Royal Themed Festival Wedding The Biggest Trend This Summer

summer wedding festival

Are you planning a festival wedding? Well, a wedding festival is an obvious choice for an outdoor event during the summertime. You’ve pinned down the perfect date for your fete. But, the anxiety of bad weather on your wedding could be clouding your decision?

Nevertheless, you want your summer wedding festival it to be a unique, memorable and personal experience. And whether the weather gods work in your favour, you are fired up to create something special. What’s more, you are determined to share your joy with close relatives, family, in-laws and best friends.

So, before going ahead with your outdoor wedding plans, here are some ideas ripe for the picking. Let these wedfest ideas inspire you to design a special wedding festival of your dreams.

Summer festival wedding

twenty steps to a festival wedding ID&C, suppliers of security wristbands and passes for your event and festival industry.

1. Step by step guide for a festival wedding

Firstly read above the 20 steps needed to create the perfect summer festival wedding. ID&C  (UK) will start you off on the right foot for planning your big fete wedding today. Whatever you want to plan. There is nothing to worry about with their help. Moreover, ID & C can advise you about technical specifications of your chosen festival venue structure.

2. Fete wedding ceremony weather

Talking about structure, don’t let the weather sabotage or ruin your wedding plans and barbecue. Although, the forecast for your scenic wedding ceremony could be changeable weather. The best option is a purpose-built tent or yurt to keep you and your guests dry and happy. Above all, it’s the ideal multi-functional space for your reception and party.

3. To yurt or not to yurt

Additionally, a yurt offers you a traditional yet modern day feel to your nuptials. Come rain or shine it protects your guests from the elements. Otherwise, you can hire the blow up church.

4. Mock-up blow-up chapel

The mock-up blow up church is cutting edge inflatable technology. The jumbo sized air-filled chapel adds allure to your summer festival wedding. Whether the weather permits, this new indoor concept is perfect. You’ll stand out from the rest with this alternative ceremony location option.

5. Blank canvas wedding venue

What’s more, the inflatable tent and blank canvas gives you complete control to create the perfect backdrop for your festival wedding.  So, whether you want a stage or professional audio sound & lighting installation, it is your choice. Most importantly, you can have a bar assembled, so that your celebrations continue right through the night.


outdoor festival wedding venue with signage and camping facilities

6. Foolproof fun festival wedding

So, let your imagination run wild, organise and coordinate a laid-back summer festival wedding. Set-up a gazebo at your parents’ home, your house or another site of your choice. Either way the guests will not have far to go for the ceremony and party. And there will be no hitches or hassles about family bonding time.

7. The ultimate guide to planning a summer festival wedding

Festivals are hugely popular events in the UK, celebrating music, food and culture. If you want a wedding that’s entertainment-focused, informal and all about fun, food and flower crowns then a June festival-themed wedding is perfect for you.

8. Organised glamping for the wedding guests

Another thing to think about is where to accommodate your wedding entourage. Planning your wedding at your parents’ garden or in a field can be a labour of love. So, make sure it is large enough to set up a spot for glamorous camping. And have it decked out throughout with carpets, rugs, elegant throw pillows and seating.

9. Wedding signage

Plus, you can make it more personal with signage. Signage helps guide friends and family around. Additionally, the flexibility of your summer festival wedding space allows for campers, bell tents and extra guests to stay on after the ceremony.

10. Create a unique wedding outdoors

Finally, once you’ve outlined your June outdoor event. You can instruct family and friends about where they can spend the night. They can camp out and enjoy the evening celebrations with you. And in-laws appreciate the chance to get to know you better and spend more time with you.


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