Tips For Getting Married Abroad In The Netherlands

Getting married abroad in the Netherlands takes your wedding to the next level. On top of that it adds to your overall theme and setting. But, do you know where your money should be best spent, to achieve the wedding atmosphere that you want?

Together, you could concentrate on the miscellaneous items and other bits for your big day. However, you will need a native English speaking celebrant. It will set you back about €495 up to €1000. What’s more, an officiant requires that you are already legally married before they conduct the ceremony. So, here are more things you need to know before getting married abroad in the Netherlands.

Getting married abroad – legally wed in Holland

It can be difficult to get legally wed in Holland as a foreigner if you don’t have ties to the country. Local authorities only perform marriages if one of the parties is a legal resident of the Netherlands. The Dutch Immigration Service does not grant resident status solely for the purpose of getting married. — US Embassy and Consulate in the Netherlands,

The towering  yummy wedding cake

“Towering wedding cakes are the traditional dessert at most weddings, but in recent years, brides and grooms are getting a lot more creative with the tasty sweets they offer to their guests.” Source: Additionally, wedding cake costs depends on the finish that you desire. The more decorative the cake is; icing, colouring, stand and display, the more you pay. So, the best thing to do is to order the cake per guest. It can cost as much €7.00. per person.

The Dutch church wedding venue

church tower in Amsterdam

Photo credit: Ingrid Sorensen

Getting a blessing at the church makes your wedding authentic, special and unique. And finding a hotel with a wedding venue is of course an important factor when making your wedding plans. So, make sure to get to the church or the location on-site or within walking distance. The rates for renting the space can cost on average between €500 and €6750 inclusive food, music, entertainment, accommodation and celebrant. These prices depend on the type of space you wish to hire.

Wedding attire

Although your wedding outfits and accessories can be a little less reserved. They don’t have to be extortionate. However, if you want cutting edge design in men’s groom suits and bridal dresses then you could pay between €295 to €2.000 for the right attire. Plus, fork out quite a bit for exclusive shoes, underwear and corresponding embellishments.

The matching gold, platinum or palladium wedding rings

Last but not least, a destination wedding abroad is every blushing bride’s dream. So, if you plan on getting married in the Netherlands you will need either gold, platinum or palladium wedding rings. Your wedding ring (band) symbolizes everlasting circle of love. Therefore it is hard to price as it is priceless. Above all there are dozens of designs to choose from. As a matter of fact, the best thing to do is, go to your local jewelers or goldsmiths and inquire about their special wedding ring deals.


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