Fun Entertainer – Surprise Telegram Service

Butlerette Jeanette (Toastmaster) @ Bible Museum Amsterdam

Let me be your fun entertainer or toastmaster and say it with a surprise telegram service. It will spice up the mystery of your event. Whether you are planning something special or a wedding, entertainment is important.

What’s more, if you are arranging a birthday party; a secret fun twist will wow your guests. It will bring them closer together.

Basically, as your entertainer, I’ll get your party started. In addition, your family and friends will receive a warm welcome. And they will love it. In fact, organizing a celebration with me as your entertainer, guarantees everyone chats, laughs and gets on the dance floor.

Fun Entertainer or Toastmaster: Surprise Telegram Service

When a fun entertainer or toasmaster appears at your venue, just imagine the look of amazement.  They hand over the personalised telegram. Also, this brings a smile to your loved ones’ face. Not only will they feel appreciated, but everyone else enjoys the moment, too. You make it happen.

Granny Josephine – Fun Tarot Card Reader

And so,  I have two colourful comedy characters exclusively for you. They are eager to set your ideas in motion. Butlerette Jeanette or Granny Josephine will help you design a special treat. Read more about them here  and watch a video.

Live Music Entertainment for all Occasions

Lastly, with these entertainers you’ll change a dull occasion into a jaw-dropping one. Furthermore, the entertainment creates a show-stopping effect. It want break the bank. Most importantly, it’s a great alternative gift idea.

But, why wait? Let’s discuss your needs and options, today. Email or call  +31 (0) 6 14817242.