How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Gospel Choir?

gospelkoor boeken

Your destiny wedding is shaped by your actions, decisions and not by chance. And in the grand scheme of planning your special day, you have difficulty finding a gospel choir. The cost of hiring a collective group of singers totally depends on what is important to you.

So tell me, do you know what type of choir suits your event? And my next question is do you require a gospel ensemble made up of male, female or a mix of singers? Well, from traditional Negro spirituals, commercial, urban pop and African American black gospel you select the group of advanced vocalists you want.

Basically, the right gospel formation to fit your needs and preferences are far and few between. Nevertheless, a soulful performance enriches your celebratory mood. What’s more, the warm and uplifting gospel sounds surpass all over sensations and feelings you will experience at your wedding, party or corporate event. With an injection of fun and energy, a gospel collective takes your special occasion to a higher level.

Abc black gospelchoir from Amsterdam at a wedding in HollandCommercial or non-commercial gospel choir

So, now you are wondering, about the actual costs of hiring a gospel choir for your event. Well, to start with a contemporary gospel choir comes in various shapes, sizes and price ranges. The ballpark figure for 3 to 15 singers [inclusive PA system—public address system, backing tracks and traditional gospel robes] is between 900 – 3800 euros (price indication for 2019 – 2020). However, you can find a solo artist for as little as 350 euros.

Listen now to a gospel choir, this collective of singers performs a fun-filled, full of glee and an energetic show. Why not, amaze and surprise your family and friends with a gospel act, you’ll strike a chord with everyone. The fact is, a gospel choir is suitable for young and old. Above all, accommodates all your party and wedding wishes.

man gekleed als Jesus, naast gospelkoor gekleed met paars togas en presentator met donkere blauw jas

De comedyserie van NPO 3 “Oh, mijn Hemel” met Alex Klassen en ABC gospelgroep

Better still, opt for a gospel ensemble to perform in their own fashion forward outfits. Request that they wear appropriate clothing; in the same colour theme as your special occasion. Brighten up your wedding aisle as you enter the venue or leave the church (during the flurry of confetti or bubbles), reception or party with gospel & soul music. Most importantly, you’ll add a wow factor to your special day. So, take the stress out of finding the right gospel & soul choir contact me today.

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