How to Become a Successful & Professional Gospel Singer


As a gospel singer I recently had a light-bulb moment and realised I’m still a pupil of the school of life. What’s more, I admit I’ve made many terrible mistakes in my career. With my years of knowledge, I’ve experienced lots of technical stumbling blocks.

On top of that, I’ve gone through some deep emotions and musical pitfalls. And you guessed it, I didn’t realise that proper singing is a lifelong learning journey. Encountering problems as a vocalist means constantly being aware of  the bad vocal habits, as these habits effects one’s confidence. However, every time I face an obstacle, I get a surprising revelation. The awesome thing is I continue to conquer and master the art of singing & performing.

Singing is top relaxation and also a top-class sport.” – Clover Jean. “The best singing teacher is he or she, who gets the most out of their pupils.” – Jean de Boisson. “The most important thing in music is not in the notes.” – Gustav Mahler

Read below my 5 insightful tips about “How to Become a Gospel Singer”.

Aretha Franklin singing at Barack Obama Fourty fourth President of the United States Inauguration

Tip 1• Gospel, jazz & soul singer

Are you a beginner, intermediate or experienced gospel, jazz or soul singer and performer? Well, the singing sensation has probably become your second nature. It should be natural and consistent. Basically being a performer means good breath control, takes guts and commitment. And, not every singer is an entertainer.

Tip 2• Practice makes perfect but it’s boring 

Let me tell you another secret. Practice makes perfect but it’s extremely boring. And I think that’s why performing, for me, comes naturally, I live to entertain. However, during periods of low self-esteem, there are times when I experience moments of sheer fear and doubt. That’s when the inadequate feelings come in, the insecure flashes of disapproval. At heart I feel I’m not technically exciting as a vocalist.

gospel singer sitting next to a tv program talent scout

Nikki Konings – Talent scout “The Voice of Holland”

Tip 3• Impress and touch the audience

Also, the days when I have to rehearse a new song can be agonising and tiresome. The thought of it can sometimes be frightening. Using body energy is really helpful to get a clear speaking or singing sound, especially for belting. Body energy,means that surge of energy in your body that helps you make the sound, such as when you’re about to lift something heavy or when you yell. –

Tip 4• Performance anxiety

After more than 20 years as a gospel, soul and jazz singer and singing at full tilt, I still get nervous about my technique and the learning process. What’s more, I’ve had a panic attack (black-outs) and suffered performance anxiety (during my act for Desmond Tutu). Highly disciplined and devoted I dedicate lots of time to studying music. And I spend countless hours vocal training and doing breathing exercises. It is strenuous, exhausting and sparks a conflict in me about my ability. Apparently, faulty singing is all part of the learning process of being a professional singer and entertainer. Source:

Tip 5•  Tuition fees 

According to tuition fees to learn how to sing depends on several factors, such as length of the lesson, their qualifications’ and your technique. It can cost between £35 and £50 an hour. However, if you opt for a celebrity vocal coach who only trains big stars such as Beyoncé, Bruno Mars or Sam Smith, expect to pay double or triple the amount mentioned.

gospelzangeres gospel singer amsterdam

Desmond Tutu – Close the Gap @ Culemborg with Joyful Inspirations Gospel Trio


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