Funeral ceremony services

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Funeral ceremony services made with love by Clover Jean  image credit burgundy productions

My condolences. It’s terrible to hear about your loss and I express my sincere sympathy to you and your family.

Funeral ceremony services celebrate and mark the end of a loved one’s life by weaving a brief biography of the deceased before the itinerary of events at the burial place or crematorium.

Included in the timeline of their life story are yours and their wishes, hymn songs, special memories and a tribute speech. It is a sensitive, tearful, and emotional moment.

Are you looking for a celebrant to deliver a sincere and memorable speech on your behalf at your mum’s, dads, close relative or best friend’s funeral?

Do you want a small choir at the ceremony of remembrance to sing in honour of the person who has died? Well, perhaps you’d consider my help.

I have a non-clergy background and can officiate funeral services with a difference. Together we will find the right words and songs to express your thoughts, emotions and feelings.

But tell me are you experiencing a huge sense of loss and grief? I commiserate with you and hope you find the courage to cope during this very sad time.

Funeral ceremony services

Ceremonies made with love

funeral ceremony services conducting a ceremony in a park in holland

Non-religious funeral services and memorial ceremonies in NL/UK. Clover Jean will oversee the proceedings the way you want it!

Organising a dignified funeral, cremation or memorial service within a brief period is overwhelming. In truth it’s shocking, devastating and can feel quite surreal. So, saying goodbye in a fitting manner with the right funeral celebrant consoles mourners, comforts the bereaved and is the key to the start of your healing.

And if done correctly, the sad event becomes an enlightening, reflective, supportive and comforting occasion. I know I lost my best friend Ms. June. And I remember searching for the right words and music to honour her life story.

How do you move on from this moment in time? What is the right way to conduct your loved one’s funeral ceremony service? Will you get the opportunity to say goodbye with sincerity and love? Can you weave the names of family in with memories through the life story timeline?

Well, please don’t worry and let me support you. Whether you are religious or non-religious, we can create a beautiful and personalised celebration of life speech. And we can incorporate your loved ones favorite music. Together we will portray the lifestyle and character of your deceased loved one.

Funeral ceremony services made with love 

Funeral ceremony services at crematorium in Holland

Clover Jean – colourful funeral celebrant NL/UK. image credit:

Get help with the celebration of life speech

Are you up for the challenge? Can you tackle this head on? Or are thinking about the task ahead because it triggers moments of anxiety? Are you feeling stressed about being in the limelight?

Well, don’t worry, I’m here for you.  Please don’t panic or get upset! Relax and be ready. Let’s get the setting right for the celebration of life ceremony….

Look, if you really can’t figure out how to write a celebration of life speech, I’ll help you. We can look for funeral music together, as well. As a funeral celebrant I’ll make sure you capture the essence of the deceased character. And share your memories of a remarkable life. Let’s highlight all the things you wish to say, in a concise, captivating and moving way. How much does my funeral ceremony services cost?  Contact me now for more information