Wedding Planning Mistakes Your Future Husband Will Make

Grooms Wedding Etiquette Mistakes man picking up bride

Grooms wedding etiquette mistakes are unavoidable because planning your special celebrations is stressful. On top of that, a wedding requires huge funds, lots of time and endless energy. So, during his hunt for the best essentials, the finer details may have slipped hb2’s mind.

But, how do you make sure he fixes the mistakes? How can he create a unique wedding without it turning into chaos?

Let me shed some light on the matter… Wouldn’t it be an extra special experience if you worked together? By working together, you’ll understand each other and appreciate each other more.

In fact, planning a wedding is not a piece of cake you can help, support and be there for one another. So, trash any ideas about fixing him. And admit it, you can’t do the wedding planning on your own. Basically, you need to forgive your groom the oversight. Here are a few sites and links to sidestep any of the grooms wedding etiquette mistakes. Let’s dive in…

Grooms Wedding Etiquette Mistakes

Grooms Wedding Etiquette Mistakes bride fixing grooms tie1. Don’t let him get off scot-free with the wedding planning

First, your partner, has amazing things he can do for the wedding. Don’t let him get off scot-free. Remember, he already popped the question and asked you to marry him. And you said, “Yes.” So, let the fun begin. Although his mother told him, “Son, you only have one job. Just show up on time and tell your bride how beautiful she looks.” We both know that’s not true. Want to find out why? So, read the traditional list of groom’s tasks and modern adaptations at

2. Important wedding and honeymoon funds

Your groom’s mind could be working overtime. In his man cave, he is plotting his own agenda. And he wants to blow the wedding and honeymoon fund by lavishly spending it. So, to avoid any issues, be on the same page. Use a financial plan checker or calculator in the planning process. Turn a stressful time into something you both control. Or you take charge of the money and let him take care of the other things you haven’t got time for.

Grooms Wedding Etiquette Mistakes man holding door, kissing brides handimage credit | Eileen Rivard

3. Necessary pre-partying fun and stag night

Additionally, he could be in a spot of trouble. One of his biggest desires is to prove his love for you, with all eyes watching. I’m sure you’re with me on this one, right? Nevertheless, with all the pre-partying fun and stag night, he could easily get himself into a tight spot. And forget important things on the wedding agenda. So, pull the plug on things and give him a gentle nudge. This saves any nasty surprises. Get his focus back on track and remind him to use the wedding planning checklist.

4. Spur-of-the-moment fights

This is a biggie and could cause a tricky situation. Keep each other in the loop and avoid any unnecessary stress or unplanned fights. Let him feel loved, included and part of the wedding planning process. It’s been around for centuries. And countless men over the years marry their darlings. He’s not the first one to jump the broom and plunge into married life. And he won’t be the last either. So, see part two of his wedding planning checklist below.

5. Take the plunge and create a special wedding day

Ultimately, the to-do-list will crush any grooms wedding etiquette planning mistakes. These amazing point by point tips are vital to fix any problems along the way. Above all, use them to arrange your big day, so that it goes off without a hitch. He can also pop over to the for help. Important stuff such as the groom’s tasks, location, registration of your marriage and the honeymoon, plus lots of advice are available at ‘The Plunge’.

Grooms Wedding Etiquette Mistakes man picking up brideimage

6. Curb negative wedding planning thoughts

The fact of the matter is, wedding planning comes with massive stress, commitment and responsibilities. Making a lot of decisions might produce anxiety, unless he makes wise choices. One of the best ways to reduce the planning chore burdens is to share the duties. So, ditch the grooms wedding etiquette mistakes. And tease out his passion for loving, fixing and preparing for your delightful wedding day with tips from

Did you find the above sites and links thought-provoking reading? Then read “Planning decisions that scare your groom-to-be”.

Over to you…

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