Lady Toastmaster

Butlerette Jeanette, lady toastmaster, master of ceremonies @ Bible Museum Amsterdam

Butlerette Jeanette @ Bible Museum Amsterdam

Inject a wow factor into your wedding with a lady toastmaster of ceremonies. Amaze your friends with this original master of ceremonies service which adds something different to your function. Everyone will feel special, relaxed and enjoy themselves.

Just imagine the look of surprise, when a lady toastmaster is waiting to greet, meet and tick off the guests’ names. They’ll get everyone together for any group shots and assist the photographer.

And make the necessary introductions, announcements and host your event. Introduce you the bride and groom and guest speakers. Above all, make sure you and your guests receive a warm welcome and have a great day. This is a top-notch idea for your special reception, ceremony or venue. Continue reading…


wedding party dancing at Landgoed Ijmuiden Holland

Thank you so much for your toastmaster act at the wedding of Wesley and Branka. — Love, Anita Schoenverzorging Otten & Zn Amsterdam

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Dressed in her ceremonial clothes, this lady toastmaster adds a touch of class to your wedding or event. Due to her attractive decadence and hospitable presence, this usher is an expert at rolling out the red-carpet for you and your guests.

Your toastmaster and party entertainer for all occasions

Lastly, this little detail to attention will make a big difference at your wedding or party. With the help of a lady toastmaster you’ll change a dull occasion into a jaw-dropping one.

Furthermore, the unique introduction to your event creates a  show-stopping effect.  So, now it’s over to you. Are you ready to find out more, why wait? Let’s have a chat about your needs and options, today. Email or call +31 (0) 6 148 17242