Don’t Forget These Important Last Minute Wedding Tasks

last minute wedding tasks

Last minute wedding tasks can be labour-intensive, so you could forget the important stuff to make a big impression on the day. Being the b2b means prioritising the elements that matter the most to you. But, what should finalise 2 months prior to the special celebrations?

Although wedding planning is exciting, it’s also stressful, overwhelming and a very productive process. So, naturally, it’s understandable that you might forget to book your celebrant in advance to perform your wedding ceremony. And this could lead to disappointment in creating the ideal start to the rest of your married life.

Most importantly, a celebrant helps with any other last minute wedding tasks. Furthermore, keeps you on track about you and your partners’ vows, wedding ceremony wishes, reception, party plans and other bits and bobs. Read three other sites and links to get you started with your plan of action…

Last minute wedding tasks

last minute wedding tasks

Groom, Asterios and Lisa the bride got married. Congratulations!

image | Phil Desveaux

“After months and months of planning, it’s almost time for the big day! And you’ve confirmed your dress, the RSVPs are pouring in…the only thing to do is show up, right? Not quite.

The week before your wedding

The week before your wedding is likely to be a tad hectic with some last minute wedding tasks to get through. But don’t fret! Luckily, after years and years of planning weddings, other brides have thought of it all.” Source:

“Congratulations on your wedding! You’ve been planning for years to create the most amazing wedding in the history of all weddings. And with the feeling of it being just a few weeks away, you can’t believe your at this stage.

Wedding planning journey

Although you’ve pretty much done everything there is to do in the wedding planning journey, there are just a few last minute wedding tasks to do the week of your wedding and we’ve rounded them all up so you don’t forget anything.” Source:

Finally, choosing a celebrant well in advance allows you to tick off the most important item on your ceremony checklist. Yet, spending the final nights before your nuptials worrying about stuff for your special day, will not make you happy.

Totally normal to fret

But, saying that, it’s totally normal to fret and forget some aspects of your celebrations. So, don’t struggle with the last minute wedding tasks. The above site have all the bases covered for you. Keep your eyes peeled and check out weddingwire’s five must-have items on your comprehensive to-do-list.


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