9 Steps To Get Your Gorgeous Groom Wedding Planning

groom wedding planning

Congratulations on your engagement. How do you get your tech-savvy groom wedding planning?  With gadgets and gizmos, the groom’s job is to support you with all the upcoming arrangements. Committed from the start of the preparations to the finish, his game plan should be your wedding.

Basically, the pre-wedding ground work is about both your ideas and vision of the big day. By, sharing the excitement of the planning stages, you’ll strengthen the relationship. Even better, you’ll get your marriage off to a good start. And guess what? That’s why, I’ve put together step-by-step rundown to get you and your gorgeous groom wedding planning. See below.

Groom wedding planning – Step One

It’s only fair that your groom takes his share of the pre-wedding planning. And attacks his duties head on. Things like refining the guest list, choosing his groomsmen, and selecting the first dance song. Let him take charge of that stuff, with a wedding planning app. Believe me he will enjoy it. And makes sure he finds the signature tune that’s unique to both of you.

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Groom wedding planning – Step Two

Next, don’t get cross, communicate and get him onboard. He can plan the pre-wedding activities such as arranging the rehearsal dinner. This is the kickoff to your big day celebrations. Connect with Facebook family and friends closest to you. Furthermore, give your loved ones your special attention. You know why? Engrossed in one another on your wedding day you won’t have time to mix and mingle. Therefore, it will be difficult to engage with each invitee.

Groom wedding planning – Step Three

So, with all the tech-savvy gadgets and gizmos on the market for your groom, your wedding ideas pitch should get the go ahead. The tools allow him to be busy with the essentials during and after your big day. Don’t worry, if you feel stressed out. The anxious feeling is completely normal. And it shall pass once the groom sorts out his tasks. Tip: Ensure your groom double checks with the best man that he has the rings.

Groom wedding planning – Step Four

But before, the wedding your groom needs to tackle your holiday. Get him to make a romantic holiday fund jar. Next, he needs to book the honeymoon. Planning a trip of a life time takes up lots of time. Make sure he begins looking for somewhere nine months before the wedding. Other than that, you and your groom need to focus on your own personal attire.

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Groom wedding planning – Step Five

Once he has decided on the tuxedo, tailored suit and other items. On the actual day, let his dad, uncle or brother give him a final look over. And fix any clothing mistakes. For example, straighten out the shirt, polish the dress shoes and other items that need it. Listen, don’t rely on him just checking out his style in the mirror. Moreover, confirm he isn’t afraid to ask a friend for their assistance.

Groom wedding planning – Step Six

Additionally, your groom has to roundup his groomsmen. He can sort this out with a groomsmen app . This application allows him to add all his wingmen, best man and dads, too. Afterwards, everything else is about making sure you and him feel special. Another thing, the groomsmen and bridesmaid should be taking care of you. After all, it’s your wedding. The key part of the event should be about both of you enjoying the moment to the fullest.

Groom wedding planning – Step Seven

As the wedding begins to wind down, the spotlight is on your high-tech groom. His task is to give a toast. This is typically the very last speech of the night. He can ask the guests to share their wedding photos on an online wedding album. However, your man doesn’t have to do that or say anything fancy, only be himself. Your groom should use the time to thank everyone and those that made your wedding possible. Don’t forget to include family and friends who drove a long distance to share your happy occasion.

Groom wedding planning – Step Eight

And now the evening has come to an end, his toast is complete and you’re both heading out. You can finally take a deep breath because you’ve made it. The unequivocal fact is, you’re officially a married couple, husband and wife, with an incredible future to look forward to.

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Groom wedding planning – Step Nine

Next the fun part starts…. Feel free to do all the cheesy stuff and let your husband to be carry you over the threshold. Or, jump on a flight to your honeymoon destination.  Whatever you choose to do, spend time enjoying your memories. Relax and have an amazing time. Now, it’s the beginning of your new life as you journey together.

Over to you…

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