Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Happily Married Couples

wedding anniversary party planningbride and groom holding hands and running

The 1st, 5th or 10th year of marital bliss, deserves to be celebrated with a memorable celebration party. Here are wedding anniversary ideas. Your wedding day was the beginning of your marriage and after decades of a long commitment. Maybe it’s time to celebrate with a vow renewals ceremony, too?

Your wedding story begun on the date on which your marriage took place. It was blissful. How can you continue to arouse one another and help your partnership flourish, even more? Preparation and planning is the key. It takes time, energy and cost money. And it can consume you and that’s when the stress kicks in.

This is a good time to demonstrate your love for one another. Take as much time as you both need to create an amazing day. Sure, after many years of compromise you’ve gained the art of negotiating, developed excellent tactical maneuver skills and become expert mediators. So, why not celebrate with a party. Here are some wedding anniversary ideas.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Wedding anniversary ideas party planning bride and groom holding hands and running

You’ve got history, you engage better and support more consistently. Together, you’ve developed a solid combined effort. image

1 • Renewal or reaffirmation

During your married time together you’ve developed ways of compromising, settling disputes, and always seem to be able to agree with one another. On top of that you’ve even been able to let go of resentments. A renewal of reaffirmation party reflects your love history.

2. Seek a location

Plus, wave goodbye to old arguments instead of holding them in your heart. Isn’t it amazing how you’ve managed to create a new sense of value, commitment? Why not, seek a special location, it would be fantastic to renew your wedding vows and rekindle the love fire.

Wedding anniversary ideas – II

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Wedding anniversaries are worth celebrating to stir up powerful emotions and feelings of your 1st wedding day.  image credit

3. No additional license required

Acknowledge the truth about your lives over the years together. Your respect for each other has deepened. Your understanding of the needs, wants and desires of your partner has grown richer. Celebrating your love with a party and anniversary wedding registry, it’s the most logical step to take.

4. Balanced budget

How do you plan an anniversary party on a budget without feeling out-,of-pocket? Well, don’t feel pressured to create a celebration on a shoestring. Get your heads together and use a budget checklist, calculator and spreadsheet make it special.  So, be realistic and design something that’s unique as your union together.

Wedding anniversary ideas – III

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wedding anniversary ideas for his outfit – image credit –

5. Party invitations

Get the anniversary started with party wedding invitations. Make your non-religious vow renewal ceremony a bit of a surprise, invite family and friends. Ask them to get involved. It doesn’t have to be lavish, drawn out or elaborate for it to be meaningful, sentimental and memorable. A personalized anniversary party unique to you at your favorite restaurant, is the ideal.

6 • Choose a wedding officiant

You can share the moments that matter. Make your wedding anniversary worth talking about and hire a officiant to add a personal touch and extra dimension. Your loving, healthy relationship deserves an exceptional celebration to publicly declare and express your strong love bond. Combining your celebrations with a marriage vow renewal ceremony is beautiful.


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