How Gospel Gowns Can Make or Break Your Wedding Event

gospel gowns people dressed in mulitcoloured robes with african prints

Traditional gospel gowns also known as togas, impacts weddings, parties and corporate events in a powerful way. Allow me to explain. Party-goers swoon at the sight of an imposing gospel group adorned in robes associated with a Black or Afro-American choir. But, why is this iconic garment such an enigma?

Well, let me share a little titbit with you. One of the first things  potential wedding clients’ ask enthusiastically when they book my choir, is, “Do you wear a beautiful, long and colourful toga?”

Then, on arrival at the venue in our loosely fitted gospel dresses, they’re amazed and spellbound by the gowns. “You all look so stunning,” is their usual reaction. Imagine that… Guests get chills and goosebumps and this is before we even sing a song.

So, is it novelty status symbol? And why are party-goers fascinated about the “unflattering” gospel robe? And why does this piece of clothing arouse such excitement from everyone? Let’s dive into the facts, fiction and history of lengthy dresses for choirs. And hopefully it will shed some more light on the phenomenon and appeal of gospel gowns. Keep reading…

Gospel Gowns

gospel gowns

Tommy Hilifger – Sugar City – Amsterdam

The Origin 

To start with, “the origin and history of gospel gowns and choir robes dates back to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. However, gives an in-depth look at past costumes and dresses used by choirs. Based on identified documentation from a specific era, it reports a timeline of the outfits known as gospel gowns.


And there’s more… The distinctive looks and flowing movements of robes always impress guests at your event. Special focus placed on the vibrant colour, style and texture has great appeal. And the result is a garment which enriches any atmosphere. But guess what? Most choir gowns were limited to only one of three colours – black, white and blue. However, with the popularity of gospel choirs, the robes blossomed into a multitude of choices.

gospel gowns

ABC Gospel Choir | Kwast Wijnproevers – Corporate Christmas Party @ Restaurant De Dyck in Woubrugge

Uniformed and unified

Believe it or not, I’m NO gospel gown expert. Nevertheless, the uniformed and unified look of a gospel choir adds to the attraction of the robes. As it turns out, the appearance of the garments greatly influences wedding couples, their guests and corporate business people. Be warned though, this novelty status symbol can make or break your event because of it’s religious connotations.

Pulling power 

Traditional gowns are deeply embedded in the texture of the Black & African American gospel choirs’ world. And another thing, the fascination and pulling power of authentic gospel gowns began from 425 BC, which is ancient times. Marvelous modern designs and new textures range from satin, velour or high-quality stretch polyester.

gospel gowns

Professional presentable

In addition, Black or African-American choirs across the world can choose from over a hundred styles. But, you can get almost any colour in the spectrum, numerous material choices as well as matching accessories. And now gospel gowns transcend the fabric and the members’ appearances. Most importantly, gospel acts look professional, presentable and approachable.

Affects the mood 

Here’s something else. Original gospel gowns bring out the feel-good factor during your church, corporate event or hotel wedding. Their sheer elegance creates an intense grand entrance or finale of your ceremony. In addition, the upbeat and rustic hits will transport you on a melodic journey, setting the perfect tone for your special day.


black gospel choirs wearing fashion foward outfitsFashion forward 

Although you can have gospel gowns for your formal or informal event, there’s also a choice of hiring a Black gospel choir without the dresses. Naturally, this can be a lucrative idea if you have a tight budget. However, both fashion forward outfits becomes a permanent cherished memory in your guest’s imagination.

Design ease

In fact, over the year’s gospel gowns have evolved stylishly and adopted new unique designs. With this evolutionary trend the design details have given the garment shape and fit. Nowadays, there are more Black choirs that have high energy stage presence and great presentation skills. Basically, gospel gowns represent unity, oneness and are a status symbol.


gospel gowns mooie lange jurken witte kerkje terheijdenDawning the robes

In a nutshell, Black or African-American gospel choirs heralded the birth of the traditional gospel gowns. Moreover, the formal robes for weddings & events guarantee a unique ambience and wow factor. Making a bold statement at every occasion, you’ll enjoy a remarkable celebration. To top it all, your young and old guests will have precious memories of an eventful event.

Gospel workshops

Big businesses [bosses with their employees] are now in on the “sister act”. And booking gospel workshops whereby they can sing while wearing traditional gospel gowns. These dresses are influencing how a business leader interacts with their team. Above all, a the gowns brighten up corporate events and affects the future success of businesses.

gospel gowns people dressed in mulitcoloured robes with african prints

The Soweto Gospel Choir at Womad New Plymouth, New Zealand

main image | Warren Smart

Christmas gown

Lastly,  choirs can successfully promote small, medium or large sized companies’ visions, missions and their value statements. And with Christmas in our midst a gospel gown is fitting of the occasion. Even more exciting, the mass marketing of stylish choir robes enables everyone to wear a suitable outfit.


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