placed on the table is the signed informal marriage certificate. You may safely pick it up, at the end of the wedding ceremony.
wedding terms and conditions couple holding hands at boat wedding

Links – Wedding Terms and Conditions – Service Agreement: Clover Jean Weddings NL.


The Celebrant:

(I)    Grants permission to the couple to use any pictures, photographs or videography taken during the informal wedding service.

(II)     Retains copyright of all material she has written for the informal wedding service. The ceremony copies are in both draft and final form. However, couples may request a decorative copy, extra costs apply.

The Client:

(I)     Agree not to share, copy or reproduce in any way, any part of their written informal wedding service without the express permission of the celebrant / ABC Gospel Choir.

(II) For private use only, the client may take photos and videos of Clover Jean Weddings and ABC Gospel Choir.

(III) However, if the client shares photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram of another social media outlet, the privacy law applies. Therefore, permission must be requested from Clover Jean Weddings / ABC Gospel Choir before sharing online.

(IV)     Grant permission for the photographer of Clover Jean Weddings / ABC Gospel Choir to be present.

(V)     Grant permission for the usage of images of the informal wedding ceremony service [including the client]. These will be placed on the following social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Google and

Note: Accredited pictures and films are for promotional use only and will not be shared with third parties.


Within in 8 days after the informal wedding ceremony service, the client can make the nature of their complaint known to ‘Clover Jean Weddings’. Complaints can be sent to ‘Clover Jean Weddings, Nieuwe Leliestraat 38 HS, 1015ST, Amsterdam’. Complaints do not suspend the payment obligation.


Lastly, ‘Clover Jean Weddings” safeguards your  your e-mail and other personal information, that you provide. Please read here the privacy policy.


Nieuwe Leliestraat 38
1015 ST Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0) 6 148 17242
E: info(at)
Skype ID: clover.jean

Chamber of Commerce number: 34343861
VAT NUMBER: NL002190040B16



autumn winter wedding woman wearing pink gown and man wearing grey outfit with yellow tie

The informal wedding customer service agreement contains social distancing practices. De Kas – Dignita Hoftuin, Amsterdam. image Burgundy productions

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