Fun Naming Ceremony

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Fun naming ceremony conducted by Clover Jean celebrant

Congratulations on becoming first-time parents! What can you do instead of a christening? Well, you can plan a fun naming ceremony and celebrate the new addition (s) to your family circle. It is a baby blessing an alternative form of baptism.

My name is Clover Jean. Besides my work as a singer and entertainer, I am a master of ceremonies – wedding ceremony speaker. In addition I’m the founder of ABC Gospel Choir from Amsterdam.

Here’s more about naming ceremonies. It’s a magical and special time for you both. So  if you desire a non-religious new life celebration to officially name your child a baby blessing ceremony is ideal.

What’s more, you can introduce your son or daughter during a private and personalised naming ceremony. Not only that, you share your dreams, hopes and aspirations for the child’s future.

But the real beauty of the non-baptismal ceremony [secular] celebration you can add a bible reading, prayer, love poem or special blessing. It’s your personal choice, preferences and wishes that count. The best time to host a naming ceremony is when the baby reaches six to nine months.

So, whether you have given birth to a son, daughter or twins it’s a good excuse for a brunch party, with plenty of bubbly and cake. In fact, you can coincide the welcoming ceremony with his, hers, the siblings or stepchildren’s birthday.

Together with a customised speech, special story, toast and nursery rhyme singalong you reflect your personal parental beliefs in how to raise your child. And inviting relatives to make promises to him, her or them it is a meaningful touch. In truth, everyone will feel part of the celebrations, they will love it!

Fun naming ceremony | guide or support parents

fun naming ceremony two babies dressed in yellow and coral coloured cardigans

PRECIOUS CHERUBS Little children are a treasure
Their worth you cannot measure
In terms of money or gold.

image Donnie Ray Jones

And the best thing is….a fun naming ceremony marks a special milestone, with god parents [guide parents] chosen to play a special role in your child’s life as they grow. Actually, the welcoming ceremony is an awesome beginning to the start of parenthood.

So are you interested in an alternative to a religious baptism or Christening? Well, a non-baptismal new life celebration for your son or daughter is right for you. What are you waiting for, let’s discuss your fun naming ceremony needs and ideas, today. Email me or call +31 (0) 6 14817242

Naming ceremony – baby blessing celebration costs

1st January 2020 – 1st February 2021

ServiceFeesWhen Description
Non – refundable Booking Fee€150 < 250Payable on all ceremonies. As well as an addition to the ceremony fee
Naming ceremony

Baby blessing celebration

€295.50Monday to ThursdayEnhanced ceremony Duration 20 – 30 minutes.

1 symbolic naming ceremony certificate included in price

P.A system included

Travel costs excluded


€400.00Sunday and Bank Holiday
Amendment Fee€25 < 50

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Clover Jean naming ceremonies in Holland and United Kingdom | image

Clover Jean’s style of celebrancy

Bringing warmth, excitement and a sense of humor the well-written fun naming ceremony speech is delivered with eloquence and ease.