Getting Legally Married Before The Celebrant-Led Ceremony?

legally get married

Getting legally married in Holland before your celebrant-led ceremony is commonplace. This is one of the greatest moments in every couple’s life. Not only does a civil marriage give you status and inheritance rights, you get tax breaks, too.

Well, only civil marriage ceremonies are legally recognised in the Netherlands. Coupled with that are the financial legal obligations and this brings big responsibilities.

So, whether you are eloping, a foreign national living in Holland, or considering a secret wedding you need to complete the legal part of your marriage first. That must be done in your country of residence before planning the big day. By registering your intent to marry, the bare minimum of witnesses (2 people) is required to go with you to the local city or town hall.

In fact, your local authority oversees your legal wedding but a celebrant can lead the ceremonial part. So, follow the 4 easy steps on how to legally get married with a Dutch based celebrant…

Legally get married – 4 easy steps

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Step One

Firstly, in the place where you reside you can register your marriage. It enables the registration service to prepare your legal documentation, paperwork and record the details for your big wedding celebration in Holland. Afterwards, go through the formality of reciting the declaratory words and contractual vows and sign your marriage license. And the registrar will validate your lawful marriage.

Step Two

Secondly, search for your dream wedding space and book your venue. There are no boundaries or restrictions on hiring a licensed or unlicensed establishment. From marrying on a boat, at the beach, in a luxurious castle or in a quaint Dutch village, there are endless romantic places. And if you like the idea of a modern diverse wedding, church or interfaith blessing that’s possible too.

Step Three

Next, once you have secured the perfect setting for your wedding celebration, the next thing is to find and book your officiant. Check the celebrants’ availability and plan a consultation. Most importantly arrange it 2 – 3 months before your big day. Explore your options. And choose someone you trust and makes you feel comfortable.

Step Four

Last but not least, the legal requirements and procedures to marry anywhere in the Netherlands is simple. And a celebrant offers you freedom, choice and the flexibility to wed any where you want, when you want and how you want. Another thing is, they usually carry out one wedding a day. Why? This ensures you and your partner receive the utmost attention on all aspects of your ceremony so that it will run smoothly. Go here and find out more about Dutch marriage legal paperwork.


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