4 Signs You’re Ready To Accept A Marriage Proposal

marriage proposal

Are you ready to accept a marriage proposal and get engaged? Even though an engagement sounds truly romantic, there could be some alarm bells ringing in your ears. So, what are the questions you should ask before you say, “Yes, I Do”?

Well, don’t let me burst your bubble during this exciting and thrilling time. Having sleepless nights and nerve-wracking days will not help you make a decision. Being busy morning, noon and night only causes more stress. But, saying all that a marriage proposal can mark a significant moment in your life. It’s a big thing which the love gods have bestowed upon you.

Therefore, enjoy and take his marriage proposal seriously. Think long and hard about what you really need. Do you really want to get engaged? What are the pros and cons? Dive into these questions to get to grips and come to terms with how you feel. Keep reading…

 Marriage Proposal | Questions

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Will reality kick in when you are no longer dating?

To begin with, you’ve been dating quite a while and now you are an official item. But, it’s now time to put your cards on the table, too. Ask yourself, are you truly in love? Are you really compatible? Do you like his family and friends? Once the playing happy couple is over, the excitement of being in a relationship might wear off. From now on, reality kicks, so decide if you want to take the next level and get engaged.

Is planning an engagement the embellishment of a happy life?

Let’s be honest. The belief that planning an engagement will be peaceful and pain-free is a big myth. Unfortunately, money issues and other related problems are part of accepting a marriage proposal. Incidentally, financial challenges can make or break a marriage. What’s more, it could add a lot of tension to your long-term relationship. As a result, it’s wise to manage things. So, before making a statement here are some major life-changing questions, such as…

  • Do you want to buy or rent a new house?
  • Do you have a disposal income?
  • Are you planning to make future investments?
  • Would you like to have children?
  • What to do with inheritance money?
  • Do you want to start a savings plan?
  • How important is financial wealth to you?
  • Will you make mutual agreements about the cash flow?
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above image Daniel Moises Magulado from Pexels

Does a newly engaged couple really enjoy planning a wedding?

Before, I continue, I’d like to change the subject slightly and let you in on a secret. Well, I have never been proposed to, engaged or married. And so, I’m certainly not a marriage proposal expert. However, as a wedding celebrant I know planning your engagement and future wedding together can cause serious financial burdens. With a shared account and not a good overview of spending, your strong foundation can become steadily weakened.

Why do engaged couples worry about getting the married blues?

Last but not least, with your happy outlook on your engagement ring, don’t suffer cash flow worries. As a future married couple the hard truth is, you are not immune from money hassles. This is one of the biggest stresses you’re likely to encounter. But, you’re madly in love and it’s an amazing feeling, right? Yet, you need to deal with your money affairs. This way you’ll have stability, in your joint future finances and your successful life as newlyweds without the blues. Most importantly, your engagement party and marriage will not be in shambles (heaven forbid)!



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