Why Hire A Dutch Gospel Choir For Your Wedding Event?

jazz festival programma gospelkoor met band boeken abc gospel choir in blue and red togas

Why should you hire a trained Dutch black gospel choir for your wedding? How much does it cost to have a musical accompaniment for the ceremony? Well, this is an important question to ask if you’re planning a major party or special milestone event in Holland.

But, don’t worry I’ve got all the answers for you. So, let me shed some light on the matter. Here’s the deal: a soulful performance enriches the celebratory mood at your wedding or party.

What’s more, the warm and uplifting gospel and soul sounds are perfect for your marriage ceremony or even a baby naming celebration. With an injection of fun and energy, professional choirs take your special occasion to a higher level.

Hire a Dutch gospel choir – gospelkoor boeken!

Therefore, check this out. Take a look below at run-down of the actual costs incurred in hiring a trained black gospel choir for your upcoming event:

  • Administration costs
  • Song arrangements
  • Rehearsal time
  • Rehearsal space
  • Performance | set-up time and sound check
  • Travel time and expenses
  • Distance & duration
  • The amount of gospel singers required
  • Building new music skills
  • Continued performance training
  • P.A. System with microphones
  • Gospel gowns

Basically, the right gospel formation to fit your party needs and wedding theme preferences will not break the bank. And hiring a choir totally depends on what is important to you!

Nevertheless, you still want to know what it costs, right? See below the recommended prices for booking an experienced black gospel choir.

Black gospel choir in Holland – gospelkoor boeken!

gospelkoor boeken huren eight choir singers dressed in blue and red togas

Musicdistillery – Jazz festival 2019 | ABC Gospel Choir | gospelkoor boeken

image John Valk

Trained Dutch choir – gospelkoor boeken

Well, hiring a contemporary gospel choir it perfect for your wedding celebrations or venue event. Experienced choirs come in various shapes, sizes and price ranges. So, this is what you should pay [euros] for semi-professional and trained singers.


GOSPEL CHOIR FEES 2021 until 2023

Please note: This can be inclusive or exclusive PA system—public address system, backing tracks, traditional gospel robes and taxes.

Solo artist375 – 500 €
Marriage celebrant singer 750 – 900 €
4 – 6        choir singers1000 €
6 – 8        choir singers1500 €
8 – 12       choir singers2000 €
14 – 20+ choir singers4800€

The above start prices in euros are an indication.

However, you can opt for a multi-ethnic gospel ensemble to perform in their own fashion forward outfits. Wearing the appropriate clothing; in the same colour as your wedding or party theme brightens up the occasion.

What’s more, hire a choir in to add an extra special affect when you leave the wedding venue in a flurry of confetti or bubbles. Gospel & soul choir is the finishing touch plus wow factor on your special day. Take the stress out of finding the right music.

gospelkoor boeken huren choir met paars togas en presentator met donkere blauw jas

Holland’s NPO 3 gospel comedy show “Oh, mijn Hemel” with Alex Klassen, ABC gospelgroep – gospelkoor boeken.


Roughly speaking many choirs have a promotional price for unique wedding or party events. So, inquire about the gospel & soul choir’s celebratory package.

Listen now to a black gospel choir, this collective of Dutch singers [gospelkoor boeken] performs a fun-filled, full of glee and energetic show. Why not, amaze and surprise your family and friends with a gospel act or flash mob, you’ll strike a chord with everyone at your wedding or party event. The fact is, a gospel choir is suitable for young and old. Above all, accommodates all your upcoming party event and wedding wishes.

Send an email to request the Dutch choir

gospelkoor boeken wedding love songs choir singing and raising hands up high

Edwin Hawkins Singers – gospelkoor boeken

Over to you…

Be savvy and create your own wedding trends! Leave your ideas, questions or comments below.

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