Worthy Wedding Gift: The Secret To A Happy Marriage

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What is the worthy wedding gift that is the secret to a happy marriage? Whether you’re planning the wedding 6, 12, 24 or 36 months away, you need to know this. Every wife-to-be and husband-to-be is busy ticking off the registry checklist. But which item is missing?

Progressing through your wedding planning in no time is exciting but stressful. Similarly, there are financial challenges ahead for your married life. But did you know the obligatory boxed gift, useless presents or stuff that’s of no worth to you is passé, outdated and unfashionable? Happy newlyweds now tactfully ask guests for a worthy wedding gift.

Now, I’m not talking about a pot of gold, crown jewels or a treasure trove but a gift of money. By receiving a sum of cash via a luxurious envelope or an elegant wedding money wallet, you’ll be doing your guests a favour. In fact, you’ll make everyone’s life easier with these proven worthy wedding gift tips. Be part of the new generation and boldly where happy newlyweds go…

Worthy Wedding  Gift

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Wedding couples love to receive worthy wedding gifts to help with their new married life! image parekcards

Tip 1• Calculate the  worthy wedding gift fund

First of all, soon-to-be newlyweds like you feel pressured to create something unique on a tight budget. It’s a fact planning knocks an extra hole in your deep pockets. However, a cash present could fill your purse to the brim. And a welcomed donation of cash is the best wedding worthy gift ever. Moreover, the guest’s generosity will go a long way.

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Celebrate devotion to lifelong love! image flickr.com

Tip 2• The best worthy wedding  gift thank you souvenir

So, don’t forget to thank everyone for their monetary contribution and presence. In fact, it’s customary for newlyweds to say thank to guests for attending the celebrations. With a souvenir such as a few wedding photographer’s snaps, everyone feels appreciated for making an effort to be present. And you can share what you intend to buy with the cash.

Worthy wedding gift

How much your guests’ donation gift should be

Immediate family  € 50 < € 150
Special relatives  € 50 < € 150
Distant relatives  € 35 < € 50
Close friends  € 35 < € 50
Colleagues  € 20 < € 40
Acquaintances € 20 < € 40



Finally, with these  worthy wedding gift request gift of money phrases your loved ones will appreciate your thoughtfulness. A short and sweet poetic message will do the trick. Nothing lightens the mood like a rhyme or poem, right?

  • Your presence at our marriage celebration is all that we wish for. However, if you want to give a gift, we will be grateful for a small cash donation towards our future plans/house renovations/second honeymoon/etc.
  • While your attendance alone is what we request, if you wish to buy us an anniversary gift then we have a small gift list at……., however monetary contributions towards our future life together would also be greatly appreciated.
  • If you were thinking of giving a present to help us on our anniversary wedding day. A gift of money in an envelope would really make our day extra special!
  • We have an anniversary gift list for you to see, because as you know we both can never agree. So help us achieve our dream to continue our married life in blissful happiness with cash or vouchers. It will truly help us commemorate our ………..wedding anniversary day!



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