7 Things That Scare Your Groom About Wedding Planning

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Many grooms have the wedding planning bug. And, I bet you’re wondering how many. Well, I can’t give you an exact figure. But, according to The Plunge – your unofficial best man’s website – you brides are secretly afraid of giving him full control.

On top of that, perhaps you don’t want his input about the finishing touches to the planning decisions. So, get fantastic advice about winning ways to plan your nuptials, and help him avoid any last-minute hitches. What’s more, this will take care of any nervousness or uncomfortable feelings he might be having about the wedding day. Read on….

1. Who is paying for your wedding?

The money side of your wedding could become a sensitive topic. If, as a couple you don’t have a stash of gold saved for your big day, this could be a problem. Nevertheless, it’s possible to plan for a unique and exclusive day. Like other brides and grooms, why shouldn’t you have an amazing day whatever the costs, within reason of course? However, are you aware that the bulk of many weddings centers around financial issues? Read this article about how to create a healthy marriage. 

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2. Wedding expenses and more

In the past, the bride’s family covered most of the wedding expenses. Whereas, the groom’s family handled the rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, bride’s rings and smaller expenses. Reassure your groom and tell him not to worry. Find out more and keep up to date with the current groom’s responsibilities at https://www.bridalguide.com/etiquette/roles-responsibilities/who-pays-for-what

3. The complete guide to being a groom

Relatively speaking, they say grooms have it easy. However, tradition has changed. The bride and groom’s family are not responsible for funding or planning the wedding anymore. Although some still do. Anyway, you probably think the responsibility lies with both of you. Because, you know each other’s likes and dislikes. So, digest exclusive information about guys who love wedding planning. 

4. Actively investing time and effort in the wedding 

Also, isn’t it great to get active and invest time plus energy in the upcoming marriage. We’re living in modern times. And this calls for a fresh contemporary style from the bride and groom. What better way to put a unique spin on a classic wedding tradition. Read the complete guide to being a groom in the 21st century at https://www.artofmanliness.com/2015/10/08/complete-guide-to-being-a-groom/

5. Mother-in-law wedding planning

Who is the mother of the groom? She is your mother-in-law, his mum. Like your fiancée, his mother is itching to immerse herself in the plans of the wedding. Traditionally, the mother-in-law shows up, shuts up and wears a sad colour. But today, things have changed considerably.  Here’s a guide to show you some amazing duties of the mother of the groom. https://www.thespruce.com/the-role-of-the-mother-of-the-groom-3489937

6. Wedding day roles and responsibilities

Also, as the future bride and groom, you must clearly establish your roles when planning your wedding. After all, you’ll both fund, host, arrange and coordinate the whole event. Because, you want to make sure your day is a remarkable success. Therefore, your priority is to stay organized during the planning process, if you want to avoid fear or panic creeping up on your groom.

7. Keeping an eye on the wedding costs

Lastly,  remember to keep track of your spending spree and record your expenses. Want to know what the other important wedding roles and responsibilities are? Keep on top of your plans and go to https://www.wednet.com/ for everything you need to design your special day together.

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