Hidden Wedding Budget Costs That Surprise Every Savvy Couple

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Afraid of hidden wedding budget costs that you thought were included? Have you remembered to tally up your savings? Unpleasant surprises, additional costs added to the wedding bill at the last minute is not what you expect to turn up.

Every couple knows that weddings are extremely expensive. So, you may have overlooked maintaining a detailed planning spreadsheet. You want an affordable celebration that doesn’t affect your limited funds. Naturally you are concerned about fixing a budget.

Well, don’t worry having a budget wedding is more than doable. With money-saving budget friendly tips you can set priorities. Keeping costs to a minimum, creates a higher perceived value. So, here’s to happy wedding planning and not hidden wedding budget costs. Read on

Hidden Wedding Budget Costs

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Wedding budget: Allocate your wedding funds wisely. Get a thrill out of your income and save money on the nicer things. image parekcards

(1) If you’re getting married at an unlicensed wedding venue, remember, that you will have to pay extra for a registrar, officiant or celebrant.

(2) Your off-site civil wedding ceremony will cost more than a marriage ceremony at a registry office.

(3) And don’t forget your wedding dress alterations. The prices often don’t include any potential alterations. You may need up to three fittings!

(4) Don’t forget any wedding day delivery costs. Some florists, wedding cake makers and so on, might charge an extra travel fee. Why? This is due to a certain distance.

(5) “Check if envelopes & stamps are included in the price of your wedding stationery (can you believe that sometimes they aren’t?!)” Source: www.bridebook.co.uk

Hidden Wedding Budget Costs II

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Wedding couples love to receive worthy wedding gifts of cash to set them off on their honeymoon! It won’t be a cheap looking affair. image flickr.com

(6) Have you thought about wedding insurance? Well, this could be a serious extra hidden wedding cost. Just remember, how the Covid-19 bombshell affected 2020 wedding couples.

(7) If you’ve found the wedding vendors, suppliers and celebrant of your dream. Remember to read the “wedding terms and conditions” carefully. You don’t want any extra costs sneaking up on you

(8) Feeling pressured to create a unique wedding on a tight budget may lead to poor decision making. Don’t forget about the tax on wedding services.

(9) And don’t forget your wedding guest list, be realistic! If you decide on a plus-one rule, stick to it. Get the most out of your wedding registry .

(10) Lastly, rummaging through your bank statements to splurge out for a wedding on a shoestring is mind boggling. Budget in any extra costs!

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