Informal Wedding Ceremony Ideas To Wow Your Guests

informal wedding ceremony

Informal wedding ceremony ideas tend to surface when you’ve decided to opt for an intimate, relaxed and laid-back approach to your big day. But, how do you create a highly personalised matrimonial service that wows your select group of wedding guests?

Face it, an informal wedding ceremony is not complexed. It is simple and means fewer family and friends. However, less people enables you to give your selective group of invitees that extra bit of special attention, right?

Moreover, you add a personal touch to your wedding day bliss. And you kick start your celebrations in an understated but romantic way. So, keep reading my tips and tricks. Create an unforgettable day with a casual look and feel. Make it a wedding to wow everyone and ensure your event is momentous.

Informal wedding ceremony

informal wedding ceremony

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Tip 1• Don’t have  a standard wedding

So let’s start with the most important thing, you want an aesthetically pleasing, cool and really informal day. Don’t take it as gospel and compromise your standards. The fact of the matter is by hosting a more personal celebration means you’ll have quality time to spend with your selected guests. On top of that, everyone invited has the opportunity to really get to know one another.

Tip 2• Deputise a friend or get a celebrant to lead your  ceremony

Secondly, get the right feel and create the right vibe at your wedding. Deputise a friend as your celebrant or hire one to weave elements of your vows into the flow of the ceremony. Basically, by meeting your criteria your planned laid-back celebration becomes a reality. So, dare to dream and choose wisely to ensure everyone feels part of your big day within a private setting.

Tip 3• Take your celebratory party to the next level 

In fact, a secluded location of your choice shall take your  informal wedding ceremony to the next level. Celebrating the first year of married life is a good idea. It allows you to have an intimate environment at an exclusive venue. What’s more, your celebrant should craft a commemorative marriage certificate to mark the occasion. And by customising your own keepsake you enhance the wedding celebrations.

Tip 4• Distinctive touches add pizzazz to your wedding day 

So, don’t forget to add a distinctive touch and pizzazz into your casual wedding day plans. But, a word of warning many vendors and some entertainment services require a non-refundable deposit and a signed contract to confirm the booking. However, this shouldn’t stop you planning your ideal informal wedding. Let them show off your relaxed personality, unique qualities and music taste.

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Tip 5• Casual wedding products make your event personal 

Better still, transform your private intimate marriage celebrations with the help of a licensed wedding planner. And determine how much you can afford to spend. For big day product ideas, for your casual affair and the setting up of the private location get help from an on-site wedding consultant.

Tip 6• Laid-back wedding consultants

Additionally, if you really want to create an exquisite wedding, hire an international wedding planner. A professional consultant prides his or herself on carrying out a complete range of services. And you can pick up lots of advice about celebrating your wedding in an informal manner with family and friends. Most importantly, you’ll have a stylish and personal ambiance.

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