Wedding Budget tips | First-Time Getting Married Money-Saving Ideas

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Congratulations on your engagement. If this is your first-time getting married a wedding budget helps you conjure up a momentous day with limited funds. Along with an expense checklist you might be feeling overwhelmed about your future married life.

So, how do you create the wedding of your dreams?

Well, paying more than you bargained for is probably stressing you out. And with the average wedding costs worldwide on the rise I understand your fears.

Actually, finding a secure way of keeping costs to a minimum, should be your biggest priority to design a higher perceived value wedding. Moreover, stretching your budget to make your personalized big day plans come true.

Therefore, don’t worry. Dare to dream and transform your fantasy into reality. So, hop, skip and jump the other brides amongst brides and benefit from your wedding budget with these tips. Keep reading…

Wedding Budget Dent tips

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Money-saving friendly create the perfect day!


Tip 1• Save the date

First of all, set aside money for your rings and the all important bridal gown. Thereafter, select and set the date for your marriage. Next, send out the save the date and wedding invitations. Saving money is a priority. So confirm your wedding one, two or even five years in advance. Basically, don’t compromise your standards and belief system!

Tip 2• Freethought

In addition, by booking your freethought wedding far in advance it gives you lots of scope to recalculate and spread the costs over a longer period of time. Furthermore, you have no headaches. Most importantly, you can work out your monthly income and outgoings. Make life easy with a wedding budget worksheet to simplify your ideas.

Tip 3• Traditions

Additionally, get a thrill out of your cash, stretch your budget and spend it on a celebrant-led wedding combined party. If you’re feeling pressured to create something unique on a tight budget, this is ideal. So, arrange a substantially affordable wedding or civil partnership certificate first. Afterwards invite more guests to your wedding celebrations.

wedding budget bride and groom holding save the date sign


Tip 4• Venue

Start with your wedding guest list, and get excited today. Do you want a toned down or upscale event? Look for an exclusive-use venue with an all-inclusive service. This way you are able to invite everybody – within reason. It’s priceless idea for big day wedding bliss and it won’t be a cheap looking affair.

Tip 5• Skip stuff

With an extremely tight budget, why not skip some wedding essentials. Could you do without the personalised calligraphy and beautiful tactile stationery? And what about customized paper invitations, limousine, crystal champagne toasting flutes, top venue or less guests? Be realistic and don’t feel the pinch!

Tip 6• Save money

Think about where you could save money. And whatever you visualize for the happiest day of your life (regardless of the costs), a celebrant-led ceremony could be considered. For a princely sum, your wedding can be arranged to reflect who you both are.

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Tip 7• Gift of money

Maybe your generous family, beloved relatives and close friends may wish to contribute or donate money instead of buying a wedding gift for you. Why not ask them, hint or send a wedding gift list, friendly and politely state your minimalist wedding day wishes.  Find out the correct way and etiquette about asking for a gift of cash.

Tip 8• Free footage

This is a one off possibility, if you don’t want to spend ridiculous amount money on a photographer. Judging by the fact that you found these budget tips, I’m sure it is worth checking out. Find a wedding photographer who is prepared to document your big day love story for FREE in exchange for promotion photos.

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Tip 9• Entertainment

Hire your wedding entertainers in advance and cut costs even further. This includes booking a singer, live band, DJ or choir months before your happy event. On top of that, you’ll have more time to concentrate on other important things. And enjoy a stress free wedding day.

Tip 10• Enjoyment

Finally, book wedding entertainment in advance, this will ensure you have the perfect entertainers and music at your once in a life time event. With a wealth of information about weddings and parties, professional artists and entertainers can help you. So, don’t forget to negotiate a good price.


Over to you…

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