Wedding Speech Ideas to Empower Women of Diversity to Speak Out

confident wedding speech bridesmaid reading and smiling

How do you set a precedent by delivering a fun, upbeat and meaningful wedding speech with confidence, authority and humor? Well, I’m encouraging you as a female master of ceremonies to be fearless, stand up and take the mic. But how do you do that as a woman of diversity?

In the footsteps of Meghan Markle you can close the gap and flaunt your ‘showwomanship’.  Actually your spoken words give the best man a run for his money. Let’s face it, even a tongue tied Duchess of Sussex speaking in public can get stressed out, too.

Yes, it happens to the best of us like the naturally gifted speaker, Queen Elizabeth. But, it shouldn’t stop you feeling empowered to deliver a poignant love saying with confidence, ease and elegance.

Another thing, your crystal clear announcement, if done correctly, will melt the coldest heart on the wedding day. Therefore, being nervous about it wont help! Discover how to become a diversity speaker and convey your message like a royal with fluency. In fact, use these bold and creative ways to get in on the act. And stay in ultimate control just like Meghan Markle. Let’s do this together…

Wedding speech | Empowerment tips & tricks

confident wedding speech

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1. Write your wedding speech from the heart

Firstly, keep cool. The basis ground rule before you put pen to paper is to remember, your speech is important. It’s a significant element of the happy  wedding day. Your contribution as the diversity speaker [master of ceremonies], is a big part of everyone’s fond memories. Deliver a dynamic speech to avoid your public becoming bored, restless or nodding off.

2. Master your wedding speech nerves.

Secondly, if it is your first time speaking in public be aware, our attention span is less than eight seconds. Therefore, it’s essential to make your announcement memorable, filled with love and captivating. And deliver a story full of fun facts, tales, humor and witty irony. Read more tips from Heidi Ellert-McDermott, about the speech etiquette for weddings.

3. Go with the flow

In essence, you may feel the nerves creeping up or exposed and vulnerable during your stint as the ambassadress for the wedding couple. So, keep your talk between 3 – 8 minutes. Why? See point 2, again. And don’t forget the rule of six: short, sharp, sweet, fun, to the point and sentimental. Furthermore, as the lady speaker, you need to make a toast.

confident wedding speech bridesmaid reading and smiling


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4. Mention the couple’s uniqueness

When were you saddled with the speech? Mention the date and the first time and how long you know the bride/groom. Take it in your stride and talk about their uniqueness. And say why they complement one another and what they mean to you. Let your speech go with the flow. Read on for great advice about an in-depth speech at a wedding and how to give a powerful toast.

5. Rehearse, prepare and practice

Look at it this way, as a woman you don’t have to hold back during your talk or be a nail biting wreck. Project your voice. Committing yourself to the wedding ceremony or reception, take a stand, feel empowered and maximize on the impact of your heartwarming speech. How? All you’ll need is a:

  • Full length mirror
  • Voice recorder (IPhone or any other mobile device)
  • IPad or home computer
  • Or a notepad, pen and paper will suffice.

6. Posture, performance and presence

In addition, jot down all the things you want to share and say about your love, friendship and the happy couples history. Use the above items, attributes and your feminine charm to help you create a visually and verbally pleasing message of affection. The mirror reflects your posture, performance and presence while reciting your wedding reading.

confident wedding speech bridesmaid reading from her mobile phone

Kylie & Garry wedding

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7. Use humor to make a point

Next edit the tales you want to tell, by all means use humor to make a point. Delve into your written speech, heart and be totally honest. Have you covered all the good stuff? Does it sound OK? What do you want to cross out? Whatever you keep, just remember you are the lady speaker and preparation is the key. Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse some more.

8. Move over men

Additionally, if you like to talk and natter till the cows come home, redress the balance and show those male diversity speakers a thing or too. Practice saying your speech out loud and slowly, preferably in front of a mirror. Enjoy watching yourself and listening to your feline voice. Be upfront about your presentation technique. If you are laughing, crying or feeling emotional then you’re on the right track.

9. Negative emotions

Additionally, any negative emotion is an indication that you need to perfect your womanly approach. Be assertive and convey your warm hearted speech effortlessly. Otherwise, get a master of ceremonies to write for you. This will relax you to deliver your speech without fumbling. Or else, actively target female wedding speakers.

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10. Scan your audience

Seated at the top table, at the front or near by, you’ll already have the full attention of everyone. Guests are aware of your charisma, presence and looks forward to your feminine touch and toast. Take a deep breath, scan the mood of your audience and acknowledge everyone. Or just focus on someone you feel comfortable, at ease and safe with. Keep smiling.

11. Wedding seating arrangements

Another thing, as the lady speaker your message can contain key moments, juicy tidbits and special anecdotes about yours and the wedding couple’s relationship. So, spend time researching to gather extra intriguing and never before revealed information about the newlyweds. Get a copy of the wedding guest list and the seating arrangements.

12. Scripts for women with balls

Last but not least! Try to make your heartfelt speech, poignant toast or humorously witty speech sound united. Use soundbites, one-liners or poems to fill in the blanks. Moreover, if you get stuck along the way get help from a keynote wedding diversity speaker and nail your speech [or to come pretty close].

confident wedding speech bridesmaid reading and smiling

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Over to you…

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