Getting Married in the Netherlands | 8 Steps To Make It Happen

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With the tidings of destination weddings, getting married in the Netherlands score high on many couples wish list. The idea of marrying your partner in Holland, is a unique once in a life time experience.  More excitedly you can combine it with a romantic honeymoon.

And you can transform your wedding day into an amazing destination wedding. Plan a family portrait with in-laws and a session with your friends. Relive your memories time and time again.

So, take a peek below at the other important things required for your unique day. You’ll also find information about the best Dutch wedding professionals, hotels and boat companies who’ll assist you on your journey. Last but not least, good luck with all the preparations for your wedding in Holland. Keep reading…..

Getting Married in the Netherlands

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1. Dutch style weddings on the rise

Firstly, arrange your marriage licence at your local authority, in your country of residence. You’ll have a simple ceremony (with 2 witnesses). Afterwards you have a bigger gathering at a luxury hotel or on a canal boat of your choice. Visit the expatfair for some inspiring ideas. It is the biggest event for internationals starting a new life in the Netherlands.

2. Dutch wedding abroad costs between €15.000 and €45.000

So, how do you get everyone on-board? And create a special day that sails along smoothly? Well, the overall cost of August weddings in the Netherlands could steadily rise to €15.000 and up to €45.000. This sum that you need to scrape together, could include your notice of marriage, wedding certificate and celebrant fees.

3. Set a budget for your wedding

Therefore, if you don’t have an adequate amount of money and before you start organizing your ultimate dream day, consider setting a budget. A strategic plan helps you sort out the total costs for you nuptials. Also, you’ll manage the tasks needed to arrange your major event. And a good financial overview gives you great insight into which essential wedding elements are necessary.

4. Dutch wedding sector is full of the most diverse vendors

The Dutch wedding sector is full of the most diverse vendors, wedding stylists, boat companies and hotels. Additional products and the best suppliers needed are also available to transform your destination wedding abroad. Plus, you’ll find lot’s of alternative celebrants (native English speaking) for your price range.

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5• Ultimate wedding planning checklist

Foremost, if you’re partner hails from another corner of the world and you’ve got Dutch  style weddings on your mind. Then, both your cultural heritage is important. However, you might find it tough to make any decisions about your big day in Holland. So, use this planning checklist, to guide you through your itinerary.

6• Wedding venues in the Netherlands  

According to wedding statistics (UK & NL),  your dress, the location and the catering will take up a huge amount of the budget. So, hire an all-in-one wedding venue that has hotel, restaurant, bikes for rent and boating facilities for your family and friends to enjoy. Start right now with a comprehensive list of people you wish to invite.

7• Dutch Church Weddings  

Represent all of who you are. Divide your day up with a Dutch church, ceremony and reception wedding guests. Otherwise, choose for a unique location such a castle, boat or an island such as Texel for the entirety of your event. Make sure it suits your style, budget and accommodates all your family, in-laws and friends. Find out more at

8• Wedding photography gallery and/or live event painting

Lastly, hire an experienced professional wedding photographer. Equipped with the right gear, capture extensive coverage of the entire day. Cut back on the amount of hours need for the shoot, if necessary. A standard album costs less than €600. However, this price may increase to €3000, depending on the quantity of photos you require.


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